Juicy J on His Chemistry With Wiz Khalifa, Gangsta Boo’s Comeback and Three 6 Mafia

That must be one of those feelings that’s hard to explain. You’ve been in the game for a minute, but it feels like you came out yesterday with all the reception you’ve been getting.
Recently you performed at the Illmore Mansion with Wiz, A$AP Rocky and Travis Porter at SXSW. Word is the place went absolutely nuts when you came out. How was that reaction and performing over there?

It was great, man. I had a great time everybody showed me love. Everything to me is like a blessing. I came from nothin’, I know what its like to be straight broke, all that. I came from nothin’ to somethin’ and I’ve been doin’ this for so long and people still showin’ me love. It’s a blessing and a crazy feelin’. People still turnt up off the music. I had a great time. It was crazy packed and everybody was high and drunk havin’ a good time. We kicked it hard.

I’ve got a lot of new fans that didn’t even know I was in Three 6 Mafia, some people that didn’t even hear of Three 6 Mafia stuff. I just tell them to go Google me. Don’t call it a comeback. I’ve been here for years. We got a lot of stuff comin’ up. I can’t reveal everything, but there’s gonna be some surprises. Muthafuckas gonna be like, “Oh Shit!” I stay workin’, man.

What’s it been like? Being the head of Taylor Gang Records and choosing and signing talents?

So I’m always looking out for talented singers, producers, rappers whatever you got. But I’m only fuckin’ with people who is ready to work. If you ain’t ready to work I ain’t fuckin’ with you. ‘Cause I been doin’ this for a minute, man, and to get where you need to get you gonna have to work for it. So everyone who is talented and focused then boom! A lot of times it’s people with talent, but don’t have the mind with that. You gotta be focused. You can be talented as a muthafucka, but if you don’t have a focused mind to wanna do it. Have goals in life. I be saying it’s 10 percent talent and the rest is business.

What advice do you give Wiz, Chevy and Lola since you’ve had your share of experiences within the music biz?

I try to tell every artist to do themselves, do what they feel. Don’t worry about what nobody else is doing just do what you feel. That’s what they do. They do what they feel. It works. It definitely works. Walk in the studio say, “Slob on my nob.” Just say it. Just do how you feel. I didn’t worry about radio stations. I just did it and it worked. That’s the true talent: Originality.

You have a lot of things in the works. How soon can we expect a Three 6 Mafia project?

We got some songs done. It’s really up to Sony, man. We as a group are still signed to Sony and it’s really their call, man. I just keep it movin’, man. I don’t really wait on anybody, but when they think they want to do somethin’ with Three 6 Mafia, it’s there. I can’t sit around and wait on anybody to do anything for me. We never did that. We started out independent and got independent music out. I’m not gonna stop workin’ cause somebody can’t decide what they want to do. I’m a real, true hustler, businessman. 30 different ways to get paid and it ain’t stop. Checks still comin’ in, money still flowin’, still livin’ good. It’s great. Still blessed. I ain’t throw my money away. I put some back for a rainy day. I’m still at the Louie store, still got Rolls Royces, I’m still ballin’. All that hard work, dedication and being positive and stayin’ focused. Anybody can do it, the same thing I did they can even do it greater. Just stay focused and don’t worry about what another person doin’.

It’s funny you mention that because on the Taylor Allderdice tape Wiz mentions that you and him were spending 30 racks in the club like it was nothing.

Yeah, man. Getting it in, still workin’. Always. And I will stay able to do that if you stay workin’. Throw out 30 racks, it’s nothing, pop bottles, it’s nothin’. Anybody can do this. Anybody can put they mind to it. You put in that hard work and dedication and you can get what you are supposed to get. It’s opportunities out there for everybody, you just gotta get up off your ass and go get it. You know you gotta work, ain’t nothin’ just gonna fall out the sky. But that’s the main thing to stay workin’. We stay high, but we also stay workin’.

So what’s next for Juicy J?

Got an album I’m workin’ on called, Stay Trippy. I’m doin’ a lot of the production on it myself. I still produce and make records so it’s goin’ to be jammin’. It’s really going to be some classic shit. Anything I lay down now is goin’ to be some classic shit. Gotta give them classic shit.

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  • CaponeMOB

    WOW no comments? niggaz aint showing love to the southern Legend? juicy j’s music and beats are on some other level,his music kills about 95% of the garbage south music thats out there. juicy j and Dj Paul are the most underrated producers of all time hands down! to me its crazy that the south show love to each other but no love for juicy j’s and Dj paul beats. i’ve never heard Lil wayne on a juicy j and Dj paul beat,or the fat correctional officer,waka,nicky,gucci…ect and if they are on a three 6 mafia beat is cause juicy or paul put them on the track them selfs’s. but all them same artist RUN to played out Lex Luger beats SMH. these are the same niggaz that made terrance howard sound gangsta on its hard out here for a pimp.

    a yo XXL,how come yall never gave three 6 mafia a magazine cover? them niggaz is Legends,won oscars,sold millions of records what else these niggaz have to do to get a cover? yall gave soulja boy and chingy a cover, are you kiddin me? even the sauce gave them a cover after they won the oscar back in 06. yall need to get yall mind right!

    • Mike G

      REAL TALK!

    • PrinceInfamy666

      damn fucking right

  • hater07

    man fuck juicy j lol