On Having His YouTube Channel Removed:


"I lost like 10 million plays. I had to start the new page, JodyHighRoller. Yeah, it kind of fucked me over. They took all my shit down and now people can’t find my videos. On my page I had some videos from like a year or so ago of me like snorting cocaine or girls that were naked, so I'd get a strike on my YouTube account. They’d take the video down, hold my account hostage for like six weeks so I couldn’t upload no videos, couldn’t do anything. They told me, "Three strikes and you’re out." So I said, "OK," and I just started dropping regular videos, but there’s still haters that would go back and flag some of my previous videos. And there was this one video where, like, me and TKO Capone were at this porno convention, but the girls all had clothes on. Or stars…like stickers on their nipples, titties... whatever. And they were wearing bikinis and shit like that. This video was like 8 months old, but it was still on my account. Then someone flagged it and I got an email saying, "We’ve given you chances. This is your third strike. Your account has been deleted."

So instead of just blocking it or stopping it, they just deleted all the shit. Including the good shit that wasn’t even provocative. See, at all times you got people coming at you from different angles trying to stop what you’re doing. But I’m gonna re-upload them on this new channel. I’ve got like 20 new videos on the way."

On Grill Maintenance:


"Everybody’s different. Some people be eating with them in. When I wear a grill, I keep a toothbrush and toothpaste with me so anytime I eat something, I brush my grill and teeth and then put the grill back in so they stay shiny. The worst thing you can do if you have a grill is not keep it clean. So just take the extra five minutes and clean both. It’s like if you vacuum the inside of your car, but then you don’t get the car washed. What’s the point? Do everything and then feel good about it.

I actually just got my teeth whitened, though, so I’m trying to show off them icy whites right now. Once you go icy whites you don’t really want to cover them up right away. I guess I’ll just wait until I drink some more Root Beer until I wear one again."

On Utilizing Multiple Mobile Devices:


"Well, I’m really on my iPhone. The Egyptian iPhone. It’s like an actual eye. It’s a King Tut eye. Yeah, it’s an actual eyeball. See, when I’m asleep it’ll be looking around, lurking. It can see everything. So my iPhone keeps an eye on the other three phones. And my Blackberry? Yeah, that phone doesn’t even work. It’s not even turned on. It’s just a fake phone that I’ll use to stand outside and be on. So girls think I’m on my Blackberry, but I’m not. That’s really a decoy phone for like if people start going through it, I have fake numbers in there. Because nobody even uses a Blackberry. Then the Batphone, that’s in my basement. In my lair like Batman. That’s an important phone where I make business calls or if I need to call Diplo or something."

Obama or Romney?


"I mean, let’s go with Riff Raff for president. I’m sure they’d both be great presidents but let’s just go with Riff Raff and just do $10,000 checks sent to every resident a month because the government is billions in debt anyways, so what’s 10,000 a month to everybody? Who gives a fuck? It’s all money being printed up repeatedly and spent on random other shit and campaigns.

Yeah, and from there everything else will subside. Everybody else will just fall back and let me post up in this White House. I'll paint it neon chartreuse. And I'll be the first president without a wife. I’m coming in and I’m putting a strip club in the White House. The oval office is gonna be a donut strip club. You eat donuts and there’s strippers. You just throw the donuts and the strippers will catch them... in their mouths.

Oh, and all that sending billions of dollars overseas to kill people? We're cutting that shit out. We're gonna clean up the streets. Instead of spending all our money to do that shit overseas, let's do shit like every time a police officer sees a homeless person on the side of the road, they have to take them to a shelter that was built with the money spent overseas."

On His Musical Influences:


"I don't care to be perceived in any certain way. I like good music. The world is so close-minded and has seen so much of the same thing they start stereotyping. "Oh, he's white and from Texas," I must be like Paul Wall or whoever. I've never strictly listened to hip-hop. But there's times I'm riding around in my car and I'll listen to hip-hop all day. Or I might switch it to country, or Red Hot Chili Peppers, or Sublime or The Black Keys, Little Dragon. What's that good song? "Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy." But at the same time I like Gucci and Flocka too. So it's like later today I might be listening to, "Hey, I just met you," and then I'll put on "Lurkkkinnnn, my dogs they be lurkinnn.' When you appreciate music, you appreciate anything that's good. You don't listen to it just 'cause, "Oh, it's a rap song.'"

On Signing to Diplo's Mad Decent Label:


"We started talking like a year ago. See Diplo's a guy who’s known for catching shit before it blows up and just having futuristic thought patterns. I’m like that too. People who are like super intelligent or futuristic, they are gonna magnetize towards each other. It’s nature. It doesn’t matter if we have different views or goals. It’s just the fact that we’re both outside the box. If you have that type of outlook... You could be a real estate investor who’s constantly trying to make the best, newest house, and then you could have a guy on the other side of town who’s trying to invent a floating car or something, and it’s just normal that they’re gonna try to collaborate together to build something bigger than what they normally could do alone. Intelligent minds think alike and that’s how me and Diplo ended up sticking together, becoming friends, trusting each other, and then talking about millions."

On His Relationship With Soulja Boy:


"My situation with Soulja Boy is that we’re always gonna be friends. He established a situation with me where I was promoting SODMG not because I had to, but because those are my homies over there. It’s not forced. Me and Soulja Boy, we still gonna put out an album. We’re doing videos and all that. We just never fully signed paperwork because he’s so busy and I’m so busy. I couldn’t depend or focus on one person to be in charge of my shit when he’s got 10 thousand things to do for himself. I need a full team of people behind me. But at the same time time, I still support everything he’s doing and he supports me. I’m gonna go chill with him today actually."


On Working With Chief Keef:

"Soulja Boy had just done a song with him so we ended up linking up via Twitter and exchanged numbers. Then I went to his house. He was still on house arrest at the time, so we went to his house and recorded everything. We recorded the song right there on the spot and did the video all in about 2 hours.
He’s real intelligent, man. He knew what beat he wanted to pick. He knew what type of song he wanted. He just knows a lot. It’s not like he’s just out here blowing in the wind. He knows what he wants. So we just moved real fast. He records fast so we knocked it out quick and it’s a good song.

On Being Riff Raff:

Being Riff Raff

"There is no other Riff Raff. Just be yourself because you can't be following in my footprints. These footprints are too deep. They're sunk in the ground and have turned into 80 foot potholes. The best part of being Riff Raff is just being me. I do whatever I want, without care or anybody telling me what to do or what not to do. A lot of people are trapped in their own mind where they have so many rules. These invisible rules. And they put themselves in this box. I never have had that.
The hardest part? I guess waiting. Waiting for people to come around and finally understand. I can do my thing all day, but it's not gonna be me changing. It's gonna be people adjusting and adapting to everything. In some ways I don't care but at the same time you want everybody to understand you. It's like being a professor stuck in front of a class, and I'm trying to explain quantum physics or this new formula but if nobody wants to go to the class or sign up for the class then nobody's there to listen or hear it. But once some big names or big magazines say, "Oh, this guy has the formula for the cure to life," then everyone will start listening because, "Oh, I heard through the grapevine he's the best.'"

On Upcoming Ventures:

riff raff

"Me and Harry Fraud just got done doing the album, mixtape, whatever, Neon Vibes. We had been going back and forth and I knocked out all these tracks in L.A. But then when I came out to Brooklyn, we did like eight songs in a few hours and just finished the whole thing out. It'll be like 10 tracks. But man, this is about to be my biggest year coming up. All this shit is finally working. The Harmony Korine Spring Breakers thing. And now Diplo. Expect a lot of tours and a lot of me and Diplo doing shit."