Top 10 Best Albums of 2011

[Editor's Note: XXL's Best of 2011 countdown, features songs and albums that were officially released between December 1, 2010 and December 1, 2011.]

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    Top 10 Albums of 2011
    For the first time in ages, most of the year’s best albums were delivered by new blood. A new crop of MCs—not looking for handouts from hip-hop’s torchbearers—came into their own in 2011. Big Sean and J. Cole dropped successful projects after years of what many perceived as label limbo, while Wale and Drake returned to deliver career-defining sophomore projects. Meanwhile, Wiz Khalifa followed up a smash hit single with a successful album. Rick Ross knows this. Though he played facilitator for most of the year, the release of Maybach Music Group’s <em>Self Made, Vol. 1</em>—powered by young guns Wale and Meek Mill—contributed to Rozay’s ascension as one of the game’s heavyweights. <br /><br />But, make no mistake about it. Rap’s juggernauts are still in place. Jay-Z and Kanye West collectively made an event out of an album, while Lil Wayne once again sold an obscene amount of records. But whose album reigned supreme this year? <em>XXL</em> ranks the Top 10 Best Albums of 2011.—<em>XXL Staff</em>
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  • 10. Yelawolf, Radioactive
    10. Yelawolf, <em>Radioactive</em> (2011)
    Leave it to Yelawolf to release an album featuring Kid Rock, Mystikal, Fefe Dobson and Gangsta Boo. The LP sounds a bit disjointed at times, but the highlights—“Let’s Roll” with Rock and “Throw It Up” with Boo and Eminem—make up for the LP's inconsistencies. Like his label boss, Em, before him, Yela’s raps speak to an untapped audience, but touch on topics relatable across the board. He paints a portrait of working class America on “Made in the U.S.A.,” salutes women for bettering themselves on “Good Girl” and revisits an old adage on “Everything I Love the Most.” Though the LP is feature-heavy, Wolf stands out throughout.
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    9. Wale, <em>Ambition</em> (2011)
    Wale told you so. Well, despite Young Folarin’s pleas, the D.C. MC’s <em>Ambition</em> will likely never be discussed in the same breathe as Jay-Z <em>Reasonable Doubt</em>, but it’ll undoubtedly be remembered as one of the best albums of 2011. Wale seized the momentum from “That Way” on <em>Self Made, Vol. 1</em> and “Bait off of <em>The Eleven One Eleven Theory</em>—both records also appear on <em>Ambition</em>—and put it into his own project. No duds this time; the LP debuted at No. 2 on the <em>Billboard</em> 200, selling 164,000 copies in its first week. Singles aside, Wale continued to brand himself as a substance-first MC on songs like “Don’t Hold Your Applause” and the album's title track.
  • wiz-khalifa-rolling-papers-album-cover-release-date
    8. Wiz Khalifa, <em>Rolling Papers</em> (2011)
    Young Khalifa followed up his breakthrough triple platinum hit, “Black and Yellow” with two platinum (“Roll Up,” “No Sleep”) and one gold (“On My Level”) singles—pushing <em>Rolling Papers</em> to a gold certification. Wiz’s lovable persona is front and center throughout, and the Pittsburgh MC also excels at sing-songy hooks over production by I.D. Labs, along with sonic contributions by Stargate, Jim Jonsin and Benny Blanco, to name a few. Mood music.
  • lil-wayne-tha-carter-iv
    7. Lil Wayne, <em>Tha Carter IV</em> (2011)
    He’s done it again. Well, not quite, but after cracking sales of 1 million copies of <em>Tha Carter III</em> in its first week in 2008, Weezy sold 964,000 units of <em>Tha Carter IV</em> this past summer. Though the LP begged for more introspection—Drake raps about Wayne’s Rikers Island bid, but Weezy doesn’t—Lil Tunechi makes up for it with funny, out-of-the-box punchlines. “Time sure changed, fuck it get a new watch,” he rhymes on “Blunt Blowin’.” Powered by a trio of Top 10 singles, “6 Foot 7 Foot,” “How to Love” and “She Will” featuring Drake, as well as the streets-approved, “John” with Rick Ross—which still managed to peak at No.22 on the <em>Billboard</em> Hot 100—the LP stands as the year’s highest-selling rap album.
  • Big-Sean-Finally-Famous
    6. Big Sean, <em>Finally Famous</em> (2011)
    With No I.D. at the helm, Big Sean finally escaped label purgatorywhen the Chris Brown-assisted "My Last" started bubbling. Sean wasvindicated when the perpetually pushed back, <em>Finally Famous</em> debuted at No. 3 on the Billboard 200—selling 87,000 units in its first week. No fluke, here. Sean kept slugging away, following up with two monster hits, "Marvin and Chardonnay" featuring Roscoe Dash and "Ass (Dance)." The hypnotic "I DoIt" also made a dent on the charts. Sure, aside from the relatable"Don't Tell Me You Love Me," the G.O.O.D. Music rapper's topicalpallette could us some expansion, but only a select few rappers canboast of scoring three of the year's biggest hits, and Big's on theshort list. Deed it!
  • section80feature
    5. Kendrick Lamar, <em>Section.80</em> (2011)
