Suge Threatens Rick Ross, How Should the Bawse Retaliate?

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Suge Knight is a man of many quotables. After keeping the 'nets abuzz last Friday, telling Los Angeles' 93.5KDay that Tupac may still be alive, the former Death Row don went on to place his crosshairs on MMG Boss, Rick Ross, revealing that he'd "beat the dog shit" out of him. Though, XXL doesn't condone violence, one must wonder what the Bawse will do to retaliate against Knight's threats. While Ross already has an advantage considering Knight's recent fist-fighting streaks, the question remains whether or not he'll respond. Thinking about the possibilities of him combating Knight's threatening remarks, XXLMag.com thought of five ways Rozay can counterattack Suge's verbal jabs. Mind Games...—XXL Staff (@XXLStaff)

Take Suge's Baby Mommas Shopping

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Knight's baby mommas, Michel'le and Tammy Renell Hawkins (also his former wife) have already taken the former CEO of Death Row Records to court for child support. What better way for Ross to step in and stunt than flying the two ladies out to the 305 for a little shopping. Reebok, Red Bottoms and Lemon Pepper chicken from Wingstop all on the Bawse!

Sign 2Pac Hologram to MMG

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One of Knight's many rants during his 93.5KDay radio interview was over Ross' "Tupac Back" record, which also featured Meek Mill. Suge apparently has some ill will towards Rozay for last year's summer anthem and while Ross is continuing to expand his growing MMG empire, it's only right that he inks a deal with the hottest topic in the blogosphere at the moment—the 2Pac hologram. What would Suge think about that one? Picture me rollin'...

Take Damu Out Shopping

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Suge's dog, Damu wouldn't mind a grooming or shopping trip courtesy of Rozay.

Hire Greg the Barber and Robert Carnes, Jr. As Security

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Remember Greg the Barber? This is the guy who allegedly knocked out Suge during a street fight in '08 out in Hollywood, CA. Remember Robert Carnes, Jr.? He's also the guy who two-pieced Knight during a brawl in '09 during an NBA All-Star weekend party at the W Hotel in Scottsdale, AZ. Ross adding theses two to his security team could make for quite the reinforcement just in case something pops off between the two camps.


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If all else fails, Gunplay seems to be always ready to roll and "Jump Out" in the heat of drama.