Five Rappers Who Can Follow Lil Wayne’s Backwards-Spelled LP Format

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  • wayne
    Five Rappers Who Can Follow Lil Wayne's Backwards-Spelled LP Format
    Last week, Lil Wayne announced that he's worked on an album called <i>DEVOL</i>, which is loved spelled backwards. Seeing this, <i>XXL</i> decided to help five other rappers with backwards-spelled LPs, just in case they go the same route. —<i>Mark Lelinwalla</i>
  • Snoop
    Snoop Dog - Top Dog→<i>Pot God</i><p>We all know Snoop is the top dog, a veteran with years in the rap game. His second album on Master's P's label was even titled, <em>No Limit Top Dogg</em>. But spell the phrase backwards and it still makes sense as <i>Pot God</i>. We had to do it.</p>
  • pit5
    Pitbull - Miami→<i>I Mami</i>!<p>Pitbull has crossed over and is getting that pop money, while still rapping. Taking <i>XXL's</i> advice, the Cuban ladies man should recognize all the cuties in the 305 with <i>I Mami!</i> the album. Why not feature fellow M-I-A native Rick Ross on the title track? HUNNGH!</p>
  • Mac Miller
    Mac Miller - Mac & Cam→<i>Mac & Cam</i><p>Pittsburgh native Mac Miller made waves earlier in the year by announcing a collaboration with Harlem native Cam'ron. That's right, Mac and Cam. Spell it backwards and it's still, <i>Mac & Cam</i>. How about that?</p>
  • Hopsin
    Hopsin - Gas→<i>Sag</i><p>The Funk Volume star and 2012 <i>XXL</i> Freshman already had a record called, "Sag My Pants." Why not go for an entire LP, inviting big homie Tech N9ne as well? Step on the Gas. <i>Sag</i>!</p>
  • Wiz
    Wiz Khalifa - DEEW→<i>Weed</i><p>It's clear by now: Wiz is a heavy supporter of the herbal essences. Well, borrowing the first four letters from Weezy's Deeweezy campaign, Wiz wins with his salute to Mary Jane. Light it up!</p>

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  • wat

    I’m angry I was tricked into going to this “article,” thus wrongfully earning you guys money.

  • Dead

    Really, XXL? This is some fake Complex list shyt.

  • truth

    Lol@ Dead. yeah all these websites including XXL think they can make lists but most of them are lame, especially this one!

  • that nigga

    Nah, cant lie. Kinda like the Pot God shit. hahahaha Hilarious and it fits.


    That Snoop idea is nice.

  • element

    XXl probably thinks lil wayne is some kind of genius for thinking up that backward album title bullshit. LOL LOL

    Out of touch dick riders

  • good author

    this excellent feedback most definitely displays superior qualitiy’s importance to content