What Rapper Has The Strongest Twitter Army?

These days, the most accurate way to measure the reach of an upcoming artist is to check their Twitter followers. Earlier this week, Twitter titans Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller announced their upcoming Under The Influence of Music tour, sending both of their massive fan bases into a collective frenzy online. The prospect of having two of hip-hop’s most dedicated fans join forces on one tour got the XXL staff thinking: Which rapper has the strongest Twitter army in the game? From Curren$y’s JETS to Odd Future’s Wolves, we stacked them all up to see who would reign supreme in an Internet battle royale. Squad up.

Taylor Gang
Leader: @RealWizKhalifa
Approx. Followers: 5.5 Million
Signature Victory: On April 20, 2010, the Taylors thrust their leader into the national spotlight by making his breakthrough mixtape #Kush&OJ a trending topic on Twitter.
Uniform: Polo undershirt, Jordan shorts, and Chuck Taylors.
Rallying Cry: #TGOD (Taylor Gang Or Die)

Numbers aren’t everything, but Wiz’s Taylors look like early favorites based on sheer depth. We’ll see if any of the other squads are smart enough to target the Taylors’ biggest weakness, @DaRealAmberRose.

Leader: @MachineGunKelly
Approx. Followers: 355,000
Uniform: No shirt, lots of tats.
Signature Victory: Rushing to clear up a misunderstanding with MGK’s boss Diddy after the Bad Boy mogul took to Twitter pleading for help getting in contact with his star protégé. Puff thought MGK had been in a drunk driving accident, but it turns out it was just a misunderstanding.
Rallying Cry: #LaceUp

As the XXL staff saw first hand at the NYC Freshman show, the Lace Up Gang doesn’t play around. Whether they’re spitting MGK’s rapid fire bars back at him as he performs or holding him up as he crowd surfs, this rowdy group of misfits have their leader’s back no matter what.

Leader: @FuckTyler
Approx. Followers: 900,000
Uniform: Anything bearing Supreme’s iconic box logo.
Signature Victory: Cheering on all of Tyler’s absurd Twitter feuds. From Chris Brown to 2 Chainz, once the wolves start barking @ you, you might as well just log off for the day.
Rallying Cry: Kill Them All!!!

OF’s wolf pack does a lot of barking online, but do they pack enough of a bite to remain as the last Twitter army standing?

Leader: @CurrenSy_Spitta
Approx. Followers: 450,000
Uniform: Whatever’s comfortable as long as they’ve got retro heat on their feet.
Rallying Cry: JETS, FOOL!

We already know Spitta and his JETS fly higher than most, but can he quarterback his squad to the promised land or will he have to call in reinforcements? No Tebow.

Based World
Approx. Followers: 420,000
Uniform: Neon tees and busted Vans.
Victories: Getting their leader all the way to NYU last week for one of the most surreal public speeches ever given at an accredited University.
Rallying Cry: #BASED

Lil B has been building his social media army since the Myspace days. Will he and his veterans prove #Rare enough to emerge victorious?

Approx. Followers: 100,000
Uniform: Anything you can’t pronounce.
Victories: Killing the @XXLStaff twitter for a full week after the Freshmen cover dropped because of the lack of their beloved leader.
Rallying Cry: #ASVP

The A$AP mob may be new to the Twitter world, but don’t confuse them for rookies. Capo @ASAPYams will be Rocky’s secret weapon in the field.

Black Hippy
Leader: @KendrickLamar
Approx. Followers: 265,000
Uniform: Vintage shirt with the cover of a hip-hop classic on the front.
Rallying Cries: #BlackHippy #TDE

Hippies are supposed to be about peace, but you don’t want war with this army of lyricism lovers. If Kendrick needs reinforcements he can always call on Schoolboy Q or Ab-Soul for back-up.

