Five Reasons Why Birdman's Interludes Are So Neccesary


To simply put it, Birdman’s YMCMB album interludes are Pricele$$. No he doesn’t do any rapping on these skits or churn out hooks, instead he does what he does best and that’s shit-talk galore. Just after taking care of ‘da business on Drake’s Take Care cut, “We’ll Be Fine,” and commanding for hundreds on Lil Wayne’s “I Got Some Money On Me” off Tha Carter IV) last year, the Five Star General’s cocksure boasts earned its own placement on Tyga’s newly-released Careless World: Rise of the Last King album, for a track fittingly titled “Birdman Interlude.” Though he did his usual on the record, Stunna’s knack for talking that talk seems to be taking new heights—heck, it should be considered a requirement for future YMCMB releases. In fact, he may be entering the realm of Diddy and 50 Cent. While the answers for what makes the Cash Money co-founder's boasts irresistible are endless, breaks down the five essential reasons why they work so well. “It’s your turn playboy”—Ralph Bristout (@XXLRalph)

He's Entertaining


Though you can’t help but notice that all he’s doing is rambling (“Blowing up the pounds [Sunup to sundown]/Flying at higher heights/Grinding hard/Money by the abundance..."), it's the potency of these boasts that shine, making for an enjoyable listen.

Birman's Interludes > Birdman's Rhymes


Instead of jumping on a track to lay some bars, the Cash Money boss man knows how to make his presence felt without having to actually rhyme. Plus who thinks Baby wants to go bar-for-bar against a Drake, Wayne, Nicki, etc.

They're Effective


Whether he's on Young Money’s “Fuck Da Bullshit (We Are Young Money)" or Wayne’s “I Got Some Money On Me," Stunna's bragging segments are so simple yet catchy. When he's telling Drake (on "We'll Be Fine") "Kill, spray everything in the way...we don't love 'em," it's hard not to feel where he's coming from.

Makes For Great Status Updates


Move over #BirdmanHandrub, those short interludes make for perfect Twitter/Facebook status updates. "Its just that Uptown Gangsta shit...YMCMB flashy lifestyle...Top Flo'...One hundred"

They're Motivational


As effortless as they sound, these segments are inspiring. When he bellows "Global flyin' on this journey/Tropical islands, poppin bottles with supermodels," you can't help but feel the need to want to do the same thing. Or when he says, "Playing with these muthafucking millions like they ain't nothing/Rubber band stacks/That YMCMB shit...Flashy lifestyle," Birdman proves he knows a thing or two about how to get the people going.