Funkmaster Flex vs. Charlamagne Tha God

The radio war between Hot 97′s Funkmaster Flex and “The Breakfast Club” of Power 105.1 has gone from subliminal jabs to an all-out war—of words of course. Though the beef between the two stations have been brewing for years, even taking a step further following the alleged Mister Cee scandal, Flex and the Power 105.1 trio—more specifically Charlamagne Tha God—have been firing jeers and foul charges left and right recently. To think it that this all escalated after Nicki Minaj opted out of her scheduled Summer Jam performance a week ago (June 3) makes it all interesting, if not middling. In fact, it was just days ago that after Charlamagne labeled Flex as “Donkey of the Day” during his segment on The Breakfast Club, the Hot 97 DJ lashed back that evening calling out C’s father and accusing him and his team getting robbed on separate occasions at “fingerpoint.” As the war continues to catch steam, XXL created a tale of the tape between the two radio personalities to provide a breakdown of this buzzing airwave war. —XXL Staff (@XXL)

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    Charlamagne Tha God is the future, funkmaster flex is a fool..Thinks this is the WWE..huffin and puffin all the time, he a character, a cartoon…plus he supports BATTIBOYS, like mister Cee and TRUTHBE Told…

  • wat

    Charlamagne tha God wins. Flex is terrible at insults. You can’t take him seriously.

  • TruthBeTold

    wow lately everyones just being retarded.. yous are really tryin to diss FLEX? HES BEEN DOIN THIS SHIT FOR YEARS. Flex don’t make records but everyone knows him, hes been in the rap game since that other faggot was learning how to properly insert tampons into his vagina. I mean cmon how do you even reference basketball wives like that UNLESS YOU WATCH IT. an to the dick riders LITERALLY repeating exactly what he said up there, fuck you, you as fans are ruining the rap game by ridin stupid shit.

  • no hate

    They both get on my nerves… Flex has just been gettin’ on my nerves longer than Charlamagne. Not caring either way.

  • katt

    gotta go @CthaGod on this one.

  • youngtex

    Flex is a bitch. I remember when Nas dissed em years back saying he sounded like he had a dick stuck in his throat when he talks