The four members of Slaughterhouse come from different places and joined forces just over three years ago, but by now, they’ve proven that their chemistry is as if they’ve known each other for ages. Whether on record or in interviews, the four-headed monster sound like one unified front with consistency. But there’s one thing that they certainly don’t agree on all the time: sports.

When XXL caught up with the Shady spitters down at SXSW, typical topics like their upcoming tour and new album, Welcome to: Our House, due out May 15, were touched upon. The discussion livened, though, when Mike D’Antoni was brought up. D’Antoni had resigned just hours earlier from his post as head coach of the New York Knicks. Check out what transpired next. —Adam Fleischer (@AdamXXL) Joey, D’Antoni’s out, just want a reaction. And Joell, too.

Joell Ortiz: Nah, I’ma Bulls fan, son. Bulls?

JO: Yeah. So I don’t care about D’Antoni and them wack ass niggas. I told you Jeremy Lin was gonna show his true colors, and he did. Scared ass nigga, man. Glad I ain’t run out and get a fucking jersey.

Royce Da 5'9": Jeremy Starks?

JO: Yeah, that nigga Jeremy weak. [But] if you a fan, I fuck with you, nigga.

Joe Budden: I can’t think too much, because they look like shit out there. D’Antoni’s outta there, that’s step number one. We’re gonna need Phil
Jackson or Jerry Sloan to come in, or we’re gonna wait till Nate McMillan gets fired over there in Portland and bring him in. I’d love to see Jeff Van Gundy come. There’s great options out there.

Crooked I: Please don’t say P.J.

JB: Nah, I don’t wanna see no, P.J. Carlesimo. I'm good on that. We got great options.

CI: Yo, please don’t say Phil Jackson, dawg.

JB: The talent…The talent…Oh, I thought you meant P.J. Carlesimo. I thought you said the same thing, though. I thought you said Carlesimo.

JB: The talent is definitely there. The talent to contend is there. It’s just about the gumbo. Just put it together and make it work.

JO: Ain’t no putting together, man. Fucking build the team around Carmelo Anthony. Get Amare Stoudamire outta there. Man he’s not
worth the money. Y’all made a mistake. Build around Carmelo again and y’all good.

CI: Lakers will take Amare. Come on with it.

JO: Keep Landry Fields

CI: Come back to the West Coast, baby.

JB: I’ll trade y’all, Amare for Pau.

JO: Y'all do that? You’ll take Amare?

JB: I’ll do that.

CI: I’ll take Amare.

JO: And fly Pau?

JB: Send that Pau over.

CI: Eh…Amare? Pau ain’t soft, man. Niggas call him Gasoft, man, but he not soft. His numbers prove it all the time. Every now and then, niggas muscle him around...

JO: Yo, Melo: When niggas was hollering that Linsanity bullshit. I was still rocking and rolling with you, pimp.

JB: You a fucking Bulls fan, man.

CI: Lakers all day.

JO: That’s nigga [Carmerlo's] from Red Hook, Brooklyn! Red Hook!

CI: And that was some hater shit [that] D. Wade did at the All-Star Game. Nobody foul that fuckin' hard in a fuckin' celebrity game.

JB: Aye, go Knicks.

JO: Ayo, and start giving more calls for Derrick Rose, man. He’s a superstar. They beatin' that nigga up and y'all ain't giving the calls.

JB: Nigga asked one question, Knick-related, and y'all niggas…

CI: Don't talk basketball around me without the purple and gold.

JO: There's not much y’all can say about the Knicks before you get outta there. Them niggas is garbage!

CI: I’m out. I'm finna go to soundcheck, it’s all about the muthafuckin' Lakers. West Coast shit.