15 Often-Discussed Collabo Albums That Probably Won't Happen


Rappers love to talk a big game. Whether boasting about money and women on wax or nonchalantly claiming their album will be a classic, it's like second nature. Over the last few years, there's been another promise that's become commonplace: heavyweight joint albums. It's a premise that gets talked about often—reaffirmation of projects from Lil Wayne and Juelz Santana, J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar, and Scarface and Beanie Sigel have all come within the last two weeks. But projects getting scrapped (Lil Wayne and Drake; Lil Wayne and T-Pain) is a far more frequent occurrence than them actually coming to fruition (Watch The Throne). With all the recent chatter, XXL looks at 15 joint ventures that are mentioned often, have been confirmed by the artists, but seem unlikely to happen. —XXL Staff (@XXLStaff)



WHAT THEY SAID:"I actually got at [Jue]lz when I got out [of jail] and told him, 'Man, I think it's time we really capitalize on that. [Now], he can't work how he wants to work because they shut down his studio. I sent him some music and he didn't send them back in the time-fashion that I work. I started putting extra verses on those songs and I've moved on." —Lil Wayne to MTV, 4/25/12

"When Wayne reached out to me at the time I just wasn't in the position to really do things the right way. I'll probably drop two mixtapes before the album and we gonna get everything right, we gonna get everything back in the proper perspective where it need to be. When I put out my music it will be well worth the wait, that's all I can say." —Juelz Santana to MTV, 5/8/12

WHAT THEY MEANT: Juelz: [Dials Wayne, but a voicemail greeting pops up.] Yo, Weezy, this your boy Santana. I’m really sorry I didn’t get my act together earlier. Gimme another shot and we can do this!

Wayne: [Hears the voicemail.] Uh...No.

THE VERDICT: Not only do these two not seem to be on the same page, but one of them works incessantly, and the other one rarely surfaces these days. If fans hold their breaths until this comes out, they’ll be the ones who can’t feel their face.



WHAT THEY SAID: “We got maybe four or five [songs] together. I just started working with Kendrick the other day. We got it in, finally, again. [It's gonna be an] album, man. We actually worked, bouncing ideas, which was great. The vibe was so good that it’s that’s absolutely gonna happen.” —J. Cole to Bootleg Kev, 5/11/12

“We’re still trying to formulate it and sit down in a neutral zone, where either one of us is moving and doing shows, interviews and press all the time. We want to lock ourselves in the studio and make it right. We got songs where we can actually formulate something, but we want it to be right.” —Kendrick Lamar to XXLMag.com, 12/21/11

WHAT THEY MEANT: J. Cole: This isn’t even close to either of our number one priorities. Kendrick, he’s working on his debut album for Dr. Dre and Interscope. Me? I gotta focus on my second album, now that the label sees what I can do and will give me the proper push.

THE VERDICT: As great as a joint project from two of rap’s most-promising young spitters would be, it seems unlikely at this stage. To compound the fact that each are working on solo efforts and touring heavily, Cole’s statement that it will be an album, rather than a mixtape, brings two major labels into the fold, which could make things tricky.



WHAT THEY SAID: “I have been working on a mixtape with Ross. A mixtape called Y.O.L.O. [That means] ‘You Only Live Once’. I’ve been working on that for the last couple of weeks. We haven’t really connected because he’s been going through this thing with his health. I’ve been stashing my little beats and verses.” —Drake to XXL, 11/7/11

"You know, it's official, the music is most definitely official. But you know, me being a boss, I'm trying to find a way that we could put that on the shelves for the world, baby. But it's most definitely official." —Rick Ross to MTV, 11/18/11

WHAT THEY MEANT: Both: We like to go to the strip club, go to the studio, smoke, drink, fuck bitches, and make joints that make people go crazy. If we get enough time together for an album, we could move some units.

THE VERDICT: Though it’s been just over half a year since Drake’s last album, fans are already eager for something new and more rap-heavy. Ross is so focused on his own career—and finally getting out God Forgives, I Don’t—as well as pushing Self Made, Vol. 2 and the careers of his artists Meek Mill, Wale, Stalley, and now French Montana and Omarion, so it’s hard to imagine he’d have time to focus on a joint project. But the Bawse is an undeniable studio rat, so anything is possible. (Maybe he can hit the treadmill, too?)



WHAT THEY SAID: “We not even doing an album, nigga. We’re doing an EP, and I’m writing half of my own shit. I’m letting Ross write the other half…I got a lot of shit that’s been building up in me, man. Y’all niggas really been going at me for ten years, while I been getting this money.” —Diddy in a YouTube video, 11/11/10

“Bugatti Boyz album coming soon! @rickyrozay @spifftvfilms” —Diddy on Twitter (with an attached picture of the two), 4/1/11

WHAT THEY MEANT: Diddy: We not even doing an album, n****. We not doing shit but talkin’ shit. Take that!