    On the heels of his appearance on this year’s <em>XXL</em> Freshman cover, K. Dot released this Digital LP—a cohesive collection of soulful and jazz backdrops rich in lyricism. Clearly, being straight out of Compton has a new meaning in 2011. More every man than gangsta, Lamar discloses a duality hardly seen in a rapper from his neck of the woods—at times, seemingly rhyming about “money, hoes, clothes, God and history in the same sentence,” as evidenced on the lead single, “HiiiPower.” <br /><br />The album didn’t make much of a dent on the charts—peaking at No. 113 on the <em>Billboard</em> 200 Album chart—but Kendrick’s dense verses earned him respect as a lyricist and opened the gateways for the Top Dawg MC to become a sought after guest MC. Game, Birdman, Mack Maine and Drake all came knocking—often at the host's peril. Forget <em>Detox</em>. Look out for Kendrick!
    4. J. Cole, <em>Cole World: The Sideline Story</em> (2011)
    J. Cole's having the last laugh. Though he's amassed a solid fan base and earned praise for his critically-acclaimed mixtapes and key guest spots, the first artist signed to Jay-Z's Roc Nation has alsoattracted his share of skeptics. Chatter about the Fayetteville, NC MC included whispers that he'd never come out and that he'd brick if he did. Lo and behold, <em>Cole World: The Sideline Story</em> debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200—selling 218,000 copies in its first week. <br /><br />The LP was also well received by critics. <em>The Sideline Story</em> paints the picture of a conflicted everyman—a nice guy with a mean streak. Cole dreams big on "Dollar and a Dream III," let's loose on "Can't Get Enough," reveals regret on "Lost One," goes for the jugular on "Rise and Shine" and even pulls Missy out of obscurity for the chick-friendly," Nobody's Perfect." The LP went gold in only a month. Safe to say J. Cole’s on the sideline no longer.
  • self-made-vol.-1-extralarge_1306964893635
    3. Maybach Music Group, <em>Self Made, Vol. 1</em> (2011)
    Barely three months after inking his Maybach Music Group imprint to Warner Bros., Rick Ross capitalized off his signing spree with thiscompilation. In addition to keeping Rozay hot in between projects, the LP served as a platform for his new recruits to build off the Bawse’s deafening buzz. Meek Mill made <em>Self Made</em> his coming out party—taking the lead on the record’s two biggest hits, the Rick Ross-assisted bangers “Tupac Back” and “I’ma Boss.” <br /><br />Wale, whose affiliation with the crew was initially questioned, rebooted his career with a strong showing. He also scored a hit of his own in “That Way,” featuring Jeremih and Ross, which set the tone for the success of his sophomore LP, <em>Ambition</em>. Pill struggled to keep up and is now rumored to be off the label. Though the disc was powered by new blood, Ross now has the distinction of having arguably the hottest crew album in recent memory. His Bawse nickname is well deserved.
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    2. Drake, <em>Take Care</em> (2011)
    Drake’s clearly on a mission. Despite that his debut <em>Thank Me Later</em> easily went platinum and produced several hits, the scrutiny it received sparked the Toronto rapper’s current crusade against his critics. Drake wears many hats throughout his follow up. The Weeknd handles singing duties on “Crew Love,” as Aubrey closes the song out with a verse, but he sings on “The Real Her”—a song that features Lil Wayne and Andre 3000 rapping. Meanwhile, he spazzes for 48 bars of straight spitting on the Just Blaze-produced, “Lord Knows,” which also features Rick Ross. No hook. “Underground Kings” is all rapping. “Doing It Wrong,” which features a harmonica solo by Stevie Wonder is all singing. Though it’s barely been out a month, the LP’s already produced four Top 20 singles (“Headlines,” “Make Me Proud,” “The Motto,” “Take Care”). <br /><br />This time, Drizzy managed to incorporate smash singles into a cohesive body of work. The Young Money MC once again balances rapping and singing throughout and the sonics bring forth memories of his 2009 breakthrough mixtape, <em>So Far Gone</em>, though, <em>Take Care</em> has an identity all its own.
  • cover
    1. Jay-Z and Kanye West, <em>Watch the Throne</em> (2011)
    No one saw <em>Watch the Throne</em> coming. After the heavily panned “H.A.M.” came and went, fans lost faith that LP would actually materialize. For months, rumors surfaced that the LP was finally underway, but release dates never stuck. “Otis” abruptly leaked in late July. Nearly three weeks later, <em>Watch the Throne</em> was in store. The LP debuted at No.1 and is now certified platinum. Taking a page from EPMD’s rhyme book, Yeezy and Hov took turns trading luxury raps—expertly tucking social commentary and progressive theories in between affluent boasts. But Jay and ‘Ye have never been one-trick ponies. They offer cerebral takes on religion on “No Church in the Wild,” pen letters to their unborn on “New Day” and forgives their frenemies’ betrayal on “Why I Love You.”<br /><br />As is often the case on their respective projects, the Throne set precedents and sparked trends. The ubiquitous “Niggas in Paris” birthed the year’s most unavoidable slang. People likely will be saying, “That shit cray” well into 2012. In the wake of the project’s success, a wave of MCs announced that they had joint LPs in the works. But, perhaps most impressive, the buzzed about LP was the first widely-anticipated rap album not to leak in the digital age—quite an impressive feat considering that most records become available once they hit the pressing plant. More importantly, the music was dope. The throne isn’t for the taking after all.


