"It’s just me, energy is in me, that’s just me," says Gunplay about his high-octane performances in both the booth and on stage. "This is the entertainment business, [my job is to] entertain the people."

As a day-one MMG artist, Richard Morales is finally seeing his stock rise as the label that he's helped build continues to burst forth and expand. Clad in a white skully—which he oftentimes pull down to cover half of his face—and a diamond-studded MMG chain, the 29-year-old Miami native exhibits a rather pleasing demeanor that comes across more genuine than some would expect, considering his sporadic livewire antics on camera and record. Stepping into the XXL offices to chat about his newfound success—his Bogota Rich: The Prequel reportedly flew past 100,000 downloads in less than a week—its hard not to notice how humble and big-hearted the MMG maverick is.

"I’m a humble dude. I swear on everything…there’s more [people] like me that’s broke and struggling than there is rich people,” he responded after discussing the public’s reception to the critically-praised Kendrick Lamar-assisted “Cartoon & Cereal” record.

On a sunny Wednesday afternoon, the rapper sits with XXL and doesn’t shy away from the controversial questions including his infamous ‘Cocaine-sniffing’ video that surfaced a few years back and plans for an upcoming escort service. —Ralph Bristout (@XXLRalph)

XXLMag.com: One of the first MCs on Ross’ MMG camp, you’ve quickly grown into your own as an artist. How does it feel getting that proper recognition this go-round?

Gunplay: It makes me feel like all that work—the late nights in the studio, building Maybach Music from the ground up—all my efforts ain't go in vain. It feels like it [was] supposed to happen. I ain't being bigheaded but it feel like it [was] suppose to happen. Me, Ross and Torch and the whole camp talked about this for years and Boss did his end of the deal. Now I’m doing my end of the deal and making sure I’m a boss and self-made. [Points to camera and takes a moment to digress] Self Made Vol. 2 is on the way though, chill. [Laughs.]

You had the crowd turnt up when you performed “Rollin’” last month at MMG’s Hot 97 sponsored Hammerstein show. That record has done a lot for you, would you agree?

[Yeah] that “Rollin’” record was a big stepping-stone for Gunplay. They knew whom Gunplay was, they seen that [on the] Internet, but they didn’t know my music. It took a while for them to get used to me, to the face, to the voice, to the music. When “Rollin’” dropped they was used to the music, I just needed that one record to say “Oh you ain't got that Gunplay record?” When “Rollin’” came about, shout out to Waka Flocka and the whole Bricksquad, once that record came about it gave me my wings. Now, I got your attention, your ear [and] that’s all I need. All my freestyles from the old ones to the new ones, [fans are] checking for it and its spreading like cancer. Shout out to all the fans that have been following Gunplay since day one from the Triple C’s Custom Cars & Cycles album to my first mixtape, Sniff-a-hill, from my first feature on Rick Ross’ Port of Miami album and thus far. It feels real good finally ’cause I’m about to give you some ish.

Now you recently dropped the Bogota Rich Prequel

Bogota, Bogota! That’s the capital of Columbia and that’s that work. They seen me in Medellin over looking the city in a mansion, doing my thing and they got me [on camera with that infamous product]. So I said yeah, I’m going to give you Bogota. This that Bogota talk.

Since you mentioned it, let’s keep it trill. What made you decide to sniff that ‘white girl’ in front of cameras during that video clip taken from your trip to Columbia a few years back?

Look at my hat man [points at his white skull cap] it’s all white, which means it’s all right. Just chill out. [Laughs.] I ain’t on it no more, I did my thing everybody got their vices. That was my vice, I got on coke, I snorted the shit and I didn’t pull out the shit in a Motel 6. I was out in the country looking over a beautiful city, which was built off the shit so, I went and snorted the motherfucker and I’m not going to apologize. I don’t make music for the kids, I don’t make music for the shorties, and I make music for the real niggas like me that’s out there getting it. My son don’t even listen to my music, I don’t let him. He know “Rollin’” ’cause that’s my hit, but [nothing else]. [Imitates son’s voice] “Mommy what did he say, what songs, snort, what’s sniff, what does he mean?” He’s going to start asking those questions and I don’t need [him to]. I’m not apologizing and if I do go back to Colombia, I’m going to tell you now on XXL, I’m going to get high again, but it wont be on camera this time [laughs].

I think one of the key qualities that fans appreciate you for is your carefree, get-rid-of-the-B.S. attitude. You say whatever’s on your mind at ease.

Listen, they don’t pay my mom’s mortgage, they don’t pay my mortgage, they don’t pay my car notes, my $1,400-a-month fucking private school for my son. They don’t pay and have nothing to do with that. They don’t take care of none of my bills, my family. Opinions are like assholes, everybody got one and they stink so I could care less. After that video, I didn’t even have “Rollin’” [out] yet, after that video came out I was booked for three months just cause they wanted to see the boy that snorted on camera. I ain’t have no record out, just a bunch of freestyles. Niggas wanted to see him for real. Just off of that, so I took that to the nose, all right this is what we need to do. But for the record, I have been sober, and I have been clean. I pop my little pills here and there, smoke a little reefer, drink a little drink, but that’s about it my nigga, straight up.

The Bogata EP had a lot of dope joints like “Low Life,” “Jump Out” and more. Since that was only an EP, what’s in store for listeners on the actual Bogota mixtape?

The prequel was half and half; it was original records and freestyles. The original records I had were originally for Bogota, but I said, “You know what? I’m going to go ahead and wipe the slate clean.” I’m going to give you a couple from Bogota on Bogota Rich: The Prequel, a couple of original records and a couple of freestyles as an appetizer. So Bogota, you going to see original hit records, no freestyles, all hit records, big A-list features on there. It’s going to be what to expect from my actual album.