Fun Facts About XXL‘s 2012 Freshman Photoshoot

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    15 Fun Facts About <em>XXL</em>'s 2012 Freshman Photoshoot
    Last week, <em>XXL</em> unveiled its 2012 <a href="">Freshman cover</a>—sending <a href="">Twitter into a frenzy.</a> In the past week or so, French Montana's bear—a prop he attached to his fur coat for several shots during the Freshman photoshoot—has been the subject of much buzz and has sort of become the 11th freshman. As you see above, even MGK had to try it on for size. It's one of several stories that won't make the issue once it hit newsstands on March 20, but <em>XXL</em> got you covered. Here are 15 fun facts about <em>XXL</em>'s 2012 Freshman Photoshoot.—<em>XXL Staff</em>
    The Bear!
    When asked where he got his bear, French told <em>XXL</em> he wasn't sure what jungle his bear came from. His stylist quickly noted that bears don't live in the jungle, but in the forest.
  • hopsinstylist
    Hopsin's Stylist
    This year's freshmen were definitely fashion-conscious. Hopsin, however, didn't take full advantage of the wardrobe provided by <em>XXL</em>-hired stylists. The Los Angeles MC would literally take clothes and sneakers off of his friend whenever in need of a new look.
  • mgkunderwear
    MGK's Underwear
    MGK's a comfortable guy to say the least. At some point during the shoot, the Cleveland spitter walked around the catering area in his underwear.
  • macklemorefreestyle
    Macklemore's Jordans
  • iggyandericka
    Iggy Azalea's Special Guest
    A$AP Rocky's sister was Iggy Azalea's special guest for the day. Here, they're pictured moments before Iggy went into hair and makeup.
  • frenchmontanbearkiss copy
    Taco and the Bear
    Taco—the dog of <em>XXL</em> Editor-In-Chief, Vanessa Satten—was the most popular person on set. Staffers and freshmen took turns taking care of him throughout the day. Here, Taco is pictured kissing French's bear.
  • frenchmontanabat copy
    French Lessons
    French Montana may be a Bronx bomber, but hailing from the home of the New York Yankees hasn't rubbed off on his baseball skills. French had to be taught how to handle a baseball bat for some of his solo shots. Here, photographer Travis Shinn shows French how to take a swing.
  • dontripgolfclub
    Don Trips Learned How to Golf
    French wasn’t the only freshman who received lessons on the spot. Don Trip was also tutored on using his weapon of choice: a golf club.
  • mgkcouch
    MGK Goes Out Swinging
    Unlike his Bad Boy label mate, MGK knows how to use a bat. At some point during the shoot, Kellz turned a broken piece of foam from a cooler into a bat and began playfully swinging it at every one in sight, including <em>XXL</em> staffers and fellow freshmen.
  • frenchandfuture
    French Montana Beat Future to the Shoot
    On the eve of the shoot, <em>XXL</em> staffers were notified that French Montana was stuck in Miami for the night and may be a bit late to the shoot the next day. French and his team landed in New York in the morning and immediately came to the shoot. Surprisingly, he wasn't the last freshman to arrive. Future, who was already in NY the night before, was the last man on set.
  • iggymakeup
    Waiting on Iggy
    Future may have been the last man to arrive, but Iggy was the last freshman to be ready. The other nine freshmen on set waited for Ms. Azalea as she put the finishing touches on her hair and makeup.
  • machinegunkellyfloor copy
    Machine Gun Kelly Naps on the Floor
    Perhaps exhausted from a long day of shooting, MGK decided to take a little nap in the catering area's floor towards the end of the day.
  • #dannybrowntalk
    "Fuck her face like I was obligated/And still fucking with them freak hoes/Stank pussy smelling like Cool Ranch Doritos"
  • mgkandhopsin copy
    Hopsin Didn't Know Anyone
    Hopsin has pretty much been in his own bubble. He told <em>XXL</em> the only other freshman he was familiar with, was MGK.
  • hopsincypher
    Hopsin, Macklemore and Roscoe Dash Practice
    Hopsin wandered off by himself to rehearse his verses for the cypher and freestyle throughout the day. Macklemore did the same. Roscoe Dash, however, mumbled his verse to himself in the catering area.
  • roscoedashnice copy
    Roscoe Dash Is a Really Nice Guy
    <em>XXL</em> staffers and freshmen hit it off, but according to several reports, Roscoe Dash is a particularly nice guy.

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    i know where the bear came from. French saw an early episode of workaholics and he decided to copy Blake. French is unoriginal in fashion and shitty as an artists. This freshman class blows.

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    All yall needa take a look at Macklemoore from the freshman class. Prolly one of the dopest rappers out there but gets no love cause hes from the northwest. Spits with more honesty and emotion than iv heard since the early eminem years

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    Class of 2009 > Class of 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012.

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