Decoded: What Did Pusha T Really Mean With His "Exodus 23:1" Track?

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Yesterday (May 23), Pusha T threw a few subliminal shots on his browbeating track, “Exodus 23:1.” Though there were no direct lines or names mentioned in the record, there was no denying that the G.O.O.D. Music lyricist’s nuanced wordplay was meant to do some bullying. The non-specific lines seemed to be going at Drake and “I Don’t Like” producer Young Chop—and the former triggered Lil Wayne to voice his dislike for Push via Twitter. That wasn't all that was going on on the social networking site; the track's title, Pusha T's name, Lil Wayne, as well as certain lines from the cut ("Ask Steve Jobs") became trending topics, solidifying that Pyrex P’s joint is the talk of the day. Taking a close look at the lyrics on “Exodus 23:1,” stripped away the subliminals and attempted to decode what exactly Pusha T really may have wanted to say. Ughck! —XXL Staff (@XXLStaff)


What he said: “You just lying through your catalogs/Where the blood and the battle scars?”
What he meant: "You talking tough on them R&B records, Drake. Show me those credentials, buddy. Tap your skater boss' shoulders…Yeah, him…Lil Wayne, show me your credentials, too, buddy."


What he said: "But they ain't killers, they ain't pullin them triggers, fuck niggas"
What he meant: "Drake, you've stated members of your entourage are willing to ‘catch a body like that.’ I'm unconvinced of this and feel like your friends and close associates are likely emotional just like you."

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What he said: “You can keep your beats, nigga/We'd much rather share your bitch, nigga, bitch nigga”
What he meant: “Hey, producer dude. What’s your name again? Young Chop, I think? Don't you realize what we did for you? If that's that shit you don't like, keep your beat. We'll sample something else that will make you even more upset. Perhaps your lady?”

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What he said:: “Them niggas using you as a pawn/You see they never loaded they guns/Now you out here by yourself/Ask Steve Jobs' wealth don't buy health”
What he meant: “Again, Drake, I'm not threatened by the company you keep. You may be sitting on $25 mil, but a few dollars won't get in my way if I choose to take it there.

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What he said: “You signed to one nigga that signed to another nigga that's signed to three niggas/Now that's bad luck”
What he meant: “Drake, you’re signed to Lil Wayne, who’s signed to Baby and Slim, who are signed to some big wigs at Universal. Yeah, I know—I’m signed to Kanye’s label, who’s signed to some big wigs at Def Jam. But I’ll take my situation over yours, aight buddy?!”

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What he said: “That's why you'll never be my neighbors/Smile as you waving but we know you niggas hate us”
What he meant: "You and I, my dear Drake? We’ll never be friends. Why? Because even when you attempt to keep it copasetic in public, we are under the impression you and your crew really aren't fond of us. That’s ok, though. We don’t fuck with y’all, either."

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What he said: “They got you talking that big shit/Little do you know we don't miss shit”
What he meant: “Even when you think we’re not paying attention to the slick shit you and your crew pop, we are. So watch yourself.”