Peace of Mind: 15 Rappers Most Often Deemed As Hippies

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  • A Tribe Called Quest
    A Tribe Called Quest
    <p><strong>HIPPIE QUALITIES:</strong> The group's early Afrocentric influences reflected on its music, along with other members of the Native Tongues collective.</p><p><strong>REALLY THOUGH? ARE THEY HIPPIES?</strong> Q-Tip, Phife Dawg, Ali, and not even Jarobi will claim such a label. They wore some gears that looked somewhat "rap hippie-ish," (look above) and their music preached positivity over conflicts, but the group's focus was always more jazzy, socially aware, and self reflective to be classified as hippy.</p>
  • Andre 3000
  • Arrested Development
    Arrested Development
    <p><strong>HIPPIE QUALITIES:</strong> If you consider Afrocentric messages and spiritual affiliation to music as rap hippie qualities, this alternative hip-hop collective rightfully fits the bill.</p><p><strong>REALLY THOUGH? ARE THEY HIPPIES?</strong> They're probably the most free-spirited career musicians on this list. Its track record has proved their appreciation for socially-conscious lyricism, and it certainly reflects on their appearances. But as others on this list, it's unlikely they're full-out hippies. (Though, we'd like to imagine them as such. Maybe their Japanese fan base thinks that.) </p>
  • Black Hippy
    Black Hippy
    <p><strong>HIPPIE QUALITIES:</strong> They call it themselves.</p><p><strong>REALLY THOUGH? ARE THEY HIPPIES?</strong> One's a Crip, one's a Blood, one grew up in a record store, and one grew up around gang bangers. Are they hippies? Not really. But this whole post was embarked on their usage of the term. Plus, a Black Hippy encompasses all things, as Ab-Soul has mentioned, so we're guessing it's a bit different than someone with a greasy dread lock, riding around in a fruity trailer.</p>
  • Cee Lo Green
    Cee Lo Green
    <p><strong>HIPPIE QUALITIES:</strong> Mostly his attires.</p><p><strong>REALLY THOUGH? IS HE A HIPPIE?</strong> His music is soulful, the atmosphere of his home is somewhat psychedelic (which he showcased in <em>MTV Cribs</em>), and his Earth Wind & Fire-inspired garments are occasionally fly, but oftentimes comical. Aside from Andre 3000, Cee Lo is the most eclectic member of the Dungeon Family. We can easily visualize the musician running around barefoot, but as a full-fledged hippie, we're not certain if he fits the title.</p>
  • Common
    <p><strong>HIPPIE QUALITIES:</strong> Post Erykah, and pre Kanye, Common was on some other shit. From <em>Electric Circus</em> inspiring him to rock colorful gears, to acceptance of Eastern philosophies, the once beggar of a dollar, was somewhat on the path of becoming a peace-loving scholar.</p><p><strong>REALLY THOUGH? IS HE A HIPPIE?</strong> Nope. After Erykah, he met Kanye, which is when that flyness was injected back into his vein. Some may argue that <em>Electric Circus</em> was unique, but <em>Be</em> saved the man's rap career. So, no, Common's far from a hippie. Not even close.</p>
  • De La Soul
    De La Soul
    <p><strong>HIPPIE QUALITIES:</strong> The album cover of their debut <em>3 Feet High and Rising</em>, and their subject matters that revolve around peace, love, and comedy. </p><p><strong>REALLY THOUGH? ARE THEY HIPPIES?</strong> Nope, they were three high school friends from Long Island, who hung out at Prince Paul's home studio before dropping their seminal classic <em>3 Feet High and Rising</em>. It was a stretch then, and it's a stretch now to label De La as rap hippies. On "Me, Myself, and I," Posdonus has stated, "You say plug one and two are hippies,no we're not, thats pure plug bull." Unfortunately, they were the first to don the label, and they're a significant piece when recalling the legacy of rappers "categorized" under the hippie umbrella. So, sorry Pos.</p>
  • Digable_Planets
    Digable Planets
    <p><strong>HIPPIE QUALITIES:</strong> Its calm, cool, and carefree vibe. Also the group's concentration on presenting a natural element, significantly showcased in its musical output. </p><p><strong>REALLY THOUGH? ARE THEY HIPPIES?</strong> Possibly? Though both <em>Reachin'</em> and <em>Blowout Comb</em> received critical praises, not much can be said about the group after its initial rise during their debut effort. Did their music have traits of black nationalism, and poured out conscious messages? Sure, but is it hippie? No. One thing that's for certain, however, is that donning names of insects had to be choices made under the influence of drugs, or heavy meditation.</p>
  • Hieroglyphics
