Twista is looking to bring his 20-plus years of rap experience to a new home. The Chi-town MC and master of the double-time rhyme is a free agent, looking for a label to call home.

Amidst rumors galore—one which had him already signed to Cash Money—Twista previously told XXL that he’s keeping his options, but Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music imprint is a possibility for him to bring his services, too.

“It’s very possible,” Twista recently told XXL about the chances of him signing to Yeezy’s label. “My main producer, Traxter, is working a lot with [Kanye] lately, so that’s a possibility. I don’t think [Kanye] really got nobody like me over there, so you need a person like me up in there,” he added, while flashing an ear-to-ear grin. “It’s an easy vision. Can we make a hit together? We tried once or twice…it worked.”

While Twista waits to make the decision, he’s hard at work, rapping away for his Don Cannon-helmed compilation, which counts “Gucci Louis Prada” featuring Tyga as the lead single.

Here, Twista goes on one with XXL, tackling everything from his longevity in the rap game, being a free agent, Kanye’s management of G.O.O.D. Music, his Get Money Gang being his version of Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group and his hometown favorite: Chicago Bulls. —Mark Lelinwalla

ON LONGEVITY: One day in my future it will play out like, "Wait a minute, man…how long Twista been killing it? He came out when this and this was going on and he sound as fresh as this and this person." I want people to pay attention to the longevity and what I mean when I call myself a vampire or an immortal in this rap shit. What I mean by immortal is just a person that’s been able to do this for a long time. You can look at an artist and tell if he’s going to be able to do this for a long time. You could look at a Jada and tell he’s going to be able to do this for a long time. A person that loves this music. Some people learn how to rap, but some people got this rap shit in them like a gift.

FREE AGENT: I swear it’s fun at this stage than it used to be. It’s way more fun at this stage than it was earlier. It’s night and day. It used to be a headache to even see if a label wanted you ’cause you were fresh on the scene and had to prove yourself, whereas a person like me at this point, I already got a fan base, a sound, a following or whatever, so it’s fun to sit up and decide what you want to do next or how you’re going to put your music out next because I got so much experience. Any move is possible ’cause when I talk to different cats or wind up in different places, throughout my career they’ve always had respect for me with open arms, so I’m pretty sure if I pushed any direction it wouldn’t be hard for me to jump down. I’m like a Randy Moss right now.

G.O.O.D. MUSIC: I’ve always thought [Kanye] made good decisions when it comes to his vision of what he wants to do and how he wants to present himself to the music world from his hip-hop perspective or his music perspective. It’s always been dope, like the artists he chooses to pay respects to. I attribute a lot of that too with us being from Chicago because us being in the middle, we just listen to so much different stuff. He has that open ear to decide, "I think this person will fit" or "This person will fit into the scheme of what I’m doing."

LISTENING TO: I pay attention to Kendrick Lamar, Curren$y, all these new cats that’s out here doing their thing. I’m up on everybody—Big K.R.I.T., A$AP, MGK. It’s always big to me, man. I pay attention to rap style and the origin of what people come up on when they decide to do rap. Some people come up off of a Jadakiss type of flow. Other people come up off of a Twista type of flow. So, I respect an artist like a Machine Gun Kelly, who can bring up shows when he was a kid that I was in his town and things like that. He told me that when I met him.

OTHERS DOING DOUBLE-TIME RAP: It’s fun listening to it. Back then, people used to be hot about it, like you mad a person is stealing your style. But we so far passed that phase now. I just listen and pay respect or give that nod when I see somebody do their thing. That’s why I named Machine Gun Kelly. I love Tech N9ne, but he a vet. I named Kendrick. One of the reasons I name him is because when I see Kendrick he gets down in a way I can appreciate because he just don’t sound like me when he do it. I like when cats can expand on style and not just sound like Twista.

GET MONEY GANG: That’s the label or that’s my whole thing that I’m pushing. When you see G-M-G, that means Get Money Gang or Get Money Group and that’s Twista’s version of Maybach Music. I got artists from where I’m from that I’m putting out that you gonna hear a lot from on upcoming mixtapes and features. [MMG] is the newest version of what you saw happen, [a crew].

CHICAGO BULLS: It’s Bulls all the way. I don’t know who’s going to do it on the other side on the West. I don’t know. It’s looking like the [Oklahoma City] Thunder or the [San Antonio] Spurs.