Nicki Minaj: “The Kid is Thinking Maybe She Should Leave The Game”

On a recent appearance on the Tim Westwood Show, Nicki Minaj once again said that she misses all her Barbz on Twitter.

But when the interview continued, the YMCMB princess told Westwood that she’s thinking about leaving the rap game, period, just like she left her 11 million-plus Twitter followers behind by leaving the mainstream social networking site. The reason for such a thought? Being unappreciated, Nicki says.

“People aren’t even giving the kid props for taking it back to the essence… this is my fourth mixtape really,” said Minaj, referring to her latest LP, Pink Friday … Roman Reloaded. “You know what I’m saying. The kid did like that so she could feed her fans. But really, now the kid is thinking maybe she should leave the game.”

“They ungrateful,” Nicki’s right-hand man Safaree chimed in. “They ungrateful in these streets.”

Added Nicki: “Not my Barbz, but all these other folks finna make her leave the game.”

One thing’s for certain, Nicki’s Barbz did represent for her by purchasing Pink Friday … Roman Reloaded, making it the No. 1 album in the country in its debut week and No. 3 this past week. Her sophomore set has Nicki rhyming alongside the star-studded likes of Nas, Young Jeezy, 2 Chainz and her YMCMB family, Lil Wayne and Drake.

Nicki has also been nominated for Top Rap Artist and Top Female Artist, in which she’ll be up against the heavyweight likes of Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Adele and friend Rihanna, as part of the 2012 Billboard Music Awards. –Jakinder Singh

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  • BeantownReppin

    Please leave the game, we don’t appreciate wack-ass music. When I say we I mean real hip-hop heads…as far as “bringing it back to the essence…” what does she mean? Maybe her early mixtapes had some of the essence but this girl is sippin on something if she thinks her newer, beyong-wack music is even really close to the essence of hip-hop. That is just dead wrong.

    • Dillon

      exactly shes a pop princess she may as well just leave now

    • JugularKill

      You don’t need to like her appearance,
      you don’t need to like the way she acts.

      But her word play is fucking untouchable! Every time I feel like hating on her for doing dumb shit she does some amazing lyrics.

      She is on an intellectual level with hip hop, she incorporates old school styles with news shit.

      Keep it real, when someone is talented, just say they’re talented!

      • Appalled

        Not it’s not, your thought process and understanding is lacking…that’s what that is. You wouldn’t know word play if you jumped in your drawers.

      • BeantownReppin

        I cosign Appalled…JugularKill needs to do his hip-hop homework haha…she on an intellectual level with hip-hop? hahahahaha i don’t hate she’s had a couple tight rhymes so I’m not just hating. Maybe if she put out actual hip-hop I may be ok with her being labeled a hip-hop artist

  • James


    Are you kidding me? Selling tons of records and having huge tours and doing interviews over seas in London. And you still think you’re underappreciated!

    You are a little brat! You’re crying b/c the streets aren’t feeling you? You’re whole image was to go pop and mainstream to sell records and be famous.

    No one is gonna rally behind you and tell you you’re right.

    If you’re gonna leave then just leave and don’t talk about it. Real people in the street just do their shit and don’t talk about maybe doing.

  • Bre

    Dumb bitch got no skills all she does is rap with her stupid little voices swear she was an a.d.d infested bitch,yea leave the game you wig wearin hoe I used 2 like wayne till he brought you in,

  • jamal


  • real-head

    If you dont like her music fine. but any real hip hop head that appreciates real lyrical wordplay has to respect this bitch she is the real deal aint half the male rappers in the game anywhere close to as dope as nicki when it comes to mic skills. So yeah shes a little odd and i know the dudes are all scared somebody gonna think they gay or a pussy for listening to a female but you gotta respect that flow. People love to hate what they dont understand.

    • real-realhead

      lol. If you are the type of person that actually pays attention when people say “listening to a female makes you gay” or if you even care if someone calls you gay, you are already in a messed up place.

      Lol, her lyrics aren’t anything new. If anything, there are MANY dudes in this game going hella hard on lyrics right now and getting no to little attention. ORIGINALITY and CREATIVITY are what’s needed, and that is what Nikki lacks.

      She is different to BE different. She isn’t different cuz that’s who she is, and that’s why her music is inauthentic.

      And if you really think she’s that lyrical or good just listen to Azealia Banks and Jon Connor and Nikki won’t even be a thought

      • TruthBeTold

        ha ha ha. cats like you don’t even see that alumni’s blowin up? jon connor’s killin shit right now and you better watch for an actual LP cause when he starts doin his own sound and progressing far beyond what he is now lyrically he’s gonna be more than just jon connor. m-o-t-h-e-r-f-u-c-k-e-r. btw on all that other shit bout nikki, dude you don’t know shit bout rap if you think shes some sort of lyrical prodigy or something cause she ain’t . she is 100 manufactured and sold out. period.

