Artists Speak On Their Songs Remade for 50 Cent Is The Future

Sha Money XL on 50′s “A Little Bit of Everything U.T.P.”:
Juvenile lived on the bus. He would go city-to-city, hood-to-hood. I learned a lot from Juvenile. They pulled up to Queens in the bus. They pulled up to my muthafuckin’ crib, had the bus outside, neighbors trippin’. Whole bunch of niggas jumped off, got in my basement, and recorded that record with 50. I met Buck, and that’s when I was like, “Yo, this nigga is dope.” I stayed in touch with him. That’s how I first met Buck and Juvenile. When we got G-Unit Records, I signed him. But that was the first sightings of Buck and that’s when 50 loved him and Juvenile. They made records, and that’s when we started really getting in the south. The real south. And from New Orleans and all that connected with everybody and it kinda just took us to the south early and Fif already had the southern twang in his voice too, so it really—they fucked with that shit.

They came with the beat, the record, the hook, everything, and Fif loved it. And then we recorded verses between it and connected it with theirs—like they had that shit going. They was already recording, and we jumped on it with ‘em. We made that record from what they had.

“A Little Bit of Everything U.T.P.”

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  • ricky ross i wanna be as real and as rich as 50

    I am lucky enough 2 own a real copy of this and man i miss hip hop back then it was so fresh and real and hood and exciting and so much better than it is today

    50 has never been the best rapper ever but he will always be the realest and best hustler ever in hip hop if you disagree go and check his track record

  • Mario

    I Am Also Fortunate Enough To Have a Copy Still in the Shrink Wrap And Next To My Signed Copy Of Lloyd Banks’ Money in The Bank Pt. 1, G-unit Will Forever Be My Favorite Rap Group, No one Has done What He did to Rap in Such a Short Time And He Really is The Mixtape King!!!

  • jrash87

    this is the 1st 50 album i ever got. i remember when heard this, i thought wow! this dude must be crazy jakin peoples beats like that!! he put his left foot forward an now look at him..

  • lerone

    str8 heat…i was a fresh man in CT high sch when this drop..had me on sum G shyt…history..yall followme on twitter @mr_attitude954

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