Big K.R.I.T. Drops New Mixtape, 4Eva N A Day [Download Now]

It took 4eva but now the wait is finally over as Big K.R.I.T. delivers his highly anticipated mixtape, 4Eva N A Day. Steering away from any guest features, the former XXL Freshman’s latest offering will hold fans over until the release of debut studio album, Live From The Underground. Download 4EvaNaDay here. Peep the tracklisting below…

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  • jordan

    Fuck yea!!!!!

    This is a true artist. Go download this mix tape, can’t wait to buy his album when it comes out

  • jfl11

    All bullshit aside… this dude might be the most talented MC in the game right now. Can’t wait to hear this.

  • real talk slim

    This dude does NOT let you down. K.R.I.T is the truth, Kanye Of the South(without the bitch fits.)

  • Mississippi




  • will

    if this doesnt get a xxl then XXL is a phonyass bogus bullshit site magazine whatever !!!….chuuuch!!!

    • jordan

      True!!!! If this doesn’t get an xxl then i don’t know how xxl even rates the songs.

      Mixtape of the year!!!!!!

  • L

    One of the best out right now!!

  • 804boy

    only 4 tracks in so far, this boy done outdone himself so far smdh, everybody else gotta catch up, real talk

  • canadasmost

    handwriting is a dope ass beat sounds like some b.b. king shit .best mixtape i heard in a minute krit iz here .

  • http://xxlmag 501 dog

    Thank You Big Krit The South Need This

  • P

    Seriously…forget a mixtape this is an easy front runner for Album Of The Year cuz im quite sure nobody is gonna match the content, lyricism & production value

  • Realnigga

    damn………this shit is ILL!!!!!!! Big Krit killing shit!!!!!!

  • that nigga

    FUCKIN’ DOPE!!!!! just as I expected.

  • Will

    Got 2 cop this, Boobie Miles is my shit

  • trusoldier77

    this guy is really talented. i mean his work speaks for him.

  • Haute

    Got an autographed copy and t-shirt comin in the mail, gonna wait for it to listen and can’t f’n wait!!! go to for yours, $45

    • Haute

      Real Recognize Real, support your true artists ya’ll