Lil Scrappy probably isn’t the first rapper fans think of when they hear the words, love and hip-hop. Yet, that’s the exact position Scrappy finds himself in, as a castmember of VH1’s Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, where he appears alongside his baby’s mother, Erica, and his own mother, Momma Dee. In addition to mainstream reality television attention, Scrappy is back to his “Head Bussa’n” ways with his new album, The Grustle. Here, Scrap talks to about being caught between his baby’s mama and mother on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, his ultimatum toward Bill Cosby, relationship with Young Buck and 50 Cent and if he ever received a dime from the Orlando Police Department.—Mark Lelinwalla

XXL: What’s it like having the cameras follow you around for Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta?

Lil Scrappy: It’s has its good times and it has its bad times. I really appreciate the fact that they gave me the chance to put my baby mama on there, my mom on there and let them know how it goes down in real life. I appreciate getting paid for it. While I’m going through it, I’m getting a check for it. It’s opening me up to a whole different world. I done had the Mob Wives hit me up on Twitter.

You’re a courageous guy, man, because not only do you have your baby’s mother on the show, but you have your mom. How crazy is that?

It’s crazy. They both bust me out on the show too. I had it where they damn-near fought each other before. So, I’m like, ‘At least let me get paid for it.’

Now, your mom and pops have completely different backgrounds, correct?

My mom’s past, the way she wanted to raise me was real. She would keep it away from my sister, but with me, she straight up…I done seen her hiding big ass stashes in the ceiling, putting bread in the floor. I done seen all of that. I done seen mama go upside a bitch’s head with a crowbar and that bitch is shaking on the ground because she tried to get away from my mama and give that money to another pimp. My dad…he’s just cool. He was just a preacher. He’s the exact opposite. I don’t even understand how they got together. Their personality is so far off from each other. If I ever seen ’em hugging each other, kissing each other, I’d pass the fuck out.

How much crazier does the show get?

It’s gonna get crazier, especially with me. I just want people to know me for my music.

Was there hesitation for you going into that show?

Don’t no man go into that type of show and think it’s cool. He has to think about it. You do it for alternative motives. You gotta come in with that like, ‘Okay, this is for the women.’ I gotta go in there and turn it up for a shit. It’s just a big commercial for me.

Talk about your album, The Grustle.

It’s a situation where I had to sit down and analyze what I was doing like, ‘Okay, they may want crunk, but what’s going on now? How’s the music in the world now?’ Where we’re at in music now is people just want to hear good music. They don’t care if you’re a killer…they don’t even care about your past. We got police, dude that done kissed another man. We got all kind of people. It’s just about making good music.

You got a song called “Mr. Cosbi” that takes a very different take of Bill Cosby’s former jello pudding endorsement. Cosby has been a harsh critic of rap music through the years. Do you think he’ll catch wind of your track?

Yeah, either positive or negative, he can say something. If he goes toward the positive, that’s good, we can do a commercial together. Let’s make some more money. If not, I’m cool with making my own video looking like you and getting me a bitch that looks like Claire [Huxtable] (referring to Cosby’s television wife on 1984-1992 TV series, The Cosby Show).

Is that the plan?

Yup. We’re gonna do the whole Cosby thing. He’s either gonna be in it or watch it. I love Bill Cosby. At the end of the day, he’s my granddaddy, but if he don’t fuck with me, then I don’t fuck with him. He needs to cuss, just like I cuss. I’m sure he done fucked more bitches than I fucked. What make him more better than me?