XXL Presents…Curren$y’s 25 Best Movie References

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    <i>XXL</i> Presents...Curren$y's 25 Best Movie References
    Anyone familiar with Curren$y and his extensive catalog knows Tha Hot Spitta is a bit of a movie buff. Several of his releases even take their name from movies. <i>Fast Times at Ridgemont Fly, Fear and Loathing in New Orlean</i> and 2011’s <i>Weekend At Burnies</i> are only few examples. Some of these great cinematic nods are harder to catch than others so join <i>XXL</i> as we take a look back at 25 of Curren$y's best movie references. —<i>XXL</i> Staff <a href="https://twitter.com/#!/XXL">(@XXL)</a>
  • shenaration2.jpeg
    Song: Curren$y "Job," <i>Verde Terrace</i> (2011)
    <b>Movie:</b> <em>Scarface</em> (1983) <br /><br /><b>Lyric:</b> "Sosa had it all figured out / I think that's who they should've made a movie bout / 'Cause pimpin' had a helicopter at his crib"
  • tumblr_ly674lXE0V1qc0trjo1_1280
    Curren$y "Full Metal," <i>Covert Coup</i> (2011)
    <b>Movie:</b> <em>Belly</em> (1998)<br /><br /><b>Lyric:</b> "AZ, holding the baby, peeping the scene, I’m about to blow”
  • Fredo2.jpeg
    Curren$y "Showroom" <i>The Stoned Immaculate</i> (2012)
    <b>Movie:</b> <em>The Godfather Part II</em> (1974)<br /><br /><b>Lyric:</b> "Can't violate the jet code without penalty, even family get let go, Fredo, you killin' me"
  • jakealonzo.jpeg
    Curren$y "Real Estates" <i>Pilot Talk 2</i> (2010)
    <b>Movie:</b> <em>Training Day</em> (2001)<br /><br /><b>Lyric:</b> "This is revenge, like when them Russians caught Alonzo at the red light"
    Curren$y "Capitol" <i>The Stoned Immaculate</i> (2012)
    <b>Movie:</b> <em>American Gangster</em> (2007) <br /><br /><b>Lyric:</b> "This Jet life, don't scrub, you blot that / Flow rugs in the Porsche, I'm out front and got my top back"
  • MV5BMTM5NDI2NjUyMF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTYwMDc1Mjk2._V1.jpeg
    Curren$y "#Jetsgo" <i>Weekend At Burnies</i> (2011)
    <b>Movie:</b> <em>Casino</em> (1995)<br /><br /><b>Lyric:</b> “The famous story of Mike Tyson and Robin Givens / The biggest niggas get beat senseless by little women / Look at Sam Rothstein he gave his whole world to Ginger / Even these bosses be slippin, I catch that."
  • Taken-20080923042420301_640w.jpeg
    Curren$y "Run Dat Shit," <i>Verde Terrace</i> (2011)
    <b>Movie:</b> <em>Taken</em> (2010)<br /><br /><b>Lyric:</b> "Jet code make Watergate look like a hair brained scheme / Your hoes wanna be taken, no Liam Neeson on the scene."
  • The Mack.avi_snapshot_01.04.31_[2011.07.29_14.05.jpeg
    Curren$y "Chilled Couphee" <i>Pilot Talk</i> (2011)
    <b>Movie:</b> <em>The Mack</em> (1973) <br /><br /><b>Lyric:</b> "I saw <i>The Mack</i> when I was 11 years old / And I swore never to be a simp for a hoe"
  • jw5ub
    Curren$y "Pinafarina" <i>Verde Terrace</i> (2011)
    <b>Movie:</b> <em>Coming to America</em> (1988)<br /><br /><b>Lyric:</b> "Pandemonium, throwback flow, Deloreans petroleum / King Jaffe Jo had his women throw roses on the flo’ for him”
  • MV5BMTgxNzE1Mzk1NV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTYwOTE3NjI3._V1.jpeg
    Curren$y "Money Machine" <i>Weekend At Burnies</i> (2011)
    <b>Movie:</b> <em>Scarface</em> (1983) <br /><br /><b>Lyric:</b> "Tony said Frank wouldn't last / Now Frank's woman upstairs packing bags, survival of the fittest"
  • tumblr_l9s4cvyO6L1qzwoi4.jpeg
    Curren$y "Michael Knight," <i>Pilot Talk 2</i> (2010)
    <b>Movie:</b> <em>Paid In Full</em> (2002)<br /><br /><b>Lyric:</b> "I got a style for every bump in ya face/ Greaseball-ass nigga Pontiac judge, open-and-shut case"
  • top gun.jpeg
    Curren$y "Huey Newton" (2011)
    <b>Movie:</b> <em>Top Gun</em> (1986)<br /><br /><b>Lyric:</b> "Spitta the originator, high rappin aircraft shit / Goose died tryna fly jet, word to Maverick"
  • gangster-movies-king-of-new-york2.jpeg
