XXL Presents... 50 Haitian References In Rap Lyrics


Sak Pase! Haiti has always shared an interesting connection with hip-hop. Sure, Wyclef is the first name that comes to mind whenever Haiti is mentioned, but MCs—Haitians and non-Haitians—have historically showed love to the Caribbean nation. As Haiti celebrates its national Haitian Flag Day today (May 18), XXL looks back at some of the many Haitian references rap lyrics. L'Union fait la force...—XXL Staff


Wyclef Jean “How Many Mics,” The Score (1996)


"With Tommy Mottola, Mama always told me, 'Your one in a million, Always watch our back/Never tango with Haitian-sicilians'/Now I got a record deal, how does it feel?"

Trick Daddy “Shut Up,” Book of Thugs: Chapter AK Verse 47 (2000)


What`s up with the safe, what the combo/Open that shit nigga fuck all the convo-sation What`s up wit`cha Haitian Probably got birds at the safehouse, waitin What’s up”

DJ Khaled ft. Pitbull, Rick Ross & Trick Daddy “Born N Raised,” We the Best (2006)


“Bet it weigh out more than a boatload of keys/Holla at them Haitians, let 'em know this lick's on me”

T.I. ft. Young Buck & Young Dro “Undertaker,” King (2006)


“Old school baby crack I'm tryin' to bring the 80's back/ Haitians get me Haiti crack, plus my momma hated crack”

T.I. ft. Wyclef Jean “My Swag,” T.I. vs T.I.P. (2007)


"These niggaz can't keep up cause they see me in London/Or out in Ibiza, that time I ain't sleep for/'Bout three days maybe, you see me in Haiti/With Wyclef Jean and a selection of ladies"

AZ "Trading Places," Pieces Of A Man (1998)


"Catch me in Haiti, ridin' horse back Seek religion, study life, tryin' to see the vision"

Jay-Z “La La La (Excuse Me Miss Again),” Blueprint 2: The Gift & the Curse (2002)


“He's not a sane man, he's more like Rain Man, twitching/You can't rain dance on his picnic/No Haitian voodoo, no headless chickens/Can dead his sickness"

Boots Riley of The Coup “Dig It,” Kill My LandLord (1993)


“Turn this shit over like Bush did a boatload of Haitians/How now brown cow, I’m down with the Mau Mau”


T.I. ft. Wyclef Jean “You Know What It Is,” T.I. vs T.I.P. (2007)


“That's if you lucky nigga trust me, it don't hurt me to take/100 thousand to them Haitians you'll be murdered today, nigga”

Jadakiss & Styles P “Otis (Freestyle)” (2011)


“Uh, can't firm, this is wavy/Blowing out loud packs with the prince of Haiti”

Ice Cube “Drink the Kool Aid,” I Am the West (2010)


"This is crazier then a boat full of Haitians/This is inflation mixed with degradation/This ain't no dead rappers reincarnation"

Tyler, the Creator “Tron Cat,” Goblin (2011)


“I hate this, screaming fuck patience / Got a nigga shaking like the calmest fucking Haitians”

Jay-Z ft. Bono & Rihanna “Stranded” (2010)

Screen shot 2012-05-17 at 6.43.39 PM

“Sak Pase, my Port-Au-Princes/My Haitian Gods and all of my Princesses/Our condolences as you fightin’ against this We’re right by your side while we tryin’ to make sense of this”

Rick Ross “Push It,” Port Of Miami (2006)

Screen shot 2012-05-17 at 6.35.58 PM

“Allergic to broke, determined to blow/On the boat we handle work in detergent and soap/We ship it from Haiti, baby I'm whippin them babies/Let it dry, let it dry, try to whip a Mercedes”

Rick Ross ft. Gucci Mane “MC Hammer,” Teflon Don (2010)


“It’s an occasion, a celebration, at Central Station/With Haitian hoes and Jamaicans, I’m trying to make it”

Rick Ross “Yella Diamonds,” Rich Forever (2012)


“The time is now fuck all the waitin', nigga/I can't hold back all these Haitian niggas/You know they talkin' home invasion, nigga”

Rick Ross “Rich Off Cocaine,” Deeper Than Rap (2009)


"Daddy did it in Vegas, yeah I got a connect/I get 'em ten a piece/As long as I keep it correct/Vacation to Haiti, it nearly broke my heart/Seein' kids starve I thought about my Audemar”

Ludacris ft. Playaz Circle, Rick Ross & Ving Rhames “Southern Gangsta,” Theater of the Mind (2008)


“Bitch I know Haitians, we speaking Creole/Bitch I’m a D-boy, still slingin kilos”


“I’m on the mound, I got a pound/My folks in Haiti say them yayo prices coming down”

Nicki Minaj “Beam Me Up Scotty,” Beam Me Up Scotty (2009)


“Ayo Rihanna, gotta come up off dem Bajans/Call Wyclef I’m a need a couple Haitians"

Nas on Diddy's "Everything I Love," Press Play


“Summer jam stopper, Tim truck wearing/Pineapple rocker, then I spray choppers/A doctor in the jungles of Haiti made me/Draped in paisley bandanas”

Nappy Roots “Nappy Roots Day,” Wooden Leather (2003)


“Get rid of felonies, wash away with melodies/Irish to Ebonies, Haitians to the Lebonese”

Mickey Factz “Diamond Dust,” I’m Better Than You (2010)


“Why rap about money, spending paper everyday/When there's people that's poor out in Haiti everyday?”

