Drake, Meek Mill and Chris Brown Twitter War Over Rihanna

Chris Brown, Meek Mill and Drake had some words over the weekend via Twitter and all because of the young lady they have in common: Rihanna.

Meek first posted (and then quickly deleted) a tweet directed at Breezy on Saturday (May 26), stating, “U [sic] took me off ya [sic] song cause she let me watch da [sic] throne! [sic],” to which Brown quickly responded, “She’s a dream chaser! There are alot [sic] of dreamers so she’ll be running forever!”

Meek Mill replied to Brown’s reference to his Dreamchasers 2 mixtape, writing, “Dese [sic] chicks belong 2 [sic] da [sic] game….not u [sic]! Never get confused and think that’s all u [sic]!”

That’s when Meek’s Club Paradise tour mate, Drizzy, whose also had his turn with Rih Rih, jumped in, tweeting, “Oh that’s your ho? That’s our ho too. Lol.” CB laughed off the comments, posting a quick “Lol!!!!” followed with “This would be a dope ass movie!!!” and “Id [sic] like to send the bullshit a BiG FUCK YOU from the bottom of my ballz [sic]! Lol.. Real nigga! Goodnight [sic]!” Ironically, what’s believed to be an old collaboration with Drake and Chris Brown—”Yamaha Mama”—surfaced on the net Tuesday (May 29).

Meek Mill recently publicly denied dating Rihanna after rumors of the two hooking up surfaced when photos of tthem at what appeared to be the same strip club in New York appeared on the net. He further denounced the gossip by stating he has a girlfriend in his hometown of Philadelphia. And in related news, Rihanna was just seen having drinks and holding hands with Drake in Miami’s Club Liv over the Memorial Day weekend.—Mariel Concepcion (@Mceezy)

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  • Mankivigs

    All 3 of these niggas is bitches.

  • Richie Rolex

    Simma down everybody. This chick got all you fools acting out of pocket. Stop making this girl page one news. It ain’t like she is Halle Berry or Beyonce Knowles. She just aiight. Fall Back young bucks.

    • Kilaforniadg

      Clearly rihanna is better looking than beyonce and holly berry is hella old but she killing beyonce but neither is touching rihanna. r

      • Mani

        You sound dumb. Beyonce > Rihanna > Halle Berry. Beyonce’s forehead > Rihanna’s forehead. Rihanna’s eyes may be > Beyonce’s eyes, but ummmmm, Beyonce is clearly better in all aspects. She w/ one of the best rappers alive & Rihanna is w/ maybe any rapper forreal. Beyonce’s face & body > Rihanna’s face & body. Be real. You must be younger than me (18) or you’re just a fool…

  • crooklynite

    these ya’ll heroes??

  • atown don

    Seems like the lil fake thug Chris Brown is the only one salty & mad…. The other two cats just took their turn passed her around & moved on just like the boy Meek said she belongs to the game… ( industry jumpoff) Chris Brown no matter how much $$$ u think you got or how famous u become son…U CANT TURN A XOE INTO A HOUSEWIFE! OH yea Wiz u should take notes too

  • Maori

    The only thing these guys agree on is that riri is a ho. Ya mama and ya daddy raised a ho!

  • Werent We?

    LOL . RihRih ….your a hoe miss. Have a seat.


    i was in middle school when 2 real niggas named Nas and Jay-z had a crazy ass beef, and those two niggas would NEVER TWEET BEEF EACH OTHER !!!!!

    • duhhhh

      thats because twitter wasn’t invented yet dumbass….

  • Samantha

    Hey ya’ll it looks like all of you have a problem with riri as you call her a ho, so leave the ho alone,she’s living her life so live yours bitches and im from South Africa,halla!!!

  • Samantha

    face it ya’ll we all love riri even more now that she is a ho,so stop with the bad talking and tell the ho that you would like to have a taste of her ass,because Chris,Drake and Meek Mill all know why they can’t get off the ho ,it’s because they know she’s good at it!!!

  • http://facebook dion chino dollaz wainwright

    Thats dat islands pussy for ya got millionaires acting like fuckin fools!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Samantha

    Yeah it’s true she’s a ho but a rich ho because all she needs is a dick and she’ll be good!!!!!!!

  • Alexander Place

    Is this how we treat women? What will kids think when they read this. Have some conscious XXL, don’t be putting this out there. IM DISAPPOINTED in this bullshit.

  • Samantha

    Yeah it’s true she’s a ho but a rich ho, so what she needs is a dick and then she’ll be good!!!!!!

  • Samantha

    Well sorry that you feel that way but the truth should be told!!!!

  • jasmine

    why do they want something that been with everybody in the game

  • http://www.xxlmag.com/news/2012/05/drake-meek-mill-and-chris-brown-twitter-war-over-rihanna/ Toura

    Erykah Badu needs give some game to Rihanna. You never hear Andre 3000, Common, DOC or Jay Electronica say anything disrespectful.
    Riri-wear-no-panties is making kat stacks look lame – in 9months..video dude from ‘we-found-love’ he dumps ya..on back to kemp..then some Breezy, then Drake & Meek um maybe Jr Smith..we ain’t talked bout the Ashton blow-off. her box’s UN dna realtalk!!!

  • http://xxlmag.com ty nitty

    all 3 of them niggas hit that. if i was on i could hit too….lol

  • http://CenturyLink.com Devasociallite

    Most men who have to degrade women like that have a lot to be desired behind there zippers. She is the one who has won. STILL got her name on your lips. Don’t hear about her bring up there names. Super bitch ass niggas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nui Tama

    riri sound like a piece of meat… or she gettin passed around like a joint… cum 2 New Zealand n let a real nigga fuk ya

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  • Coleman

    Man that’s funny stuff yo and true..
    U can’t turn a hoe into a house wife,
    I used to think Ri was a babe but she’s all used up

  • jaz

    Rhianna is A HO like she always has been and will never be able to sing better than Beyonce or any of these girls.

  • Romy

    There was no need for so many ‘[sic]‘s. We know it’s them tweeting, not an author with terrible spelling and/or grammar. It was super distracting.