Don Trip Gets Custody Of His Son


After venting about being denied his parental rights on the heartfelt Cee Lo-featured single, "Letter to My Son," XXL can't help but sympathize with Don Trip. Judging by the recently released Guerrilla mixtape, Trip's got dope music covered. But how sweet would it be if he actually got custody of his kid?

Macklemore Signs Major Label Deal


Macklemore’s hard work and determination drove him to being a XXL Freshman. Not sure if he’ll decide to continue on the independent route, but the door is definitely open for the Seattle-native to take his talents to a major soon.


Not that Rage Pack wasn’t any good because it definitely was a dope project but it was a little more rock-fused than its predecessor, Lace Up. The latter found the Cleveland-native at his most vulnerable, exhibiting more passion and emotion fit for a perfect debut. XXL wants MGK's debut to be more in that vein.


In honor of the release of her sexy new video for "Work," we decided to take a look back at Iggy Azalea's sexiest moments. Looking through this gallery, it's clear that the 22-year-old Australian transplant has had more than a few. Click through to take a trip down Iggy's sexy memory lane.

Kid Ink Stops Being Mistaken For Chris Brown


To let the Twittersphere tell it—at least those who weren't already familiar with Kid Ink—the L.A. MC resembles Chris Brown. Nevermind that Ink is perhaps 5' 8" to Breezy's 6' 2". The truth is, the Alumni MC already has a strong following that will likely keep growing in the next 12 months. Look for another upstart MC to be compared to Kid Ink by the next freshman cover.

Future Designs His Own Futuristic Nike Kicks


Move over Nike Air Mags, the possibility of Future designing a pair of 'Futuristic' kicks is sort of high. He's already responsible for his own apparel line, Freebandz and sported some pretty footwear-forward kicks during the freshman shoot. Time will tell when he'll make some more sneaker "Magic" happen.

Hopsin Collaborates With Eminem


Hopsin definitely has some Eminem-esque moments on the mic—namely his penchant for boldly taking other MCs to task. It would definitely be interesting to see Hopsin trade lyrical tales alongside Mr. Mathers on record—perhaps even a video. Judging by his catalog of intriguing visuals “(“Sag My Pants,” “Ill Mind of Hopsin 4”), Hopsin—who directs his own clips—definitely has the right aesthetic to bring an Eminem record to life.

"Everything's A Go"


"Daaaaaamn is what the hoes say/You got the juice, man? Call me O.J./That's macaroni, guacamole/And you a cock block, a sock goalie."

Roscoe Dash


"I'm gonna have to say Timmy and Michigan if he can keep those ankles healthy. They're 27-7, which isn't bad but isn't the best either. I love Tim's game. He's EVERYWHERE, so although Gonzaga is proving themselves to be unbeatable and Louisville and Kansas are a close second in that regard, I'm sticking with Timmy and Michigan. Plus, they wear the same colors as my cheeseheads lol"

Danny Brown Gets Dental Insurance


Danny's missing front teeth have sort of become a trademark of his (think Nas's previously chipped tooth). With his stock on the up and up, it’s only a matter of time before DB gets dental treatment.

BONUS: A 2012 Freshman Class Posse Cut


Pretty much self-explanatory, here. Sure, some of the freshmen were paired up in cyphers, which will soon be unveiled on XXLMag.com, but all 10 MCs on one record could make for an eclectic banger.