Azealia Banks Quits Twitter, Leaving Rap Game

Being young and in the limelight seems to be getting the best of Azealia Banks.

The young Harlem rapstress stressed wanting to hire a female manager yesterday (June 8) on Twitter, before deleting her account altogether. And that’s not the only thing, Azealia seems to want to quit.

In a Tumblr post entitled, “NO LONGER WISHING TO BE A RAPPER,” Banks says she doesn’t want to be associated with “the rap game” any longer.

“As soon as I started paying attention to bullshit urban media, I started getting myself in trouble,” Azealia began her statement on Tumblr yesterday (June 8). “From now on I’m a vocalist, and will not be associating myself with the ‘rap game’ … or whatever the fuck that means…

“No more twitter for me,” she continued. “It makes me entirely too accessible. Catch me on tumblr … it’ll be more interesting.”

Banks’ Twitter account, one that she’s been extremely vocal and active on throughout her young career, disappeared yesterday after she went on a rant about not wanting to ever hire a male manager again.

Perhaps this was triggered by a New York Daily News article on Thursday (June 7) that reported that the Yung Rapunxel had fired manager Troy Carter, who also steers the career of international superstar Lady Gaga, to hire Dave Holmes, who the Daily News claimed was also romantically linked to Azealia.

Well, Azealia seems to be over both of them, as she tweeted before her account was deleted.

“I will definitely be working BY MYSELF and saving MY 20% On management commissions while I avoid you sharks in the water,” the fiery rhyme slinger said, before expressing her desire to hire a female manager next. “I really want a female manager. Women are just so much smarter. I just want a really hardcore woman…Or a really gay man as my manager…You other n-ggas have WAY too much ego sh-t with y’all.

“I just need a lady with some really intimidating glasses and a crazy shoe game to just stomp all you phonies out!” she added. “Lol I’m dead serious tho…About not hiring another male manager. The next manager you all see will be the kuniest kunt ever.”

Azealia recently released her EP, 1991.

Check back with for more coverage on Azealia Banks and whom she might name as her next manager.‑Mark Lelinwalla

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  • Hannya

    Who is this chick again??

  • Jerm

    THANK GOD SHES LEAVING cause no one cares ! she’s the last cat who should be talkin bout egos n shit.

  • don baba e

    who da fuck cares? shes hot garbage….

  • Southcidal

    No!!!! Don’t Quit!!!! How can you quit something that has yet to even begin? Huh?

  • mick

    good hopefully she doesn’t come back

  • zalieabanks

    quit no one will care. I never even heard a song from this trik only stupid tweets and calling out other artists. no talent just trying to make a name for herself. Do yourself a favour honey become a stripper I’ll throw pennies at you.

    • truth720

      c’mon buddy, u coulda pitched a few quarters too bruh.
      neva heard smack from this stupid chick but hot lip, tweeting bout b.s. dat no one really gaf bout.
      plz quit now b4 u get kicked out!

  • terry

    yawn zzzzz

  • Dbarrett

    who really gives a shit that she’s not on twitter anymore

  • ham

    most irrelevant chick in the game since lil mama, but even that bitch didnt really quit

  • alliloff

    = l (StraightFace)….Im Fucking Snoring rightnow.

  • my effin’ opinion

    If you people really don’t think this chick can rhyme, yous are outta your fckn minds …

    … and how the hell can you have an opinion on someone if “you never even heard a song from this trik?” …

    Keep pumpin’ that bullsht they call “rap” now-a-days. smfh.

  • kenny


  • ask xxlmag for my email

    i love azealia banks, jumanji is my shit, dont quit girl ur already on top. ill be ur manager. hit me up please.

  • Dillon

    this is the single most unprofessional bitch ive ever seen, she has no idea how to handle the spotlight at all she needs to get it together

  • Rita

    I can’t stad why are you all hatin’ on her! have you ever heard one of her songs? her flow is SICK, not to mention the beats!! how can you prefer all those wack female rappers out there???!

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