Five Rappers That Would Make For Perfect Upcoming Biopics

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    Five Rappers That Would Make For Perfect Upcoming Biopics
    On Monday (May 7), it was confirmed that André 3000 would be playing the legendary Jimi Hendrix in an upcoming biopic titled <em>All Is By My Side</em>. While this isn’t the first time a hip-hop artist was chosen to play the role of a late legend—Gravy as Notorious B.I.G., Mos Def as Chuck Berry—one can’t help but think of other artists that would be perfect to play certain figures in upcoming films. <em>XXL</em> plays casting director and suggests some folks to play the role of other legends. —<em>XXL Staff</em> (@XXLStaff)
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    Eazy E, Played By: Donald "Childish Gambino" Glover
    Gambino's already an established actor (a la his hit NBC series <em>The Community</em>, <em>Channel 101</em>, among other works) so, this would be quite the mesh.
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    Barack Obama, Played By: Aubrey Drake Graham
    Drizzy has already gone public with his desire of wanting to play the 44th President of the United States. Judging by the similarities the two share here, you can't but help to feel where the boy's coming from. "Lavender showers for everyone..."
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    "Freeway" Rick Ross, Played By: Calvin "Snoop Dogg" Broadus
    Snoop expressed interest in playing the infamous drug kingpin and judging by how much they look alike, it's a valid thought. Officer Rowse on the other hand...
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    Wu Tang Clan (Raekwon, Ol' Dirty Bastard and Method Man), Played By: Chuck Inglish, Kenyon Martin and D'Angelo
    Chuck, Kenyon Martin, and D'Angelo all look like they would be perfect matches for an upcoming Wu-Tang biopic. Would you agree? (No shots at the D'Angelo pic.)
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    DMX, Played By: Kevin Garnett
    See the similarity?

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  • po

    drake as barack? yea right hahahaha drake is too gay for that shit

  • po

    this list seems really racist-since he dark & bald he ‘d b perfect to play kevin garnett,– & half white half black, yep he wud b perfect to play obama…any questions???

  • John Cochran

    Pointless post, most of these people aren’t even actors, or at least not good actors in Snoop’s case.

  • Po’ lil po

    @Po….RACIST?! hahahahhaahahahahaha.

    • po

      is there any other half black/half white rappers who could play barack pleeeeeeze?

  • Me

    Not racist, just fucking stupid. Much like EVERY XXL list. Complex is shitting on you guys heavy.

  • jesterxxl

    Elijah Wood – Eminem

  • Real

    WTF kevin Garnett as DMX Kevin is about 2 times as tall as DMX that would be as stupid as that michael jackson movie with flex washington statting in it

    • RJII

      lol I almost forgot about that movie

  • Tru Talk

    wat about the fact Kevin Gartnett is 6’10?? lol or that Kenyon Martin is 6’9

  • Mike

    Kid Cudi as jean michel basquiat. Your welcome

  • dingla

    perfect odb : charles bennett :

  • dingla

    perfect odb : charles bennett : youtube: Charles Bennett feat. Wu Tang Clan

  • Pri$e

    They were on to something decent until they got to Wu-Tang and DMX… SMDH… I’d like to see Donald Glover as Easy-E and I wouldn’t mind seeing Chuck as Rae, hell I could even accept Drake playing Obama, but K-Mart as Mef? Garnett as DMX? Also they’re already working on a movie about ODB and its being played by the dude from The Wire, so why have D’Angelo?


  • francis nasim

    i see ya reloaded rae. thats all ineeded to still my chef rae!

  • hank3

    that wu ish will never get old, they are the frankie beverly & maze of hip hop, timeless. r.i.p. dirt mcgirt, peace to the wu, man we miss those dayz!!!!

  • francis nasim

    ah they did it backwards-very fresh rae-its just like i taught you when you was little and i can see you’ve learned very well-hey yo rae yo rae-peace god

  • returnof4eva

    you niggas are some peons……this article is talking about the mans daughter missing….and u asses are talking about eazy e and new albums……u bum ass niggas get a life