Look at Me Now: 2008 Freshman Recap

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    Look at Me Now: 2008 Freshman Recap
    The Leaders of the New School class kicked things off, but this bunch—comprised mostly of celebrated online MCs—arguably planted the seeds for what the freshman phenomenon has become today. <em>XXL</em> looks back at its class of 2008 to see how well the MCs have done for themselves since posing for the cover.—<em>Jesse Gissen</em>
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    Kid Cudi
    Not only does Cudder have two gold solo LPs, he also had cameos on projects by Kanye West and Jay-Z, as well as a role on the defunct HBO series, <e>How To Make It In America. He recently dropped a rock-influenced project with Dot Da Genius titled, <em>WZRD</em>.</e>
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    Spitta enjoyed a strong run with Damon Dash by his side (See <em>Pilot Talk</em> 1 & 2), but last year the fiercely independent artist struck a deal with Warner and continues to maintain his loyal fanbase.
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    Cory Gunz
    A Young Money record deal and a MTV reality show have yet to translate into success for Cory. To add to his musical hurdles, he recently got arrested for gun possession and faces three years in jail.
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    Mickey Factz
    The Bronx native scored a sweet Honda endorsement and a record deal with Battery/Jive, but he has yet to capitalize off the achievements with an album for fans to purchase.
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    Asher Roth
    With his 2009 platinum-selling anthem, “I Love College,” Ash seemed destined for stardom, but the lackluster sales of his debut LP stalled his career. He’s currently plotting a comeback on Def Jam.
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    The D.C. rep started off on the wrong foot (see 2009’s <em>Attention Deficit</em>), but is currently enjoying an amazing comeback thanks to a co-sign from Rick Ross and a pair of radio-friendly hits featuring Miguel and Jeremih.
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    Ace Hood
    Three times' the charm for Ace. On his third LP, <em>Blood, Sweat & Tears</em>, the Miami rep finally scored mainstream chart success with the two biggest hits of his career, “Hustle Hard” and “Body 2 Body.”
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    Charles Hamilton
    Hamilton’s suffered a series of damaging loses—including rap battles, record deals, a stint in jail and a physical confrontation with his ex-girlfriend—all making the rapper/producer hard to find over the last few years.
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    Although he was briefly signed to Sire, unabashedly underground MC Blu would rather release material under his own whim, and he does so quite often and unceremoniously on his Tumblr and MySpace pages.
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  • AnteK

    I feel really bad about Hamilton

    Dude have so much potential

  • wat

    Blu WAS the most talented in the class but now he’s just terrible. He really let me and all his other fans down. His music is all now purposely shitty quality and his lyrics no longer have substance. He needs to stay away from whatever drugs he’s on and deliver real shit. I know it’s impossible to top Below the Heavens but that’s what you should aim to do, Blu. I won’t lose faith in you.

  • wat

    But hands down, this class is the best. Everyone is good in their own way. Even the class’ wackest member, Ace Hood, isn’t even that bad. The other classes all had very wack MC’s (especially 2011 and 2012).

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fqDqQEoYsc0&feature=plcp&context=C43452e1VDvjVQa1PpcFN9S3Hgbj2wuFoK4P13AhcxYDqRuPgjDSg%3D snailjuice

    i see wale and b.o.b who the fuck is them other niggas

    • @GizzySkybourne

      How do you now know who Kid Cudi and Curren$y are??

  • jhwg624

    XXl i guess someone should inform you that Asher roth has released 3 mixtapes multiple single has been featured on many songs and is currently touring so just cuz he hasnt done much studoi work doesnt mean he was gone

  • Josh

    B.o.B. is straight but hes not ATLien. Don’t get it twisted now

  • Shaun

    Yo Asher Roth Is the best from this Class They Didn’t even Mention that Pabst & Jazz Witch also had a feature from Blu on one of the songs

  • Oz

    this is whats wrong with you stupid publications and media outlets plus you hip hop listeners why is something only dope if it sells? wales debut was just as dope as his current album but you claim his first was a failure, why? it didn’t sell dumb ass fuck boys , so he got geechi now his music is dope is it even about the music? fucking hate how shallow hip hip publications have gotten the source back in the day would have stood up for a dope album regardless or a dope mc regardless of sales but people if someone doesn’t sell no one want shit to do with em… one word FAKE!

  • slim

    man yall blogs never say anything positive about that nigga hamilton always post the negative stuff these sites never talk about his music charles hamilton had the most potential out of all these dudes he dropped over 30 projects that were dope