XXL Presents...Curren$y's 25 Best Movie References


Anyone familiar with Curren$y and his extensive catalog knows Tha Hot Spitta is a bit of a movie buff. Several of his releases even take their name from movies. Fast Times at Ridgemont Fly, Fear and Loathing in New Orlean and 2011’s Weekend At Burnies are only few examples. Some of these great cinematic nods are harder to catch than others so join XXL as we take a look back at 25 of Curren$y's best movie references. —XXL Staff (@XXL)

Song: Curren$y "Job," Verde Terrace (2011)


Movie: Scarface (1983)

Lyric: "Sosa had it all figured out / I think that's who they should've made a movie bout / 'Cause pimpin' had a helicopter at his crib"

Curren$y "Full Metal," Covert Coup (2011)


Movie: Belly (1998)

Lyric: "AZ, holding the baby, peeping the scene, I’m about to blow”

Curren$y "Showroom" The Stoned Immaculate (2012)


Movie: The Godfather Part II (1974)

Lyric: "Can't violate the jet code without penalty, even family get let go, Fredo, you killin' me"

Curren$y "Real Estates" Pilot Talk 2 (2010)


Movie: Training Day (2001)

Lyric: "This is revenge, like when them Russians caught Alonzo at the red light"

Curren$y "Capitol" The Stoned Immaculate (2012)


Movie: American Gangster (2007)

Lyric: "This Jet life, don't scrub, you blot that / Flow rugs in the Porsche, I'm out front and got my top back"

Curren$y "#Jetsgo" Weekend At Burnies (2011)


Movie: Casino (1995)

Lyric: “The famous story of Mike Tyson and Robin Givens / The biggest niggas get beat senseless by little women / Look at Sam Rothstein he gave his whole world to Ginger / Even these bosses be slippin, I catch that."

Curren$y "Run Dat Shit," Verde Terrace (2011)


Movie: Taken (2010)

Lyric: "Jet code make Watergate look like a hair brained scheme / Your hoes wanna be taken, no Liam Neeson on the scene."

Curren$y "Chilled Couphee" Pilot Talk (2011)

The Mack.avi_snapshot_01.04.31_[2011.07.29_14.05.jpeg

Movie: The Mack (1973)

Lyric: "I saw The Mack when I was 11 years old / And I swore never to be a simp for a hoe"

Curren$y "Pinafarina" Verde Terrace (2011)


Movie: Coming to America (1988)

Lyric: "Pandemonium, throwback flow, Deloreans petroleum / King Jaffe Jo had his women throw roses on the flo’ for him”

Curren$y "Money Machine" Weekend At Burnies (2011)


Movie: Scarface (1983)

Lyric: "Tony said Frank wouldn't last / Now Frank's woman upstairs packing bags, survival of the fittest"

Curren$y "Michael Knight," Pilot Talk 2 (2010)


Movie: Paid In Full (2002)

Lyric: "I got a style for every bump in ya face/ Greaseball-ass nigga Pontiac judge, open-and-shut case"

Curren$y "Huey Newton" (2011)

top gun.jpeg

Movie: Top Gun (1986)

Lyric: "Spitta the originator, high rappin aircraft shit / Goose died tryna fly jet, word to Maverick"

Curren$y "#Jetsgo" Weekend at Burnies (2011)


Movie: King of New York (1990)

Lyric:"Try to be more flawless wit it, calculated king of the city, Christopher Walken wit it"

Curren$y "Reagan Era" Independence Day (2008)


Movie: Scarface (1984)

Lyric: "Niggas don't owe you nothing, gotta do it for dolo / Flashbacks to the conversation took place between Face and Manolo"

Curren$y "Rain Delay" Return To The Winners Circle (2011)


Movie: Friday (1995)

Lyric: "Dedicated to the winners and the losers, to the night Deebo got knocked the fuck out, and Red got back his beach cruiser"

Curren$y "Huey Newton," (2011)


Movie: Cujo (1981)

Lyric: "Looking tight Bozo and everybody in the room know / Rabie flow trill Cujo"

Curren$y "#Jetsgo" Weekend At Burnies (2011)


Movie: Ferngully: The Last Rainforest (1992)

Lyric: "Twistin' them Ferngully trees, bitch breathe / Your man smokin' good, I'm smokin' great"

Curren$y "#Jetsgo" Weekend At Burnies (2011)


Movie: Speed (1994)

Lyric: "Spitta Andretti, pedal foot heavy you know I speed/ Minus the bus and Keanu Reeves"

Curren$y "Ventilation" Covert Coup (2011)


Movie: Scarface (1984)

Lyric: "White carpet in my Scarface house, no undergarments on my Scarface spouse / My Elvira twisting that reefer, and delivering that dope”

Curen$y "Hold On" Pilot Talk 2 (2010)


Movie: Menace II Society (1993)

Lyric: "Cellphone my bids to auctions, cop paintings / Gotta have em more than Caine-Loc needed them Daytons"

Curren$y "Scottie Pippens" Covert Coup (2011)


Movie: The Karate Kid (1984)

Lyric: "Showin no signs of letting up/ Still kick you in the head like I think you on the verge of gettin' up / No mercy, Cobra Kai, Cobra Commander Deadly venom-spittin', niggas just a salamander"

Curren$y "Rain Delay" Return to the Winner's Circle (2011)

Boyz n the Hood1991

Movie: Boyz N The Hood (1991)

Lyric: "Think when Doughboy caught the fools who killed Ricky / Them niggas was lunchin, slippin / Monsta told Doeboy, 'Cut the lights nigga'”

Curren$y "Lemon Kush" Smokee Robinson (2010)


Movie: Action Jackson (1988)

Lyric: "I’m watching Action Jackson in the palace/ Smokin’ cabbage/ Just relaxin, mixin hashes, till I feel like I know magic"

Curren$y "Car Talk" Verde Terrace (2011)


Movie: Paid In Full (2001)

Lyric: "Ain’t know that I became a Don, the same way Ace Boogie put Money Mitch back on"

Curren$y "Pinafarina" Verde Terrace (2011)


Movie: Friday (1995)

Lyric: "What you want? Stop the Jets fool?/ You must be on, more than one/ No shots, I’m just making it known/ I got a gun, gotta walk Smokey home, Pops”