Five Reasons Why Birdman’s Interludes Are So Neccesary

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    Five Reasons Why Birdman's Interludes Are So Neccesary
    To simply put it, Birdman’s YMCMB album interludes are <em>Pricele$$</em>. No he doesn’t do any rapping on these skits or churn out hooks, instead he does what he does best and that’s shit-talk galore. Just after taking care of ‘da business on Drake’s <em>Take Care </em>cut, “We’ll Be Fine,” and commanding for hundreds on Lil Wayne’s “I Got Some Money On Me” off <em>Tha Carter IV</em>) last year, the Five Star General’s cocksure boasts earned its own placement on Tyga’s newly-released <em>Careless World: Rise of the Last King </em>album, for a track fittingly titled “Birdman Interlude.” Though he did his usual on the record, Stunna’s knack for talking that talk seems to be taking new heights—heck, it should be considered a requirement for future YMCMB releases. In fact, he may be entering the realm of Diddy and 50 Cent. While the answers for what makes the Cash Money co-founder's boasts irresistible are endless, breaks down the five essential reasons why they work so well. “It’s your turn playboy”—<em>Ralph Bristout </em><a href="!/XXLRalph">(@XXLRalph</a>)
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    He's Entertaining
    Though you can’t help but notice that all he’s doing is rambling (“Blowing up the pounds [Sunup to sundown]/Flying at higher heights/Grinding hard/Money by the abundance..."), it's the potency of these boasts that shine, making for an enjoyable listen.
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    Birman's Interludes > Birdman's Rhymes
    Instead of jumping on a track to lay some bars, the Cash Money boss man knows how to make his presence felt without having to actually rhyme. Plus who thinks Baby wants to go bar-for-bar against a Drake, Wayne, Nicki, etc.
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    They're Effective
    Whether he's on Young Money’s “Fuck Da Bullshit (We Are Young Money)" or Wayne’s “I Got Some Money On Me," Stunna's bragging segments are so simple yet catchy. When he's telling Drake (on "We'll Be Fine") "Kill, spray everything in the way...we don't love 'em," it's hard not to feel where he's coming from.
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    Makes For Great Status Updates
    Move over #BirdmanHandrub, those short interludes make for perfect Twitter/Facebook status updates. "Its just that Uptown Gangsta shit...YMCMB flashy lifestyle...Top Flo'...One hundred"
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    They're Motivational
    As effortless as they sound, these segments are inspiring. When he bellows "Global flyin' on this journey/Tropical islands, poppin bottles with supermodels," you can't help but feel the need to want to do the same thing. Or when he says, "Playing with these muthafucking millions like they ain't nothing/Rubber band stacks/That YMCMB shit...Flashy lifestyle," Birdman proves he knows a thing or two about how to get the people going.

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  • @fux_wit_gizzy

    I’d rather have him speak on the interlude than rap on a track, I can’t understand him when he raps

  • black jesus

    stunna is the goat game spitter. go listen to the old cash money releases, no one has ever been on his level.

    • L.Q.

      Too bad Wayne has been writing for him for years. So who knows who else has written for him in the past…Birdman still isn’t good tho.

  • boogie

    hell yea i got somethin for ya stanking ass fuck with me loose ya life lil one


    Thes are all really tame compared to the shit he used to talk when he was part of the Big Tymers. He used to say he wiped his a$$ wtih $20′s and 10″s.

  • Ang31 Antonio 3

    Him and the whole camp are only popular because real hip-hop is on it’s death bed. Shit talking is unecessary when providing true skill (which he lacks). This whole young money bullshit will be over when the hip-hop messiah comes. Real shit, ya lil niggas learn your history before you assume the future success. Have fun in POP culture, where the previous best selling artists were the Backstreet Boys, Nsync and Britany Spears.

    • hiphopper4life

      As well as Dr Dre, Eminem, Jay-Z, Kanye West, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones etc. etc. etc.

      This argument is retarded pop music can be good or bad. YMCMB is killing the game right now, Take Care was one of the best albums of the year. Lyrics and production. And Rack City is a massive cut, every club bangs that shit. Hip-hop is changing and always has done. When NWA came out people were shocked and when Dre released The Chronic everyone was saying hip-hop was dumbed down. Now its a classic. All the old shit has its place but you gotta keep progressing. YMCMB is mainstream hip-hop just like Dre was. Back in the 90s you had shit like Dre for bangers and people like AZ and Kool G doing that lyrical shit, now you’ve got YMCMB doing bangers while people like Kendrick Lamar and Schoolboy Q are doing that lyrical shit, and thank god, things always gotta change else it’d be boring. Evolve or die

      • bullets

        YMCMB is trash music for small minded individuals hip pop and hiphop arent the same thing and im not some biggie and pac fanatic theres good music and crap and its a fact that 95% of the people on earth are followers so usually the majority is mindless and has no opinion most people like whatever the radio plays or whatever the DJ selects at the club there was a time that MC hammer and Vanilla ice were going DOUBLE AND TRIPLE PLATINUM i’ve never heard anyone in life say one of there LP’s was a classic. And what is the “game” aint no “game” its art just music you like it or you dont rap isnt some war where whoever sells is killing the competition you get attention for anything example:”lil b” so seeing someone all over MTV doesnt make them on top of the game it makes them the easy answer for the “majority”

      • bullets

        and yes hiphop was dumbed down with gangster rap progress means to get better not just move foward did you know that black college enrollment was up 40% btw 1988 and 1993 guess what came out in 93′ all of a sudden nigas was being nigas again smh think about it…

      • MastaSun

        This is noway near “hip hop”. YMCMB has no lyrical content, Hip Hop was formed as a way of communicating hardships, expressing ideas & partying. YMCMB does none of the contrary but say ignorant remarks on good producton. Baby is a crook that cares nothing about his consumers or anyone he deals with. You allways hear about him blowing money, not never have you heard about him or his artist investing or helping anyone. This dude is the flashing lights the deer sees before the cars hit him. Dumbing down the masses cause a population thats aware is a population that cant be controled. This is the dumbdown & deterioration of Hip Hop. smh

  • 5% Nation

    REALLY dude aint talking bout shit, the same crap weed cars money this doo doo chaser with all that badge of shame tatted on his face neck and head Yall can have this child molester / Im into artist who have something to say he’s a bad image for the youth

  • Kid Dogg

    Stuna is tha Business,Bigger Than life

  • cuzzaas

    xxl needs to hop off cash moneys dick. there is NOTHING necessary about birdmans stupid rambles. if he didnt have money nobody would let that shit fly. you think wayne and drake want his autistic sounding ass on there tracks? thats how you ruin a good song

  • bullets

    Game spitter??? why do nigas always make new titles for there style when they suck at rapping nigas told the franchize boyz they sucked then it was “ohhh this isnt rap this is snap music” FOH smh lame niga Birdman is a fucking idiot Slim does the business lil wayne makes the money The bird just keeps those pussy nigas in line why does he have to speak i know i dont want to hear him all that money never heard anything interesting out of his mouth or educational