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  • OntarioE33

    None of the above. Childish Gambino – CAMP.

    • John Edwards

      Yes, CAMP was the best. At least in the top 3. Goblin should have been top 10. Yelawolf’s and Wayne’s albums weren’t top 10 material at all. The Cool Kid’s album was better than either of those too.

    • Sebastian

      Thank you i don’t know why XXL is hating on Childish Gambino

    • hp

      THANK YOU!!!!!

    • DM

      I completely agree

  • igotacos

    1. kendrick lamar- Section .80
    2. A$AP Rocky- LiveLoveA$AP
    3. Childish Gambino- Camp
    4. Tech N9ne- All 6′s & 7′s
    5. Big K.R.I.T. – Returnof4eva

    • Jarome

      well, LiveLoveA$AP & returnof4eva were mixtapes so they cant really be on the best album list. But i def agree on Section 80 being the best one, at least here. Miss phontes joint though, shit was tight

    • bricksquad

      Mixtapes dont count…otherwise R4 would be #1

    • shy

      dude i looked for gambino’s album in best buy and target i couldn’t find it so i was pissed, and had to settle for mac milers

  • sammi c

    kendrick lamar deserves that title for best album.

    i dont see what the big hype about “watch the throne” is…people only love it because Jay Z and Kanye’s names are on it.

