A$AP Rocky vs. SpaceGhostPurrp

Everybody plays the tough guy until thing pops off. Well, apparently something has popped off, leading to a fallout between A$AP Rocky and SpaceGhostPurrp. According to SpaceGhostPurrp’s series of tweets that surfaced earlier this week, A$AP Twelvy of the A$AP Mob assaulted a member of SpaceGhostPurrp’s Raider Klan. After darts were thrown around the social network between two camps, the camaraderie shared between SpaceGhostPurrp and A$AP Rocky has been officially shattered. Last year, the two rappers burst onto the scene together (with SpaceGhostPurrp producing a track off A$AP Rocky’s LiveLoveA$AP) and remain alike in a few ways. Their lean-driven style of music to defenestration of the English alphabet to spell their crews’ nomenclatures, whether they’ll admit it or not, there are many similarities to point out. Considering this, XXL has put together a list of resemblances and differences between Dat PMF and Purrp. —XXL Staff

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  • RapsNHustles

    Rocky know where he got his style from… Never fake the phonk bruh

  • O

    ASAP >>>>>>>> Purrp

  • E.

    Damn ASAP…thats cold hearted & f-’ed up.
    I mean theres PICTURES of you two together, she admitted to loving you, even got tattoos & you gonna dog her in the interview like that…F.U.
    I thought you were cool but that is some spiteful, mean hearted stuff. The LEAST you could have done to save you BOTH DIGNITY is to say “No Comment”…and keep it moving to the next subject.
    Whatever happened between you two…TRUST ME…I KNOW its YOUR FAULT !!!
    Smh, thats why Lola Monroe, A FEMALE, killed you on your OWN track “Goldie”.
    F.U. for that ASAP, you just lost one.
    I hope Iggy will be alright, I know she must be so heart broken right now;(

    • articulate1719

      he didnt tell the bitch to do that shit thats her fault she dogged her damn self

  • ian


  • @ntiks

    fuck ASAP Rocky and his whole “mob”. anybody who knows anything already knows Rocky was not about all that “trill” and “purple drank screwed up” shit till he got with SGP. he is a fucking douche bag who has let less than a year of fame get to his head. SGP isn’t going anywhere he has a solid underground following. lets see if ASAP can really keep this shit going or if he’s already peaked. he lost me as a fan the second he opened his dumb ass mouth. Raider Klan + OF against ASAP…shit its pretty obvious who has more fire power.

  • 51475963

    S P A C E G H O S T P U R R P >>>>>>>>>>>

  • fvckers

    ASAP doesn’t stand a chance against purrp