Five Rappers Who Can Follow Lil Wayne's Backwards-Spelled LP Format


Last week, Lil Wayne announced that he's worked on an album called DEVOL, which is loved spelled backwards. Seeing this, XXL decided to help five other rappers with backwards-spelled LPs, just in case they go the same route. —Mark Lelinwalla


Snoop Dog - Top Dog→Pot God

We all know Snoop is the top dog, a veteran with years in the rap game. His second album on Master's P's label was even titled, No Limit Top Dogg. But spell the phrase backwards and it still makes sense as Pot God. We had to do it.


Pitbull - Miami→I Mami!

Pitbull has crossed over and is getting that pop money, while still rapping. Taking XXL's advice, the Cuban ladies man should recognize all the cuties in the 305 with I Mami! the album. Why not feature fellow M-I-A native Rick Ross on the title track? HUNNGH!

Mac Miller

Mac Miller - Mac & Cam→Mac & Cam

Pittsburgh native Mac Miller made waves earlier in the year by announcing a collaboration with Harlem native Cam'ron. That's right, Mac and Cam. Spell it backwards and it's still, Mac & Cam. How about that?


Hopsin - Gas→Sag

The Funk Volume star and 2012 XXL Freshman already had a record called, "Sag My Pants." Why not go for an entire LP, inviting big homie Tech N9ne as well? Step on the Gas. Sag!


Wiz Khalifa - DEEW→Weed

It's clear by now: Wiz is a heavy supporter of the herbal essences. Well, borrowing the first four letters from Weezy's Deeweezy campaign, Wiz wins with his salute to Mary Jane. Light it up!