THE VERDICT: Ross has built up his Maybach Music Group mini empire in the time since the initial announcement, and neither does it seem that he needs Diddy’s oversight as much, nor that he spends as much time with the legendary "shit-talker" anymore. A mixtape or album cut here and there will probably continue to be the extent of this musical marriage.



WHAT THEY SAID: “I already been on him man. I been on him [to make the LP]. We got a record for his album, it’s crazy. A monster! To me I feel like it’s a ‘Put On’. I told him that. Crazy.” —Young Jeezy to XXLMag.com, 11/21/12

"Jeezy and I we have discussed doing a collaborative album. Right now, we are both focused on putting Atlanta back on top. In my absence, I’ve seen the city take a backseat, if you will, to other areas and other regions. No I ain’t trying to swipe everybody’s efforts and contributions to the game, but I know what my city represents and I know what my city is capable of, and if I feel like we are not living up to our full potential, I am gonna gather the cats who I know, who supposed to ride for the town like I ride, and we get it back right." —T.I. to Power 106, 1/5/12

WHAT THEY MEANT: T.I.: Neither of us are in the spots that we were at our height, but we’re each clawing back, and still heating up these streets. Maybe working together could help. But it took Jeezy years to get out TM103 and The K(a)ng is still working on his new album. We gonna fuck the city up and bring that real back to the people soon, though!

THE VERDICT: This could happen, but don’t expect it anytime soon. T.I. still needs to release Trouble Man, and Jizzle has another album left on Def Jam before he’ll have this kind of freedom.



WHAT THEY SAID: “Nas and I will definitely be doing an album. Along with my album coming out The Dreamer, The Believer in December, Nas is coming out with an album. And after that we plan on working on our project." —Common to 104.5 SNX in Michigan, 10/10/12

WHAT THEY MEANT: Common: I really want to build the buzz for my solo album, so I’m doing whatever kind of press, talking about whatever would sound good.

THE VERDICT: Seems unlikely. These two veterans work infrequently as is, at this stage in their careers. If, somehow, they do get together—well, that’s as much of an ideal situation for any hip-hop head as it was 15 years ago.



WHAT THEY SAID: “You know, we were talking about it. And like I said, it’s just ideas. We’re just putting down little ideas here and there. Nothing is set in stone. We don’t know yet. We’re just dipping the brushes in the paint right now to see what we want to do.” —Nas to Huffington Post, 8/23/11

"The love was there. A lot of chemistry. He's got his way of doing things, I've got my way. When we're locked in, it's harmony. We're even looking forward to doing an album together at the end of this year." —AZ to MTV, 3/26/02

WHAT THEY MEANT: Nas: We’ve had a few classic moments, particularly with “Life’s A Bitch,” but we haven’t done an album yet. What makes you think we’ll do one now?

THE VERDICT: They haven’t done an album yet. What makes you think they’ll do one now?



WHAT THEY SAID: “Me and his schedules is crazy right now. He understand what I got going on, [and] I understand what he got going on. But once we get in the studio, and we get the opportunity to work together...” —Big K.R.I.T. to XXLMag.com, 10/14/10

“We've been talking about that shit forever it seems like. I just actually talked to K.R.I.T. the day before yesterday. We're both obviously down to do it, we're just always out grinding. I personally wanted to sit down in the studio and knock it out, but at this point, we might as well be doing an album. I definitely don't want to go and just throw anything out there; it would have to be the best that we could actually put together, and that doesn't happen often in a week. Sometimes it does…but it's hard to do it. Now, I'm growing more and more picky, too, about beats and songs." —Yelawolf to The Daily Chiefers, 4/30/12

WHAT THEY MEANT: Yelawolf: We would make some trunk-rattlin’ shit if we ever got in the studio together for a long enough period of time, but we’re each busy and getting busier, so who knows when that will be.

THE VERDICT: If the two were too busy to lock in for enough time to bang out this project back in 2010, the scheduling issues are only magnified now. Yelawolf dropped his debut album late last year, and Krizzle is just weeks away from delivering his. It doesn’t seem to be a matter for them not wanting to work together, but it’s hard to believe that either of their labels would give a hat tip to such indulgence until their solo careers were a little more established.



WHAT THEY SAID: “Me and Fab have some records coming out, so we’ll use that as a little spark. We have this group we’re working on called the Bedrock Boyz and we’re trying to get this project out now, like the Fall. That’s a name we call Brooklyn, we call BK Bedrock. It’s really just me and Fab but there’s some guys we like you’ll hear. We did about eight records to far. You can definitely look for that project soon." —Red Cafe to Vibe, 7/18/11

WHAT THEY MEANT: Red Cafe: Fab and I, we some Brooklyn dudes.