    <p><strong>HIPPIE QUALITIES:</strong> The Bay affiliation and its alternative music roots that are in lane with peace, love, and unity.</p><p><strong>REALLY THOUGH? ARE THEY HIPPIES?</strong> The group's videos—Souls of Mischief to their collective efforts—don't entertain viewers with Melyssa Ford's butt cheeks on a Bentley. Its fan base has stemmed from grassroots movements (concerts), solidified under the third-eye logo. Though its following has dwindled over time, at its peak, the group remained relevant in hip-hop's indie scene as the Bay's ultimate driving force. Incense-driven, positive music for the mind isn't hippie'd out. It's actually a lot cleaner and approachable.</p>
  • Jungle Brothers
    Jungle Brothers
    <p><strong>HIPPIE QUALITIES:</strong> The positive message it aspired to provide during its days affiliated with the Native-Tongue movement, and obviously the gears.</p><p><strong>REALLY THOUGH? IS HE A HIPPIE?</strong> They're more so participants of the look and ideology of black nationalism, which sparked in hip-hop during the late '80s and early '90s. You know, they're really from <em>the jungle</em>, not San Francisco.</p>
  • Mac Miller
    Mac Miller
    <p><strong>HIPPIE QUALITIES:</strong> Mostly his carefree lifestyle, and his infatuation with the green. And it's his self-professed style as he claims, "Yeah, free living, I swear I be on some hippie shit, but getting way fresher than the hippies," on "Outside" off his <em>K.I.D.S.</em> mixtape.</p><p><strong>REALLY THOUGH? IS HE A HIPPIE?</strong> It's still up for debate, but Mac Miller's free-spirited antics and even-less-serious songs that are catered to young stoners across the world is becoming more and more hippy-ish. Now, he just needs to grow out his hair, and take on a political stance.</p>
  • PM Dawn
    PM Dawn
    <p><strong>HIPPIE QUALITIES:</strong> Yo, look and listen to them.</p><p><strong>REALLY THOUGH? ARE THEY HIPPIES?</strong> First of all, PM Dawn isn't particularly a rap group. However, its music boasts many hip-hop and hippie qualities. From their wardrobe selection to psychedelic influence on its music, or getting bum rushed off stage by KRS-One and BDP on its own world tour without a fight, it's evident that they're a peaceful duo not really into conflicts. So maybe? </p>
  • Soulquarians
    The Soulquarians
    <p><strong>HIPPIE QUALITIES:</strong> The free spirit in its music, the colorful attires donned mostly by its ringleader Erykah Badu, the firm belief in sexual revolution (check their baby-mama/baby-daddy numbers), and its left-wing-inspired political tendencies all make up a strong argument for this Okayplayer supergroup as renegade hippies.</p><p><strong>REALLY THOUGH? ARE THEY HIPPIES?</strong> Nah, most of them have moved on from their less-commercial past for greener pastures. Common rocking sweaters in a Gap commercial ain't hippie, dawg.</p>
  • The+Pharcyde
    <p><strong>HIPPIE QUALITIES:</strong> Mostly the appearance. Plus, the alternative vibe its music represented during hip-hop's gangsta-rap era, was certainly against the grain minus the gun claps.</p><p><strong>REALLY THOUGH? ARE THEY HIPPIES?</strong> This alternative Cali rap collective may have pulled off the look, and earned itself a strong international following craving its conscious appeal, the likelihood of its members Fatlip and Imani rocking dyed t-shirts at a rally in '12 is very unlikely.</p>
  • Wiz Khalifa
    Wiz Khalifa
    <p><strong>HIPPIE QUALITIES:</strong> His widely boasted affair with weed will make Cheech and Chong proud, and lately he's been on a mission to drape himself in flamboyant throwback gears his stylists seemed to have bought at various flea markets. If he hasn't been stamped with the label before, he sure has now. </p><p><strong>REALLY THOUGH? IS HE A HIPPIE?</strong> The drug aspect? Sure. Musically though? Not really.</p>
  • Black Hippy_Intro
  • #Photo of De La Soul
    UNSPECIFIED - CIRCA 1970: Photo of De La Soul Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

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  • Mr. Armstrong

    If you put Wiz or Black Hippies, even Common… Why you didn’t put Curren$y, that’s fucked up

  • Hippy Hop

    Look up MOD SUN he is the definition of hippie. He even calls his music hippy hop. Plus I don’t understand how Mac Miller is a hippy? That doesn’t make much sense to me.

    • jaeki

      Good call. We’ll certainly look into him.

  • Tic706

    I just call their style of rap “flower power”. Everytime I hear most of the artist mentioned on this list music I think of flower power. For the record i’m not saying thats necessarily a bad thing either.

  • cooljayjonze

    no lupe lol