Train of Thought: 2 Chainz on Rick Ross’s “Fuck Em”

There’s a lot of legendary athletes that were endorsed by Nike and you chose to big up Bo Jackson. Why him?

Man, he just did it. You know, Bo Jackson legendary. People done played baseball and football. That’s all sports. Like I said, I like to use sports and those kind of analogies in my music so it’s like I’m trying to do it all. I’ll go out, fuck around, run for 40 yards then I come the next day, hit a home run. I can have a game where I run for 150 yards, then come out and have a home run and three RBIs. Bo Jackson is just that nigga that did every fuckin’ thing. You know that was one of his slogans as far as Nike, “Just Do It.” He was one of the first ones I believe that started that campaign. And his commercials were always dope as fuck.

What do you remember about the Bo Knows commercials?

In my mind right now, I’d have to go look at them, but they were always dope, man. Nike always had the best commercials to me, but they were always showing action and shit like that, but you had that adrenaline going. It just got that movement. They always did a good job of that.

You said, “I’m chain smokin’ loud like it’s a Newport.” I can’t recall rappers using “Chain smoking” to describe how much weed they smoke.

Once again it’s reality rap, bro. I’ve smoked two blunts since I’ve been talkin’ to you. [Laughs] We light a blunt after another and then loud is the preference. Chain smokin’ would be probably more related to cigarettes. That’s what they say. I don’t smoke cigarettes so I just picked my type of smokin’. That’s all it is, just chain smokin’ like it’s a Newport. I think Newport is probably the most famous brand of cigarettes today.

What did you learn from Too $hort coming up?

Bitch! [Laughs] I was thinking, “Damn, I really should have did that in an ad-lib.” Really, I told my potna, I only had, probably two real life girlfriends my whole life because I came up under Too $hort and Poison Clan and all them people that didn’t think having a girl was cool. So I went through high school prom and all that shit, like, “I don’t give a fuck about no fuckin…” Just brainwashed. Too $hort was one of my… you feel me? It’s funny. He called yesterday. I gotta make sure I call Too $hort back. I ain’t get to speak to him but I got a good feeling that it got something to do with that line.

I gotta put you on the spot. Who got the best verse on the song?

Me! You know that. What am I gonna say? Wale? Rick Ross? Me, of course.

I respect that. Rappers often get political with questions like this.

Nah, ain’t no political. I snapped, dawg. I’ma continue snappin’. They’re my friends. I almost feel like we’re labelmates, we got so many songs together. And I been did the verse. I was like, “When is Ross gon put this out?” I got verses in a lot of niggas studios and I never heard them before. I don’t write, I just go in. I got a couple verses with Ross.

Like I said it’s a blessing to be gettin’ acknowledgement for stuff that I just feel is a no-brainer to me. I’m just in a comfortable zone right now. I got two calls yesterday about the same verse. Really it’s just lettin’ me know Rick Ross is hot as fuck. Bruh’s really hot to where I was glad to be a part of that because I got a look off of it. I didn’t get the big head or nothin’. I’m just like, really homie got a crazy buzz, he dropped the tape. He got a bunch of features on there so, you now, in my mind I’m thinkin’ everybody that’s in their own little world gettin’ calls off his tape sayin’ that they did a good job cause I think the tape goes pretty hard in the streets. And a lot of heavy hitters just dropped some music. You know, I see him. He fucked up the Internet.

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  • Clement

    wow xxl… this deffinately isnt a scene stealing verse, don’t get me wrong 2 chainz is sick but this wasn’t a good verse to begin with. way too slow of a delivery.


    Son, said that the door man at the Gucci store greets him…LOL…That’s what he’s paid to do!!!…The 1st time I went to the Louis store, the door man spoke to me like he was expecting me!!!…That’s what they do to make u feel comfortable about spending ur money in their stores…But, I still salute the homie….Son gets fresh….

  • bomb1

    Ignorance at all time high these kids are in trouble out here with the garbage they have to hear day in day out this dude calling women bitches flinging around dumb lyrics and this is music

  • hopelesshiphop

    Stupid dumb ass XXL if you’re going to pick a hot verse from Rick Ross’ Rich Forever check Triple Beam Dreams. Nas went in on that motherfucker. This verse was ok not outstanding shit.

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  • hiphop=dead

    What an idiot, “i try to make it different”
    YOU SAY THE SAME SHIT IN ANOTHER SONG? -_- god damn you all are brainwashed by complete garbage, do an article on a GOOD rapper for once, not this same old same old “my whip costs this, my chain costs this, my house is so big, cause im the shit” that shit is what makes this shit suck