Tony Yayo ft. Lil B “Based,” (2011)


“They say man is destroyin' the earth crust/Haiti got money and food that they can't touch”

Ghostface Killah “Starkology,”Apollo Kids (2010)


“Rich chandelier gown all over my flesh/'Bout to throw ladies to Haiti, peace to Wyclef”

Capone-N-Noreaga “Pain,” War Report 2 (2011)


“Look what happened to Haiti it's all crazy/Everynight I go to sleep and kiss my baby”

Lupe Fiasco “The Show Goes On,” Lasers (2011)


“For these ghetto girls and boys I’m rapping round the world for Africa to New York, Haiti, then I detour/Oakland out to Auckland, Gaza Strip to Detroit”

Los “B.O.B (Freestyle)” (2010)


“My raps capture the post of the nation/Spirit of the hustlers, hope of the Haitian/Goals that we chasing, no limitation"

Trina ft. Lil Wayne “Don’t Trip,” Glamorest Life (2005)


I'm up in little Haiti, I'm blowin' on Jamaica/I'm in a pepper Beamer, I'm with a saltshaker”

Kendrick Lamar “HiiiPoWer,” Section.80 (2011)


“Want plastic nation, dread that like a Haitian/While you mothafuckas waiting, I be off the slave ship”



"I think it will be close, but the Ravens will pull it off 28-24."

J. Cole “Grew Up Fast” (2012)


“Look how I made em nervous, niggas is shakin, I know they fakin'/Okay you a killer right, and Miss Cleo is Jamaican And Bob Marley is Haitian and me and Beyonce datin'”

Game “Born in the Trap,” The R.E.D. Album (2011)


“Go to Haiti and feed, to the Bahamas and breathe/On the way back, scoop my nigga Shyne from Belize, you know”

E-40 ft. Federation “Go Hard or Go Home,” My Ghetto Report Card (2006)


“Bop B's, rock C's, drop H's/Grind more than Haitians or Jamaicans/Ain't about money then ain't got patienceMy raps capture”

De La Soul “ItzSoWeezee,” Stakes Is High (1996)


“Great all-dedication/Mos Def affiliation/Adequate representation This is the phat presentation/De La dedication/Common Sense collaborations/Peace to all of you Haitians/Check it out” [Haitian Note: Though this is only an intro to the track, XXLMag.com couldn't help but to include a De La reference since Dave is Haitian]

Chingy “Balla Baby,” Powerballin’ (2004)

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“I like them black, white, Puerto Rican, or Haitian/Like Japanese, Chinese, or even Asian”

Chiddy Bang “On Our Way” (2010)


“A va-ca-tion/Shorty said she was Creole like a Haitian/Like parties with little kids, with the cake”

Canibus “The Lullaby of Champions” (2011)


“Atomic Godzilla just fucked Japan up/Think about it, they say Haiti had bad luck/I say “man up, they leaders just abandon them!”/What happened to the donation relief dollars?”


Jay-Z The Blueprint 3 Tour in Los Angeles

A Tribe Called Quest “Electric Relaxation,” Midnight Marauders (1993)


“I like 'em brown, yellow, Puerto Rican or Haitian/Name is Phife Dawg from the Zulu Nation”

B.o.B “How U Do That,” No Genre (2010)


“I rise to the occupation ’cause raging’s my occupation/ Shouts out to my Haitians my Asians and my Caucasians, Latina”

Joe Budden “Keep On” (2010)


"Just, Run DMC'ing it, tougher than the leather/For the survivors in Haiti that was tougher than the weather”

M. Sayyid “Never Dead” (2003)


"Its even bigger with the Haitians, no time for litigations, and that was science for the head, so we did knowledge and sped to the shed”

50 Cent “50 Bars,” Guess Who’s Back (2002)


“That's Max, Haitian cat/Kill a nigga quick remind me of Haitian Jack”

Young Buck ft. 50 Cent & Tony Yayo “Bonafide Hustler,” Straight Outta Ca$hville (2004)


“Singles, C-notes to food stamps, we stackin it all/That's that joint what's his name son? I don't remember/That Haitian nigga with the guitar that sing "Gone 'Til November"

Game “Church For Thugs,” The Documentary (2005)


“Let's roll, through the City of God, where niggas trained to kill/ We'll chop you up a hundred times worse than the Haitians will”

Fugees “Fu-Gee-La,” The Score (1996)


“If your mafiosos then I'm bringin' on Haitian Sicilians/Nobody's shootin', my body's made of hand grenade”