Rick Ross Rich Forever Interview Pt. 1 [Video]

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  • RealNigga

    William has ruined hip hop and made it a joke, Hip Hop used to be real and that’s what made it different from other genres.
    Hip Hop used to be for the ghetto youth, People could relate to what they were hearing because they were going through the same things.
    Now it’s ok to blatantly lie on record and say whatever you want, Live your fantasies.
    Hip Hop isn’t for the hood any more.
    90% of his fan base are teenagers probably just like him, From the suburbs but fascinated with the ghetto life they have seen in movies.
    He has been exposed as a fraud and liar sooooooo many times but his fans say it’s ok because the music is good.
    They don’t realize they have been suckered into his marketing Scheme and they are blinded from the truth.
    People don’t really hate on him, It’s just some people don’t like or respect him and what his about and you can’t blame them for that.
    If truth be told his music isn’t as good as it’s made out to be, It’s just the same simple beats with a catchy flow.
    He doesn’t actually say anything worth hearing.
    Yes a lot of rappers exaggerate a bit but no one comes close to what William does.
    His gone from saying he knows Pablo Escobar to saying he thinks his Big Meech and Larry Hoover.
    As long as there’s people who stand for the truth and live in the real world the negative comments will continue.

    • staeb

      @realprollywhiteboy first you sound real hurt. and you have his demographic completely wrong. Rick Ross is prolly the biggest rapper to have a mostly black/latino fanbase

  • gorilla pimp

    RealNigga your RANT lol sounded real personal dude but we know its all comin from self-hate.. Advice to you GET A LIFE man & moove on. If YOU dont aprove of the music or whatever just dont support it… Unfortunately for You 10 million others were interested cause they downloaded the mixtape… Real Talk, Real niggas dont even diss cause they too busy out gettin it… Oh & what’s good Jeezy…LOL

  • John Gilpin

    Look I don’t care what the fuck you say about Rick Ross or anyone for that matter, but get your historical facts straight about hip hop. I’m not gonna try n prove to you or even show you how or why you’re wrong, but hip hop wasn’t just for or even partially for ghetto youth. Hip Hop came up like every other genre, someone came up with a whole new division/sect of entertainment music itself. Hip Hop is something that requires one to be smarter than the average person because to create the lyrical masterpieces that several over time have created, you have to have a natural talent and certain ability to create/understand music. This involves being smarter than an average person, which could only further be explained by breaking down what it means to be above average smart. Briefly a couple examples would be cleverness, brain agility (how fast you think), and a wide vocabulary that gets put to use. This is only a summary of why you’re wrong mr “RealNigga” ahaha more like a poser bitch who obviously couldnt tell you the first thing about hip hop or anything of the sort. Go back to your ghetto.

  • sebastiane

    why you gotta hate ? there’s a lot of positive messages in ricky’s music if you dig deep, it attracts the people in the wrong lifestyle but as they slowly dig deep through ricky’s tracks & discography they find positive message… who needs officer ricky’s help more ? the ones doing things right , or the ones doing things wrong ?

  • sebastiane

    that was @Realnigga

  • Simonsolutions

    rick is the real deal.i love this dudes music.keep doing what u do rick and keep your head up.just keep utting out those bangers.Saaayyyii all day


    Fuck this fat officer lookin ass corny fake mothafucka.You a sucka son,pig ass clown fuck.Pac is turning in his grave watching this “heart attack waiting to happen” looking muthafucka ruining hiphop.In New York we rob people like you,beat people like you and pull a gun on suckas like you

  • ctwins3644

    look at the back of rick ross’ head when hes sitting in the chair during the interview..not only is his head abnormally elongated, but those wrinkles are EPIC.

  • TRuthadeen


  • http://Xxlmag.com Da Big D

    I Will Allwayz Say Dis “Phuk Wack-Ass-Ricky(Fat Phuk)”, End Of Story!!!. *G Unit/Ryder GANG*

  • adapo

    this nigga is wack. period

  • http://xxlmag.com Live1ne

    The entire world is filled with fake motherfuckers. . . y shouldn’t a fake nigga be the #1 rapper? It’s fucked up but it makes perfect sense to me.

  • LOL

    what I don’t understand , is why you all come on a post that clearly says , Rick Ross , & write crazy comments knowing you don’t like him lol smh

  • Tru Talk

    it says someone about u as a person if u actually support rick ross