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Five Possible Plots of Kanye West's New Short Film


Earlier this week, news broke that Kanye was behind schedule for his upcoming Cannes Film Festival submission. The details of the film are still unclear, but the 30-minute short is set to debut next month in France if Kanye, who is producing, writing, scoring and directing, can get it done in time. Using the few details we do know—Kid Cudi is involved, and it's being shot in the Middle East nation state of Qatar—XXL wrote up some synopses of possible plots. It's a process, people! —XXL Staff (@XXLStaff)

Heard 'Em Say...Nothin'


Continuing on the silent treatment he gave the 106 & Park crowd when he appeared alongside 2 Chainz last week, the musical genius releases a film that features no sound at all. The plot is difficult to follow at times, but subtitles in ALL CAPS fill in the gaps for viewers at crucial moments.

Finding Miri Ben-Ari


Watching MTV 2 one night, Kanye randomly comes across the music video of Twista’s “Celebrity Overnight.” With recent talks about Twista possibly joining the G.O.O.D Music imprint, ‘Ye feels a sense of guilt for not remembering Miri Ben-Ari’s whereabouts. In an effort to find her, Ye’ reconciles with Consequence, and the Queens-bred MC quickly accepts his apology—as he has nothing else to do. They go on a quest in the Middle East to look for hip-hop's favorite violinist.

Kanye West: A Documentary by Kanye West

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Written, narrated, edited and directed by Kanye himself, this autobiographical documentary tells the rap icon's full story as only he can. In order to dig deep, Kanye sits in front of a mirror and asks his reflection questions about himself.

The Devil Wears Nada


After fleeing the States because of an undisclosed controversy, Kanye plays an intern who finds himself overseas at a fictional fashion line. He works for an evil boss (played by Dame Dash), who’s bitter about a past partnership gone wrong, and parades around the office yelling about his employees "don't know shit about the [fashion] culture" and never reusing a pair of socks he wore once. His fellow interns include Taz Arnold and Curt@in$, whose morales are boosted by Kanye’s random compliments about their fashion senses, but soon forgotten as ‘Ye moves onto the next one.

Karaoke Kid


As a child, Kanye spent a year in China while his mom took a teaching job. In this underdog journey, a young Kanye rises to the heights of China's underground Karaoke scene by wowing his peers with flawless renditions of America's hottest hip-hop songs. But accusations of cheating arises as it’s discovered auto-tune was involved in Kanye's vocal makeover.