Best Tweets of the Week: 2012 XXL Freshman Edition

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    Best Tweets of the Week: 2012 <em>XXL</em> Freshman Edition
    The Twitter world was put into a frenzy this week after <em>XXL</em> revealed its 2012 Freshman Class. Featuring the likes of Future, French Montana, Machine Gun Kelly, Iggy Azalea and more, the annual list was met with some interesting reactions from the hip-hop community. While many congratulated and praised the coveted 10, others decided to tweet their frustrations on not being picked (Hey @Chip216). Taking a look at these comments and more, <em>XXL</em> compiles some of the week's best Freshman-related tweets. <em>The Tweets is Watching</em>...—<em>XXL Staff</em>
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Best of XXL

  • wat

    It’s annoying that you have tweets showing the OBVIOUS people you left out like Action Bronson, ScHoolboy Q, XV, etc. for no names (Kid Ink, Don Trip) and wack rappers (Future, French Montana, and Roscoe Dash). Still baffled as to how Roscoe was even a nominee and even more so how he became a freshman. That dude has been out since like before the 2009 freshman class. You’ve had a few misses in the past (Gorilla Zoe, Rich Boy, OJ da Juiceman, Donnis, Lil Twist, YG, Lil B, and Fred da Godson) but this year’s cover is just unacceptable, especially with the tremendous amount of talent you excluded. Why would you willingly throw away your credibility?

    • anonymous

      donnis is sick listen to his music

      • smh

        who? that must be you ha trash

    • jimyyjam

      u realise its the people that vote right moron

      • wat

        ACTUALLY, moron, only Iggy Azalea was fan-voted and she’s the only fan-voted freshman in XXL history. Learn what you’re talking about.

  • wat

    Also, Chip tha Ripper did NOT turn down the cover. Don’t believe his lying, bitter, sore loser ass.

  • EHO,BX163RD

    this mag has fell off…. i keep sayinying that

  • TruthBeTold

    word xxl has fallen off, this years freshman class is a joke. this site is a disgrace, its gotten to the point where i dont even think they listen to rap music anymore and just try and guess whats cool.

    • mac


  • L

    lets face it this class was kinda weak, but id be damned if Chris Webby thinks he’s good . .. trash

  • SCS OG

    This list is horrible except for Danny Brown. Smarten up XXL.

  • edodawg

    Action Bronson, tweeted that everyone on the list is signed to a major record label/ everyone is signed to a record deal! Mmm…… HOPSIN is independent and and is not signed to any major record label, he has his own Funk Volume label that is everything but a big major record label.

    PS: Hopsin is the best. Straaange

    • whoisthis

      Hahahaha Hopsin being the best…dude got the majority of his buzz off of a tyler the creator diss vid (that he HAD to label as a diss in the title to get attention). At best, Hopsin’s a decent/good lyricist who has a penchant for raps about how he’s so weird to other people.

      I’ll give him credit for starting Funk Volume, takes alot of balls to start your own label, but does he even have an official mixtape out? Action Bronson shoulda had his spot, no question.

      P.S: Danny Brown and Macklemore also on an indie label, and imo they both shit on Hopsin’s weak ass.

      • Creek

        Hopsin didn’t label it as a diss… the overreacting Tyler fans did.
        He only talked about Tyler for a minute and people consider it a full diss track.

        Out of all the whack people you would replace Hopsin with Bronson?!

        If bronson could replace Future then you’re saying something.
        With Hopsin, danny, Macklemore and bronson at least the list would be more acceptable.

  • Cam

    Action, Hopsin isnt signed to a major label

  • wat

    Yeah, I told Bronson on twitter when he first said it. He knows.

  • Canvas

    Lol at that Talib Kweli tweet, dude is funny

  • Dixon

    The freshman list is almost a joke in my eyes. I respect them putting HOPSIN, and MGK in there BUT RSCOE DASH AND DON TRIP. Macklemore I never heard him so I can’t be mad but those I listed are weak as it is. Iggy Azalea, Danny Drown, French Montana, Future, and KiD INK are cool in my book. MY ideal list would be; Earl Sweatshirt, Kid Ink, Danny Brown, A$AP Rocky, ScHoolboy Q, Iggy Azalea, Casey Veggies, Dixon, Zilla, & Nerd The Magnificant.

  • Not a hater just a fan with a honest critique

    Very Disappointing list this year but hey they’ve got it mostly right on since 09 i guess i’ll cut em some slack for this monumental failure.

  • zxnmvster

    this list is hella weak, MGK and Macklemore are dope, I don’t really mess with danny brown or hopsin, but they’re dope too, everyone else though, like Iggy? really? people like that?

  • zxnmvster

    like they missed too many names, XV, Action Bronson, Schoolboy Q, even Ab-Soul, and I’m sure I’m missing some myself but thats just off the top of my head

  • DEE


  • Lewis

    xxl smoking crack shoulda been A$ap, Dee-1, Phill Ade, MGK, Cassie Vegies, Starlito, 2 Chainz, Young Tut, D-Pryde, & Shcoolboy Q

  • Flowonthetrack

    Y’all realize people vote on this right.