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And the Nominees for Lamest Rapper Are...


Last weekend, Canibus did the unthinkable during a rap battle—He pulled out a notebook and began spitting a written rhyme. Wait a minute…WHAT?! The absolute flagrant rap foul was disgraceful, disappointing and downright lame. So much it prompted the XXL minds to buckle down and argue the lamest rappers in the game. Fans frequently throw around their Top 5 or 10 MCs…Well, think of this as the opposite. Without further ado, here are the nominees for Lamest Rapper Ever. Laaaaaames! — XXL Staff (@XXL)

Yung Berg


The Chicago native’s career did get off to a respectable start. In 2007, he released two smash hits in “Sexy Lady” and “Sexy Can I” featuring Ray J. But, that’s where the decency stopped. YB’s since put together an unprecedented string of lame moments, from getting his Transformers chain snatched to being slapped by Maino. Let’s not forget his ignorant comment on not liking “dark butts.” XXL even documented Berg’s losing ways in 2010. YB’s undoubtedly a strong L.O.A.T. candidate.



So, the chick signs to Sony off the strength of a viral banger—XXL admits it—titled “Gucci Gucci.” A year later, there hasn't been much music to speak for—aside from a cringe-worthy "freestyle" in which she called Rick Ross fake and ignited a feud with the Bawse. She’s also gotten into spats with Azealia Banks, Lil B, and more. Her lameness is only rivaled by that of her sidekick, V-Nasty, a white girl who’s more than happy to drop the N-bomb at any chance she gets. XXL still can't believe 2 Chainz did a song with her. Lame!


Charles Hamilton


Kia Shine


Aside from boasting about owning 25 percent of Drake’s “Best I Ever Had,” Kia Shine hasn’t caught too many Ls. He’s simply just lame. He raps lame. He looks lame. His swag is lame. L-A-M-E!




J-Hood's stint as D-Block's awkward fourth wheel came to an abrupt end in 2007 when the Bronx rapper turned sour over his record deal and repeated delays of his unanticipated album. Boring diss records and videos showing him dragging his D-Block chain soon followed, but at least fans were happy to hear that the Yonkers group wouldn't be getting dragged down by its weakest link any longer.

Mickey Factz


Mickey Factz had a spark when he first started. Back in 2008, his 17-week-straight song leakage campaign via Myspace and The Leak, Vol. 2: The Inspiration, which featured an early Drake, earned him a coveted slot as part of the XXL Freshmen class. But then he spoke about a signing with Roc Nation, which never materialized. And then his face popped up like an inappropriate puzzle in the midst of an altercation between Joe Budden and Raekwon. To date, his Honda ads have been the highlight of his commercial career. Basically, Factz has gotten recognized for everything except for his music. His latest art-inspired concept album Mickey Mause has strong intentions, but come off as pretentious. At this rate, Mickey Factz would very possibly go down as a peer amongst lame rap affiliates.



Perhaps it was fitting that Canibus’s opponent for the battle, in which he began spitting a written verse off a notepad, was named Dizaster. That sounds about right because that’s exactly what Canibus’s career turned into—a disaster. In the late 90s, Canibus built a reputation for being one of the most feared lyricists around, but as his career went on, the guy only got lamer and lamer. Let’s see, he dissed his former manager, Wyclef, only for ’Clef to dismiss him and son him in the process. Eminem destroyed him and let’s not bring up LL either. Lame all around. Damn, son.