Drake's Five Craziest Fans


Grooving to Drake's laundry list of hit records and buying his albums is enough for some fans to show support October's Very Own. But, other fans take their adoration for Drizzy a step further...waaay further. Take a look at this recent picture that hit the 'net, for example. Unclear of what's going on? This man had his barber shave an illustration of Drake onto the back of his head. One could say that Drizzy has his back. Hey, at least the chick digs it like women dig Aubrey Graham, right? But this guy is just the tip of the iceberg. Peep, a few more fans showing their love for Drake with body art. That OVO and that XO is everything they believe in! Not to mention...plenty of Moscato. Here, XXL shows five examples of crazy Drake fans, using body art. Wow! —XXL Staff (@XXLStaff)

The Girl With the Drake Tattoo


"Tat my name on you, girls, so I know it's real/Tat my fuckin' name on you, so, I know it's real," Drake sang on the hook to "Free Spirit," featuring Rick Ross. Hey Aubrey, this is as real as it fucking gets, bro! This young lady took the Toronto rapper's words LITERALLY, tatting D-R-A-K-E right across her forehead. This gives a whole other definition to the song, "HEADlines." Drake sure got some power! Fans will remember that Drake had beef with the tattoo artist who actually went through with slapping the permanent ink on her forehead. What does XXL make of this? We wonder where this woman works? Hopefully Drizzy himself gave her a gig or maybe Drake's Cakes? Take care, Ms.

Respecting The Biggest Fan


The aforementioned lady, who got Drake tatted across her forehead definitely made national "Headlines" for her ink. So much so, that it influenced this fool to tat that woman's face and forehead tat on his or her bicep. Riiiiight. Real conversation piece, buddy. What an asshole!

Not Everybody's Nice With The Blades


Y'all peeped the first haircut and the likeness of Drake was pretty much right on. That barber must have been nice with his blade. This one, however, XXL is unsure of. Looks more like Mr. Potato Head than Drake. Might want to cover that thing with a hat, dawg, or just don't leave your house for a month. Look what you've done!

You're Not Sleeping With Drake


Okay, this woman loves her some Drizzy Drake, tatting the names across the back of her thighs. Cool when you first got it, right, sweetheart? Not so cool when a dude sees it in intimate settings and thinks of Drake, while y'all are getting busy. [In our best Drizzy impersonation] ... DAMN. Think people, think!