Waka Flocka Flame: Outtakes from June 2012 Cover Story

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Let’s talk about Triple F Life. I heard rumors that The Neptunes are on the album, is that true?

Neptunes, no. Neptunes are not on this. I don’t deserve a Neptunes beat. I don’t deserve a Timbaland beat. I don’t deserve a Dr. Dre. I’ma put my work in first. But I got my Neptunes with me. I got my Dr. Dre with me… of this generation. I take work for that shit. I don’t think cause you got a good single you deserve a Dre beat. I don’t think when Dre sign a nigga he should do a beat for ‘em. They should prove that shit to ‘em.

Nicki is on the album. What’s the song about?

The song I got with Nicki. [The] first song I wanted to do with Nicki was club. That’s my nigga. I wanted to experience that shit with her in the club. It’s called “Get Low.” Flo Rida on the hook. I put Tyga on there too. Not because they Young Money, because Tyga’s a young nigga comin’ up. He’s hungry. And why not shine a light on him.

“No Hands” is your biggest charting single to date. It came out at a time where no one was messing with Wale. What made you reach out to him?

At the time, Wale was, and I’m not sayin’ this to get cool points. Like you said, the label was sleepin’ on him. They were tryin’ to release him. I was like, “Yo, we need to sign him.” Nah, he don’t fit us. He need some niggas that be on his level. The nigga can really spit. And plus that’s like my fuckin’ cousin or something. He cool, my nigga. Roscoe Dash, that’s my nigga. We all homies. Plus, we all young and new. Turn up. You walk into the studio. “Yo, jump on it.” That’s what happened?

Do you realize that “No Hands” was a turning point for him. It was the start of his comeback.

He took that shit and ran with it. He did what we said we gon do. Like French said. When we call each other, we like, “take off.” Nigga, if you had the spotlight I’d be lookin’ for the same opportunity. That’s it.

You played Young Jeezy during the photo shoot. Are y’all cool?

That shit Gucci and Jeezy got is what Gucci and Jeezy got. Gucci’s my nigga. And out of respect for my nigga, I would never disrespect him in no form, shape or fashion, out of loyalty for Gooch. But, when it comes to Jeezy, I grew up listening to this nigga. Nigga, this nigga’s one of our favorite rappers. To keep it all the way one hundred with you. He came from where the fuck…nah mean? But there’s niggas in his camp, I just don’t fuck with. Now, out of me being young, out of frustration I’m like, “Fuck the whole company, nigga.” ‘Cause I’m thinkin’ you sent these young niggas. I never seen these nobody ass niggas, like, point blank, period. But for you to get on air like you ain’t got nothin’ to do with that and your nigga step back. Me being who I am, I know the homie called that. Like, yo, step the fuck back. What are you doin’? With that being said. I can’t bash. That shit be corny, my nigga. I’m hatin’ on a nigga and listenin’ to a nigga music. That shit is wack. But, like I said, the nigga subliminal as muthafucka, you know what I’m sayin’ my nigga? No disrespect to no nigga, ‘cause I’m no subliminal. If I don’t like you, fuck you. I’ma tell you that in your face. If the nigga turn the knob up, I’m a break that muthafucka. That go for anybody, not just Jeezy, anybody, nigga. My own. If my right hand nigga turn the knob up on me, I’m a break that muthafucka.

Did you see Inside the NBA. Kenny Smith and Shaq were making fun of Charles Barkley. They were saying he looks like your dad.

Yo, I was talkin’ to my big dawg. That nigga listenin’ to my music and this shit just popped up on TV. I said, “Look at this shit, you a muthafuckin’ star.” I was like…that made me feel like I made it. You made it my nigga. Don’t look back.

Do you feel pressure for this album?

I woke up broke. I woke up in a shit box. I ain’t get worse. What the fuck I’ma go back to sleep and the muthafuckin’…nigga, I was already doin’ that before. I never sold a million records so what’s the fuckin’ difference if I don’t sell it when the CD drop. It don’t make me stop ’cause my CD didn’t sell a million copies, it make me go harder cause evidently I made a mistake. People say my first CD was a failure, but it sold over 300,000 copies. I got a single that paid for my whole album, so that 300,000 was profit.

So, no expectations?

This my second album. I can prolly pop on my third, fourth, five.

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