Most Dope
Leader: @MacMiller
Approx. Followers: 2.1 Million
Uniform: Tank tops and shorts
Victories: Making billionaire Donald Trump take notice of their young leader after the release his Best Day Ever hit which he named after the mogul.
Rallying Cry: #MostDope

They may be young, but as Mac showed on his breakout mixtape, him and his kids can kick some incredibly dope shit.

Cole World
Leader: @JColeNC
Approx. Followers: 2.3 Million
Uniform: Plain tee and fresh Mike’s
Victories: Making Friday Night Lights a Trending Topic on the night of its release in November of 2010.
Rallying Cry: #ColeWorld #alCOLEholics

While they may not have a cute name like some of their competitors, they are backing one of the game’s most talented MCs. And he’s being backed by Jay-Z. They may takeover this whole battle and send everyone home as they yell, “You need more people!”

Shark Face Gang [Replacing @NickiMinaj 's Barbz]

Leader: @Macklemore
Approx. Followers: 50,000
Uniform: Seattle Sonics throwback and a raincoat
Victories: Helping get Macklemore onto the 2012 XXL Freshmen Cover.
Rallying Cry: #SharkFaceGang

A last minute substitution for Nicki Minajs’ Barbz (Minaj left Twitter and her 11 million followers behind earlier this week when she deactivated her account), Macklemore and his Shark Gang are clear underdogs in this one. Shouldn’t be a problem, he’s used to it.

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  • jhwg624

    2 thing XXL it isnt “Lace Up Gang” its EST do some reserch and 2nd Mac doesnt use #KIDS any more

    • jaeki

      Duly noted.

  • firstpimpin

    I don’t know why I thought this would be interesting but it was not. XXL your content has become very very lame. Also, next time please research your artists and come up with less generic information. And how the fuck is spitta and kendrick lamar being able to release albums that shit on every other single artist on this list, not a victory for each of them.

  • LetoEl

    If this is a ranking only the twitter feeds and followers of the artists mentionned, not the artists themselves, the crown has to go BASEDWORLD

    Lil B is in a lane of his own when it comes to social media

  • #Rx

    Is it me or I don’t see Wiz in Chucks anymore.

  • Future Journalist

    Too many people on this sit complaining about bad content if you dont like it leave cause the rest of us like this ish great article based off a good topic. And yall need to chill on the mistakes most yall could never do this, there is a saying journalist see their mistake forever doctors just bury them!

  • Future Journalist

    Too many people on this site complaining about bad content if you dont like it leave cause the rest of us like this ish great article based off a good topic. And yall need to chill on the mistakes most yall could never do this, there is a saying journalist see their mistake forever doctors just bury them!

  • Jholla

    sooooooooooooo did we just forget about FFOE?

  • jpolley

    wheres the game

  • Chillax

    I don’t understand this. Is there going to be voting or something? Retweeting? How are you going to decide who “emerges victorious”????

  • PNW

    Macklemore is the shit!!!

  • http://playjones.com JD Crance

    No #RattPack very surprising.

  • Jordan

    Macklemore is freaking amazing… Nuff said.

  • Sir Escobar

    I’m surprised XV’s Squarians aren’t up there.

  • real hiphop

    MACKLEMORE IS AMAZING. Him and J.cole are the 2 best rappers on this list. both equally as good, but different styles

  • bakenkilla

    Why the hell isn’t EM on here? Shady has so many more followers than these guys……

  • PtownPrez

    Ya’ll forgot Soulja lol

  • nick

    shark face gang represent!

  • http://facebook.com Patrick Marsh

    Macklemore has been doing it for years, im a seattle head. Kendricks up their too.

  • http://facebook.com Patrick MArsh

    F**K I forgot to mention EST 4 life, MKG is arguably the best MC this year. Along with the other two i mentioned and maybe you could argue a could more for sure, but their easily top 5.

  • hu$tle man

    only 2 white boys doin it big lyrics wise is Em & yela hands down pimpin. but u gotta respect the wack rappers in da rap game gettin their $ & grind on. salute

  • divinitytree

    Macklemore for the win !!!!

  • Ace