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  • Ramel

    Not excited about them or No ID being on the record, they’re just not aggressive or dusty enough to compliment what sounds Nas needs. Nas needs ignorant production for Intelligent Street Poetry! Get some NYC hip hop producers for Nas album & now we talking

    • MARK

      As an artist Nas has evolved and has worked with many creative producers throughout his legendary career. The fact that Nas has not used the same sound & producers throughout his career is one of the reasons why he has longevity & is still success today. His music is full of substance-well rounded. It’s kind of sad that some of his fans expect the same sound from him on every album. Nas is beyond being just an “intelligent street poet” he is truly a creative artist.


      This album will suck shit if No ID and Da Internz are on it. One makes elevator music, the other is a flavor of the moment hip POP. You can’t tell me you’re taking Nas back to Illmatic/It Was Written when you’ve never made anything remotely as ill. Go work on a Rihanna record. This will probably be Nas’s version of Watch The Throne. Glossy, poppy, boring and a waste of good rhymes.

  • hip hop lives

    I’m excited about this new Nas album…he can rap over any beat and his lyrics still be on point. Nas is a grade A+ artist/lyricist whose skills are untouchable.