THE VERDICT: It’s been three years since Fab dropped his last album, and Red Cafe’s debut, Shakedown, is entering Detox levels of purgatory. Sure, Loso and the Bad Boy signee have been known to collaborate, but at the very best this project will end up as a mixtape.



WHAT THEY SAID: “Follow the real beanie @BeanieSigelSP Mac and Brad comin soon......” —Scarface on Twitter, 3/30/12

"We doin' songs, I got six, he got six. It's a process that we go through to do this album. It's a reality now; you know our word is our bond. We said we gonna do somethin', we gonna do it." —Scarface to MTV, 5/10/12

WHAT THEY MEANT: Beanie Sigel: We’re each recording, but we haven’t really been working together. We like the idea of this album, and if we can each stay out of trouble and get in the same place, we’re gonna make it happen.

THE VERDICT: It’s been a few years since either veterans released a solo project (though Beans did team up with Freeway for a joint album in 2010, so he’s down with the process), but this one may actually happen.



WHAT THEY SAID: "He got a lot of songs from me, I'm waiting for him to send me more songs. We talked about the album, like, 'Yo, people want the album, yo. Everywhere I go people want it.' But you know, the balls are in his corner. I'm just waiting on him, 'cause I've been pressing the issue. And he said, 'Yo, we gon' get together." Whatever the case may be, it's going to happen, 'cause he has all the records. It's just the time. Like when? —Ghostface Killah to Much Music, 12/2/11

"I’ve been a long time admirer of Starks. Them cats in Wu came out, their whole thing sparked MF Doom shit, really. I had it in the works, but when I seen those cats comin’ with that shit and it was the same type of direction I was comin, it was only natural that if I kept doing my thing, we was gonna eventually cross paths." —MF Doom to Mass Appeal, October, 2005

WHAT THEY MEANT: Ghostface Killah: Doom's lazy.

THE VERDICT: The album was meant to be titled Swift & Changeable, but the release date seems to be the only thing that's swiftly changing. With GFK claiming there's a pile of songs already in the stash, we just have to wait on Doom to get things out of the system. Let's just hope he doesn't use a stunt double for the recording process.



WHAT THEY SAID: "Right now, I'm doing this Wu-Block project [featuring] me and D-Block. Me, Raekwon, Cappa[dona] with Jadakiss, Sheek Louch and Styles P. We going to put that together. February, [it] should be in the streets, we're going to start releasing some songs." —Ghostface to DJ Semtex, 7/15/11

“What's good my twitter fam..I'm letting out some NEW (WU/BLOCK) sheek/gfk FIRE today called (BARRY).! Get ready album dropping this summer !” —Sheek Louch on Twitter, 3/14/12

WHAT THEY MEANT: Sheek Louch: We’ve been talking about this album for a while, and releasing songs here and there to make people think that it’s actually coming, but don’t hold your breath.

THE VERDICT: The two powerhouse New York crews coming together would mean pure mayhem. So much so that it may be hard to put the project together, actually. Just imagine the number of Timberland boots, Champion hoodies, and blunts will be needed for those sessions.




WHAT THEY MEANT: Lupe Fiasco: Kanye's too busy with Kim, so we're doing CRS without him.

THE VERDICT: Initially, the idea of hip-hop supergroup Child Rebel Soldier was birthed when Pharrell Williams, Kanye West, and Lupe Fiasco hopped on a posse cut for West's Can't Tell Me Nothing mixtape back in '07. The celebrated concept, featuring rap's most futuristic (or Japanese-culture-obsessed) trio as a group, ignited wet dreams for hypebeasts all over the world, but nothing materialized for the past five years. At this point, with 'Ye heavily caught up with his own label (and a publicized relationship), it's unlikely the three will come together like the musketeers, but Lupe and Pharrell as a dynamic duo doesn't sound too bad, either.



WHAT THEY SAID: “I mean, whatever Nas wants, that’s my nigga. As far as an album? We talked about that—Me and Nas sat down like real niggas like, ‘Yo, wassup! We need to do that!’ If everybody want that and me and him be able to sit in a room and business is correct and we both respecting what it is, I’m down. So whatever happens in the future, hey, you know what I mean. He know how I get down. My clips is loaded. It’ll be a rhyming album, I know that, but whatever. That’s a good friend of mine so, whatever.” —Raekwon to XXL, 5/1/12

WHAT THEY MEANT: Raekwon: Yo, Nas, when we doing this killa tape, God? I was hurt when you ain't hop on Only Built for Cuban Linx 2.

THE VERDICT: It should've happened back in '96. But, hey, Nas is recording with a lot of artists recently, so who knows?