Logic Drops New Mixtape, Young Sinatra: Undeniable [Download Now]

This evening, Maryland native Logic dropped off his most recent mixtape, Young Sinatra: Undeniable. The 22-track project is a follow up to his Young Sinatra, released last year. The upstart released a handful of songs from Young Sinatra: Undeniable prior to the full length, including “Young Sinatra III” and “Tic Tac Toe.” You can download the release in its entirety here.

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  • Jackie

    This mixtape couldn’t have a better name! It’s so life changing it’s Undeniable!

  • Mike

    Best tape of the year contention.

  • Logic


    • Logicisdope

      Logic is so fucking dope finally xxl recognizes

  • http://kushfriendly.com KushFriendly

    I will be greatly disappointed if I do not see Logic or Hi-Rez on the Freshman 13. Logic is the truth!

  • Suckthisdick

    this dude kind of steals mac millers style

    • diego

      not even near mac millers style

    • Jason Bowers

      dude you’re fucking retarded if you think mac miller is even close to logic’s level. the lyrical talent logic has is rediculous. if you payed even a little attention to what he was saying you would realize this. you must be forrest gump smart or something.

    • Cwillim

      Nah, I agree that there is definitely some of Mac’s influence on his music. since they’re both from pennsylvania and Mac blew up so quickly as an independent artist, Logic almost inevitably looks up to him. Logic even shouts him out in his song “All I Do” off of his first Young Sinatra mixtape.

      While I like the Most Dope sound way more than Logic’s, Logic definitely has the better lyricism and flow.

      • wat

        Logic is from Maryland, aka the DMV.

  • wat

    Here’s an honest review of the project.

    Logic is a very good young rapper. He has bars and his flow is unreal. My one quarrel with him is that he bites lines too much. His original lines are great so I don’t understand the need to bite. This is how I feel about Jay-Z as well.

    The project itself had some good tracks but it was just too long. 22 tracks is never a good look, especially for a mixtape. You need to keep your listeners’ attention. An hour long mixtape will easily have people stop listening. A lot of the songs could be throwaways that didn’t have to make the cut. I must also say that while the tracks themselves were good, I found that all except 1-3 were unmemorable and lacked replay value. He’s perfected his delivery, undoubtedly, but for his next project I’d like to see him improve his song-making ability.

    Overall, I’d give this tape (using XXL’s rating system) an XL.

    Beats: XL
    Lyrics: XL
    Originality: L

    I look forward to any of his future projects and hope XXL is wise enough to choose him as 2013 freshman.

    • wat

      Note: When I said “I must also say that while the tracks themselves were good, I found that all except 1-3 were unmemorable and lacked replay value,” I meant “one to three of the songs were memorable,” not “tracks 1 through 3 were memorable.”

      • E

        I’m a big Logic fan but I agree with most of what you said. 22 tracks is just too long for a tape. 6 or 7 of those songs could have been released separate from any project. that being said, the beats are crazy dope and his flow keeps getting stronger, and I have confidence that he’ll keep his projects more concise and a little less all over the place as he continues to grow.

  • Francisco Ortez

    22 Tracks Is Just Fine

  • Francisco Ortez

    This Mixtape is without a doubt the best ! Young Sinatra’s Best Work

  • Camel

    I don’t really understand what you guys see in Logic.

    • Cwillim

      while most of the mixtape is sampled beats, he does it tastefully and and intelligently. and he’s one of the most clever lyricists in the game right now.

      “Black on the inside, my outside Ritz, but what’s a cracker without some cheese? man I gotta stack chips.”
      “I’m just trying to keep my ex’s in line like tic-tac-toe.”


    First of All the shout out to Mac Miller was because “ALL I DO” was produced by dj Black diamond the same dude that produced “Nikes on my Feet” for Mac. GET YOUR FXXCKING Facts straight.
    and to the Guy that said that logic is from PENN. lol
    DMV BITCH 301!

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  • The truth

    logic has lyricism down to a science his flow is on point. best artist out there now
    #XXL Freshmen 2013
    DMV is getting on the map with artist