Last week, Lil Wayne made an appearance at Macy's for the launch of his skate apparel and accessories line TRUKFIT at the Beverly Center in Los Angeles on Friday (June 1). Alongside respected pro skateboarder Stevie Williams, for the latter's skateboard lifestyle brand DGK (acronym for "Dirty Ghetto Kids"), the two held an in-store meet and greet for their respective apparel lines. Check out some photos from the event which drew appearances .

#Stevie-Lil Wayne-Featured

High Flying Stevie

Stevie Williams

Lil Wayne and Stevie Williams 4

Lil Wayne and Stevie Williams

Quinton Aaron

"The Blind Side" actor Quinton Aaron

Rosa Upclose

Rosa Acosta



Stevie and Lil Wayne

Stevie Williams and Lil Wayne

Stevie and Wayne 2

Stevie and Wayne

Stevie and Wayne Tags

DGK/Trukfit/Macy’s Lanyards

Stevie Looking at Lil Wayne

Stevie and Wayne conversing.

Stevies Krew

Stevie and his crew

TrukFit Skateboard

Trukit Skateboard