        • BeantownReppin

          haha i agree man…too much to say about her fakeness and how uneducated about hip-hop real-head is. I love Lauryn, Jean Grae…the good ones. I hate shitty music, I understand it perfectly.

        • kenny

          cats like you need to read more before talking stupid .. your whole dialogue doesnt make sense . ol boy is saying nicki is wack too smh ..

          • kenny

            lol my bad .. xxl chat is fucked up ..

  • TruthBeTold

    good leave the game, you didn’t bring back no essense hoe you gave dudes like lil wayne, drake an tyga a applebottum to peep at, other than that your just a pop icon. and when your ‘barbz’ stop liking your shit cause it ain’t hot anymore and realize you are a piece of plastic you’ll end up like the rest of the trendy 15 minute pop princesses.

  • TruthBeTold

    P.S. referring to yourself in third person is not only the sign of a huge ego.. its the sign of mental instability. bitch.

  • Brand-New

    Don’t let the door hit you on the way out! Peace!!!

  • Oazz

    Im friggin cosignin on all comments! She’s a stupid hoe. Lol

    • Ted Flynt

      I second, third, forth and Fifth that.

  • Not a hater just a fan with a honest critique

    if she wants to be appreciated for her rap skills she has to show some skills that is not ass an boobs had a spark when she started but now she’s just garbage can’t believe nas lowered himself to making a wack track with her an tyga that young money must been to much to turn down.

  • David

    maybe it’s because your music is wack bitch…YMCMB is doin it for the paper and not for the love of music…fuck them!! listen to them Strange Music cats if you wanna hear some real rap

  • Lawrence

    Good bye.

  • mike4282

    This is her way of making the transaction to full time pop diva. Its not personal, just a big business move. Her hardcore fans should have seen it coming. Her pop fans won’t care as long as she puts out those catchy songs and the biz heads are fine with it as long as the hits keep coming. She’s going after Brittney and Madonna’s spots. And Jay’s from a business stand point. Gotta respect that.

    • BeantownReppin

      HAHA Jay’s spot bussiness-wise?? Not too many in hip-hop can do that…especially no shitty pop diva hahaha

    • jefferson zolot

      omg this

  • joeshmo

    If your gonna keep making crap like “Spaceships”, then please leave the game…

  • noyb

    Yes please leave we don’t appreciate u i hope she reads this comment and it pushes her over the edge into retirement

  • fuck waka

    I hope she leaves the game. She’s just shit.

  • Mario

    Seriously if This Bitch Actually Rapped Anymore maybe She Would Be Appreciated There was What Five Rap Songs on her New Album?
    And One All She Said Was Stupid hoe And not To Mention How Fucking Awful B’z in The Trap Was.
    Hang It Up bitch You Don’t Even Deserve To Be Called A Rapper And not To Mention You Are Lady Gaga now You Stupid Hoe!

    • jefferson zolot

      it’s actually only necessary to capitalize the first letter of every sentence and proper nouns. now you know! ^_^

  • MindState

    I think Nicki is just mad cuz the general consensus is that Roman Reloaded is not a very good album. A lot of people think it’s wack. I think that’s why she quit twitter and all that shit. She’s been humbled..

  • Banger Boys

    Haha her right hand man, “they ungrateful in these streets”

    Ungrateful? No one in their right mind would play her wack ass “rap” music in the “streets”. Get back to actually making a few rap songs without the same gay flow and you will get some repect.

  • Brand-New

    To anyone who thinks she’s the “illest female” to ever be spittin’ bars, go google MC Lyte. The 80 ‘s baby’s know what it is.

  • Mista B

    Man, some indie artist’s would kill to have half her recognition.

  • Finally

    Can we get an estimated departure date, XXL? I’m gonna mark it on my calendar.


    on da real nicki if you leave the game.. imma drop rap you have to understand what you as a person and your music has done to me, it has made me not scared to say what i wanna say and do what i wanna do and losing you will mean i lost myself, DONT GO

    • RedLava

      If she is your support system might as well give up now. I bet when she meets fans she don’t even see the eyes (o) (o). All she see is ($) ($). bwahahahaa

  • TooFunny

    This is too funny… like who even cares

  • Ayyyee


  • cool

    please people. all of young money is wack. they turned all those clowns into pop artisits. Drake is the only one that makes decent music on that roster anyways. odd future all the way.

