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Yesterday, Maybach Music Group got innovative and decided to hold a press conference in New York City to announce some news. Scheduled to start at 1 p.m., the festivities didn't get underway until a fittingly hip-hop delay, and ended up ending close to 4 p.m. While many in attendance seemed to feel that the day's news—announcements of the release dates of Rick Ross' God Forgives, I Don't, Meek Mill's Dreams & Nightmares, and MMG's Self Made, Vol. 2, as well as the signings of French Montana and Omarion—could have been done, say, on Twitter, the event did provide some other highlights. With speakers from Lyor Cohen to each of the artists to special guests Diddy and Swizz Beatz, there were more than a handful of memorable quotes. Here are the 20 best. —XXL Staff

lyor cohen 1

"He reminded me he has the biggest office in the world: the streets." —Lyor Cohen, on why Ross doesn't need a corner office

lyor cohen

"That’s why he’s him, and you’re you." —Lyor Cohen, on why everyone who's not Rick Ross should give up


"I actually had French at my house. I think I ate some lasagna, went and took a nap. I laid half of the chorus, then ate a little lasagna and I had to take a nap. When I came back, French had did the other half of the chorus." —Ross on recording “Stay Schemin” and snacking-induced naps

diddy ross

"I had to have a conversation—a fight with him, when I was managing him for two weeks. And then I realized we was friends and I wasn’t gonna get a commission, so I kept managing him ’cause I love him." —Diddy, on his short-lived stint as Ross' manager

diddy ciroc

"It’s the smoothest vodka in the world. It’s an aphrodisiac. It’s made from grapes, so it’s gluten free. It helps your sex drive. And it cleans rust off your tires." —Diddy, on the many benefits of Ciroc


"Every time you hear that Australian girl say “Maybach Music” (*Maybach Music drop plays*), it’s like your dick gets hard. Or, at least, my dick gets hard." —Diddy, on his hard dick



"When you think of mixtapes, mixtapes were throwaways, mixtapes were warm ups before Rick Ross put out his mixtapes." —Diddy, blocking the name "50 Cent" out of his memory


"When you have a Weeknd putting out three mixtapes, I have to feel like Rick Ross influenced that." —Diddy, under the impression that The Weeknd dropped three free projects thanks to Rick Ross

swizz beatz reebok

"A lot of people don’t know that Ross is into art. He’s a painter, as well." —Swizz Beatz, causing everyone in the room to want to watch Ross paint

swizz beatz

"I wanna commend a boss for doing boss things." —Swizz Beatz, on Ross' boss abilities

swizz beatz rick ross

"I’d like to congratulate him on our venture where we’re gonna do big and tall, and he’s gonna lead the big and tall movement. Lyor’s ready to get fresh with it, too. Because there’s a limit with clothes. It stops at a certain point." —Swizz Beatz, on the limits of average size people clothes


"I ain’t got too much to say. I’m just here." —French Montana, trying to remember why he was at the front of the room

"Shot Caller"


"Went solo on that ass, sold it on the ave/All white navy blue Polo with the hat/I go "RAWR" like a thunder dragon/From the South Bronx, home of the original clappers."


*Omarion’s bounce down the aisle* —Omarion, bouncing with an awkward gait down the aisle


"Can the room say what’s up?" —Omarion, upon first getting to the podium, trying to convince people to be excited

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"Today I become a made man. Yeah. My history is not a mystery. My name is Omarion, aka Maybach O, aka Luke Skywalker." —Omarion, talking in a creepy whisper, seeming to think the room was filled mostly with women

wale rick ross

"I ain’t done this since, like, graduating middle school." —Wale, on sitting at the podium and feeling a little uncomfortable

meek mill rick ross

"Dealing with Ross, you be shootin’ three videos a day, so expect a video for every song on there." —Meek Mill on Self Made, Vol. 2

elliott wilson

"The Bawse keeps his portfolio diverse." —Elliott Wilson, on Ross' multiple endeavors