“Let the suicide doors up, I threw suicides on the tour bus, I threw suicides on the private jet.” —Kanye West, “Mercy” (Mercy, 2012)

Gull-wing doors are probably what Yeezy was referring to. You know, those doors that pop upwards, popularly used on Lamborghinis and DeLoreans?

While suicide doors are built to open on an opposite hinge from regular doors, they still open sideways, not upwards. Popularly used throughout the early 20th century until the ‘60s, these doors are still spotted on luxury vehicles such as the Rolls Royce Ghost, or on some pimped-out Pontiac down South.

‘Ye actually made the same mistake on his ’07 single, “Can’t Tell Me Nothing,” when he kicked off his second verse with “let up the suicide doors.” It’s evident the guy has a lot of love for luxury cars, especially Lamborghinis (listen to the hook of “Mercy”). Note to Kanye: those are Gull-swing doors, not suicides. XXL Staff (@XXL)