  • rfgvsd

    thank you based god

  • escobar9300

    Is this broad really referring to herself in the third person? Does she think she’s The Rock? LOL Leave the game asap, nobody will miss you.



  • Pb

    Its obviously a scam to get more record sells. I mean if she drops from music probably her fans will buy more music to support her. Idk im not one of them. But id say if she wanna quit just do it dont talk about it. she got money and i hate her fucking music

  • CeetothemuthafuckinCee

    Really Nicki? You threatening to leave the game really is making matters worse for yourself. Why? Because no one cares, and as you see from this comment thread, we will let you know we don’t care.

    Nicki hasn’t been a Hip Hop artist for a minute. The thing is there is nothing wrong with that. The problem lies wherein your ‘Barbz’ don’t know what real Hip Hop is. They think the words you slap together over beats and serve to them is Hip Hop because they don’t know any better.

    Nicki leaving is probably the best thing she could do for the game. Clear up the airwaves of some of the nonsense that is fed to us daily. Let me and the rest of the homies on this thread be the first to say thank you and goodbye.

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  • Real Hip Hop

    Finally a fake ass rapper realizes shes a fake ass rapper.

  • Blackprez

    One, Peace, Adios, Sayonara, Ciao, Orevwa….

  • PinkFridayYMCMB

    I don’t see why people hate Nicki Minaj so much. I mean she is a lot better than Waka Flocka Flame that’s for sure, and my friends and I find her to be lot better than J Cole, Nas, Hopsin and all that crap. I mean they don’t even have good beats, their instrumentals are so dull and boring. As well as their songs aren’t catchy. Nicki Minaj – Real Hip Hop/ Real Rap

    • escobar9300

      Did you really just say Nicki is better than Nas? Body yourself kid.

    • RedLava

      that comment has to be sarcastic. Better than J. Cole and Nas? YMCMB really is destroying hip hop. SMH

    • AndtheFisforFailure

      You’re definitely like 12. Grown folks are talking, go do some homework or something.

  • Thomas


  • adezzel

    She has a phat ass and some nice tits but she corny and needs 2 just leave Lil kim showed the woman how to rock wigs colored and dress like lil hookers bcuz she can but Nikki minaj just a shadow of that PERIOD POINT BLANK ALL YMCMB SOUND THE SAME LIL WAYNE AND DRAKES PAWNS WITH THE SAME PUNCHLINES GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE WIT THE LAME SHIT.

  • mutada mullah atari

    I like the bitch you niggaz sound emotional. Damn

  • real-head

    Do yall really listen to music or do you just skim thru it

  • jr88

    i was driving my little brother to school and she poped up on the radio and he said “this girl sounds stupid”….lol…even kids are thinking she is corney….lol….her fan base is growing up kinda like hanna montanna girl, she was big not too long ago now where is she?

  • Key’l Hodge

    First off, niki’s lyrical ability is okay but the way she raps is dumb as fuck. Shit…sometimes she makes herself sound stupid. The way she changes her voice when she raps is annoying…and when she does it, i just want to change the song. But thats just my opinion…

    Maybe she should leave the game…you cant even see what you have now…and your mad because people arent appreciating you…thats some bullshit.

    If you have alot of followers on twitter and you accually have fans that listen to your music…why leave? You say you do it for the fans but if you leave the game that would make you a quiter and you’ll be quitting all of your “barbies” as well. wtf!?

    If she would put out REAL hip hop…then more people might listen…instead of being a ungreatful crybaby about it…why dont you get on your grind and improve yourself. duh!

  • Nocturnal

    Wait..wait…wait….wait…. did she say “back to the essence” what this bitch think she Strange’…. she is a pop wannabe rapper… and lyrics… LYRICS? Please…. Rah digga had lyrics…. Lauryn hill had lyrics…. hell… I would listen to that chick from “Digable Planets” before buying any piece of Onika miraj’s album…. all these B.A.R.B.S. (Brainwashed Ass Ratchet Bitchass Suckers…)

  • Jabsent

    Anyone who refers to themselves as “The Kid” that many times in third person is a complete douchebag.

    Her album did well and 11 m. followers isn’t enough? I think this is a greedy move for attention.

  • NowYousCantLeave

    Dafuq are we supposed to be grateful for if we’re not fans of hers? Make music for your fans and don’t worry about anyone else. I was never going to buy your album anyway, why would I be “grateful” to you for anything?

    I hate people who want their asses kissed just for existing. Make your music and keep it smoovin, stupid ho.