    Curren$y "#Jetsgo" <i>Weekend at Burnies</i> (2011)
    <b>Movie:</b> <em>King of New York</em> (1990)<br /><br /><b>Lyric:</b>"Try to be more flawless wit it, calculated king of the city, Christopher Walken wit it"
  • Scarface-movie-12.jpeg
    Curren$y "Reagan Era" <i>Independence Day</i> (2008)
    <b>Movie: </b> <em>Scarface</em> (1984)<br /><br /><b>Lyric:</b> "Niggas don't owe you nothing, gotta do it for dolo / Flashbacks to the conversation took place between Face and Manolo"
  • Tiny-Lister-Deebo.jpeg
    Curren$y "Rain Delay" <i>Return To The Winners Circle</i> (2011)
    <b>Movie:</b> <em>Friday</em> (1995)<br /><br /><b>Lyric:</b> "Dedicated to the winners and the losers, to the night Deebo got knocked the fuck out, and Red got back his beach cruiser"
  • 936full-cujo-screenshot
    Curren$y "Huey Newton," (2011)
    <b>Movie:</b> <em>Cujo</em> (1981) <br /><br /><b>Lyric:</b> "Looking tight Bozo and everybody in the room know / Rabie flow trill Cujo"
  • ferngully
    Curren$y "#Jetsgo" <i>Weekend At Burnies</i> (2011)
    <b>Movie:</b> <em>Ferngully: The Last Rainforest</em> (1992)<br /><br /><b>Lyric:</b> "Twistin' them Ferngully trees, bitch breathe / Your man smokin' good, I'm smokin' great"
  • speed.jpeg
    Curren$y "#Jetsgo" <i>Weekend At Burnies</i> (2011)
    <b>Movie:</b> <em>Speed</em> (1994)<br /><br /><b>Lyric:</b> "Spitta Andretti, pedal foot heavy you know I speed/ Minus the bus and Keanu Reeves"
  • michelle-1.jpeg
    Curren$y "Ventilation" <i>Covert Coup</i> (2011)
    <b>Movie:</b> <em>Scarface</em> (1984) <br /><br /><b>Lyric:</b> "White carpet in my Scarface house, no undergarments on my Scarface spouse / My Elvira twisting that reefer, and delivering that dope”
  • menace-2-society-gangster-movie.jpeg
    Curen$y "Hold On" <i>Pilot Talk 2</i> (2010)
    <b>Movie:</b> <em>Menace II Society</em> (1993)<br /><br /><b>Lyric:</b> "Cellphone my bids to auctions, cop paintings / Gotta have em more than Caine-Loc needed them Daytons"
  • cobrakai.jpeg
    Curren$y "Scottie Pippens" <i>Covert Coup</i> (2011)
    <b>Movie:</b> <em>The Karate Kid</em> (1984) <br /><br /><b>Lyric:</b> "Showin no signs of letting up/ Still kick you in the head like I think you on the verge of gettin' up / No mercy, Cobra Kai, Cobra Commander Deadly venom-spittin', niggas just a salamander"
  • Boyz n the Hood1991
    Curren$y "Rain Delay" <i>Return to the Winner's Circle (2011)</i>
    <b>Movie:</b> <em>Boyz N The Hood</em> (1991) <br /><br /><b>Lyric:</b> "Think when Doughboy caught the fools who killed Ricky / Them niggas was lunchin, slippin / Monsta told Doeboy, 'Cut the lights nigga'”
  • actionjackson8.jpeg
    Curren$y "Lemon Kush" <i>Smokee Robinson</i> (2010)
    <b>Movie:</b> <em>Action Jackson</em> (1988)<br /><br /><b>Lyric:</b> "I’m watching Action Jackson in the palace/ Smokin’ cabbage/ Just relaxin, mixin hashes, till I feel like I know magic"
  • 2002_paid_in_full_0041.jpeg
    Curren$y "Car Talk" <i>Verde Terrace</i> (2011)
    <b>Movie:</b> <em>Paid In Full</em> (2001)<br /><br /><b>Lyric:</b> "Ain’t know that I became a Don, the same way Ace Boogie put Money Mitch back on"
  • 111711_friday.jpeg
    Curren$y "Pinafarina" <i>Verde Terrace</i> (2011)
    <b>Movie:</b> <em>Friday</em> (1995) <br /><br /><b>Lyric:</b> "What you want? Stop the Jets fool?/ You must be on, more than one/ No shots, I’m just making it known/ I got a gun, gotta walk Smokey home, Pops”

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  • Josh

    For entry #9, Curren$y actually used that line on Pilot Talk 1 on a track called “Chilled Coughee” with Devin The Dude.

    Now you know…

  • The Pres

    this is from “Chilled Coughee’ with Devin The Dude from Pilot Talk 1(the Green album)

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    “Cuban link, yellow gold, bought a British automobile/
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