Swizz Beatz on Reebok, Upcoming Music and K-Pop

So music, fashion, and car design. Those are a lot of things on the plate, a lot of hands in various jars, and a lot of teams to oversee. It can’t help, but to spark the question: “Is Swizz Beatz doing too much?”

“Trust me, I can be doing ten times more than what people see me doing,” Swizzy replies. “I choose what to do that fall into the form of art, but trust me, I can really be making a movie.”

It’s fascinating how the 33-year-old musician turned creative behemoth, is able to juggle so many different titles. Maybe it stems from his belief that “sky’s not the limit,” and that if his past as a “young black teen from the South Bronx” can take him to his current status, “anybody can take it further than [he did].”

Soon, it appears his upcoming plans are not the only things we’ll follow. At this rate, we might wear his shoes, listen to his music, and some of us—with enough money—might drive his cars. If he’s representing anything, from musical achievements to now overseeing artistic and branding duties, Swizz Beatz’s accelerated outburst of creativity remains inspiring.

“If I can do it, you can probably do it better,” says Swizz Beatz. “I let the people reach higher than the moon, ‘cause there’s stars even beyond that.”

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