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  • suga




  • raphead

    people actally like this fake fugly hoe?

  • cdgbfb

    why? why is nikki minaj popular? no talent

  • riggity

    yuck! we do not need artists like nikki! shes terrible!!!

  • Tevin

    I Loved it…..kinda……. She goes hard on the song thats for sure…… She outdid Gaga…… Creepeeeeeddddd meeeeee the heeelllll outttt though, she is a good actor and performer. Loved it….well the song. Haha. The performance was great too

  • nish

    Wasn’t able to see it when it came on so I thought i would be able to view it here..guess not. Next time do the commentary first and not during..The talking is really agitating..


    GIMMICK RAP SUCKS. hip hop doesnt need a lady gaga WE NEED REAL MC’s !!! nicki should just go away, that song was terrible.

  • Nate


  • Ducky Avalon

    Illuminati dog excrement.. How anyone can look at this or madonna’s superbowl performance and not shake their head is beyond pale.

    First off, the song is garbage, the imagery is clearly blasphemotus. They are celebrating nothing more than darkness.. This loser’s hollow eyes say it all. She is a puppet of the highest order.

    Roman Zolanski – her gay male alter ego? Gimme a break.

    How hollywood / the music business has brought this into the mainstream is beyond disgusting. This is from someone who loved movies and music.

    It is a sad state where once far flung conspiracy theories on mind control and dark symbology make more sense than what would be the honest explanation.

    • Merc80

      “It is a sad state where once far flung conspiracy theories on mind control and dark symbology make more sense than what would be the honest explanation.”


  • ms_spittuh

    Ugly coon bitch. I’m happy she’s killing herself. Fuck this bitch. Kill yo’self more bitch.

  • e

    normally i wouldnt say anything but im not even Catholic and even so… this is some BLATANTLY SATANIC STUFF..wth? mercy.

  • ikem namzug

    witcho’ghetto ass

  • tia

    I aint hear one fuckin word come out clearly…

  • trolololol

    lady gaga , you’re doing it wrong

  • From Tokyo

    Skipped through it…muted. What may work for Gaga does not work for everyone – it sometimes doesn’t even work for Gaga.

    I don’t know what world she’s living in but I’m glad I’m not in it. Whatever makes her money in this economy, though, I guess. I’m making mine so I won’t hate on that fact.

    • From Tokyo

      P.S. I’m sick of the blasphemy that these “artists” seem to find so appealing. If you don’t believe then don’t insult people’s beliefs, because they clearly don’t believe God is real to mock Him.

  • James

    O.o… LOVE the song and performance :D everyone else can have their opinions but if all you are going to do is hate then dont listen to her music or watch her videos… problem solved lol its just pathetic… again LOVE LOVE LOVE the song and performance keep doing you Nicki woot!