Which Women Are Worth Getting Into A Lyrical War Over?

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Drake and Common are currently going at it on wax and it appears Serena Williams, who is Com's ex and Drake's rumored fling, is the culprit.

And why shouldn't she be at the heart of this love triangle? Serena is a bad chick with curves for days and a booty worth the fight. Oh, and we hear she's got a great personality and a heart of gold, too. Sounds like a win-win!

But 'Rena isn't the only famous lady that's been caught in the middle of lyrical beef. In light of the latest drama, XXL has put together a list of previous times females have been at the center of rap beef and we want YOU to vote on how worthy these ladies' are getting into lyrical war over.

Who runs the world?! You tell us.—Gina Montana

Serena Williams


Serena became the center of a rap war between Common and Drake after rumors began to float around that 'Rena might've been secretly having an affair with Drake. But if that wasn't true, Drizzy's subliminal tweets at the tennis great were probably enough to bring the battle out of Com, the latter who is clearly still in love with the bootylicious celebutant.

Pros: Serena has thickness for days. She also makes her own money and is at the top of her game.

Cons: Although her voluptuousness is what initially draws men in, it can also be considered a negative for Serena, since she might actually be too bulky for some. She clearly also has a temper (think back to last year when she yelled at the umpire during one of her matches.



Shortly after leaving Chris Brown following the 2009 Grammy fiasco during which Brown left her with a busted lip and lumps on her face, Rih-Rih was spotted at a New York bowling alley playing kissy face with none-other-than Drake. Although it was never confirmed, rumors had it C. Breezy elbowed Drizzy because of it and that his lyrics on the remix of Drake's "Marvin's Room" were actually subliminals at the Canadian spitter.

Pros: Rihanna was the sexiest woman alive in 2011 according to Esquire Magazine — need we say more?

Cons: From Matt Demps to Irish boxer Dudley O'Shaughnessy, Rih-Rih has been connected to a handful of famous men in her past.



After dumping singer/songwriter The-Dream, who she has a child with, to return to her first love Lil Wayne, who she also birthed a child with, Dream was left singing songs (i.e. "I Love Your Girl") aimed at the former R&B singer for breaking his heart.

Pros: When Nivea falls, she clearly falls hard.

Cons: Last summer, Nivea was arrested for driving under the influence. It was also rumored that she was drugged up during an interview with Rollingout back in 2009. Not to mention she's got nearly half a dozen kids by a number of baby-daddies.

Foxy Brown


It was rumored that Foxy Brown had an affair with DMX while she was still dating West Coast rapper Kurupt. The situation sent the rappers into a lyrical fight, both dropping tracks aimed at each other for banging the same chick.

Pros: Foxy Brown can spit with the best of them.

Cons: Recently, Fox Boogie has let herself go, physically and professionally. Also, she's known to clock a maid or two with her bedazzled Blackberry, so, beware.

Carmen Bryan


After Jay-Z and Nas began to throw jabs at each other through music, Jay took out his biggest weapon, rapping about having smashed Nas' baby momma.

Pros: Pretty face.

Cons: She's a known cheater and she wrote a tell-all-book about it.