The entire 2012 XXL Freshman Class took the Best Buy Theater stage by storm in New York City Monday night (April 9). Fans got to see Macklemore win the unfamiliar audience over, Future perform alongside his Moon Man mascot and Hopsin and Machine Gun Kelly, crowd surf, but plenty more happened behind the stage. Concertgoers walked through Best Buy's doors roughly around 7 p.m., but XXL's staff arrived hours earlier to prep for the evening. Here's a behind the scenes look at XXL's Freshman Live Concert Finale.—XXL Staff (@XXLStaff)

Monday April 9, 2012...3:30 p.m.

As we’re arriving to the venue, we see a line of fans sitting outside. First girl in line was Ashley, who wore a Kid Ink sweatshirt. Both Ink and his manager DJ Ill Will knew her from coming to so many of Ink’s shows. The sweatshirt she wore, which Ink wore in a music video, was specially made as a replica.

Monday April 9, 2012...5:23 p.m.

A few of the XXL staffers bump into Iggy Azalea during sound check. It’s the first time some of them have seen her since the Freshman photoshoot. “Where’s Taco?” Iggy immediately asks, inquiring about the dog of Editor-In-Chief, Vanessa Satten. Most of the freshmen had gotten pretty friendly with Taco during the shoot.  When hearing of Taco’s absence Iggy simulates a fit. “That’s bullshit,” she shouts, throwing her pink hoodie onto the ground repeatedly. Digital Content Director, Carl Chery, jumps in and throws Iggy’s hoodie on the floor as well.

Monday April 9, 2012...5:39 p.m.

Roscoe Dash and his crew go through sound check. Some chord not properly arranged on stage upsets Roscoe’s spazzing hypeman; who is somewhat reminiscent of Pastor Troy. “We just got off a flight right now, and I’m hungry! I don’t need y’all unprofessional…” the hypeman ranted. Roscoe, however, carried himself calmly and politely consulted with the sound crew. He apologized for his hypeman’s rowdy antics, while also presenting his team’s concerns.

Monday April 9, 2012...7:37 p.m.

As the XXL staff relaxes in one of the three dressing rooms, Kid Ink arrives with his entourage, and staffers leave the room 'cause the rapper needs to blaze.

Monday April 9, 2012...7:54 p.m.

During a meet and greet featuring Hopsin, Kid Ink and Don Trip, a fan spots DJ Alamo of Brand Nubian fame—now working with Ludacris’ Soul Headphones—and shouts, “2 Chaaaaiiinnzzz!” “Negative,” Alamo, who sports long dreads like Tit, replies.