    • T-Ro

      Yeah no doubt. And Watch The Throne was complete garbage.

      Section 80 or Radioactive were prob my fav.

    • WTT

      ppl love because it was good album. wtf would you know bitch

  • Butch


    • The Baron


  • Trudat

    None of dem….Where Pharoah Monche’s, The Roots, and Phonte’s joints on this list?

    • HipHop is dying

      True, you can’t say UNDUN by the roots was not top 10, how about Monche? W.A.R was a classic album.
      Your list is weak weak weak

  • digisnacks

    what a shitty list…

  • Tic706

    You put Kendrick Lamar but did not at the least include Big KRIT Return Of 4eva also? I agree with Trudat’s question.

    With that top 10 list if I was ignorant to the truth I would think rap was pretty lackluster this year save for maybe 3 of those.

    Here’s my top 10 for 2011:
    Big Krit- Return Of 4eva
    The Doppelgangaz- Lone Sharks
    Apathy- Honkey Kong
    DJ Quik- The Book Of David
    Raekwon- Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang
    Bumpy Knuckles/Statik Selektah- Lyrical Workout
    Talib Kweli- Gutter Rainbows
    Cunninlynguists- Oneirology
    Reks- REKS
    K-Rino- Alien Baby
    Jay & Kanye- Watch The Throne or Coughee Brothas- Fresh Brew

    Now thats a top 10 without a popularity contest XXL. Step yo game up please.

    • alex

      Section.80 is gonna be considered a true classic in a few years, I wouldn’t call this a popularity contest though because Yelawolf is winning by a landslide followed by WTT, Section.80, and Cole World, if it was a popularity contest wayne drake and MMG would be the top 3

    • Jay Diaz

      YESSSSS cunninlynguists deserves credit Oneirology was amazing!!!!!!

  • Mohammed

    Undun, The Dreamer and The Believer and The Greatest Story Never Told should be on this list. Anyways here’s mine:

    1. Return of 4Eva – Big KRIT
    2. Section. 80 – Kendrick Lamar
    3. Cole World: The Sideline Story – J. Cole
    4. The Dreamer, The Believer – Common
    5. Undun – The Roots
    6. The Greatest Story Never Told – Saigon
    7. Watch The Throne – Kanye West & Jay-Z
    8. REKS- Reks
    9. Cats & Dogs – Evidence
    10. Take Care – Drake

    • kidnothing1

      WOW, best list I’ve seen on here so far from a fan

    • hiplife

      You know your hip hop! I can’t believe Saigon, Roots and Common were left out…Real talk!

  • Micah

    where is TM103?

    • b

      Seriously? Young jeezy is garbage

      • Blue flag g

        You fuck nigga…..THE REAL IS BACK PUSSY….I’m glad they forgot TM103 so they can feel stupid for not putting it on here….it would take a non TRAPPIN ass nigga to say the big homie is garbage……

        • JC


          • acey92

            Naw. Kendrick Lamar is the best one on there. Section80 is the most lyricaly album on here

  • Y.O.

    none of them… best albums of 2011

    RED Album & Goblin

    • ODIE

      RED was absolute garbage, goblin deserves a look but never have i been so disappointed in an album as i was in RED

    • Dawg X

      The R.E.D album was absolutely disappointing. It was without a doubt the most anticipated project of 2011 too bad the outcome sucked, could have landed on the shelf with other classics instead of the trashcan. Game hasn’t fell off though he just need to switch out his crew, get a new manager and change record label. He has the potential of being that multi-platinum he once was. The only R.E.D joints that are still in my iTunes library are Martians Vs Goblins, Good Girls Go Bad and Born In The Trap.

      My top list of 2K11 best albums
      1. Kendrick Lamar – Section80
      2. Jay Z & Kanye West – Watch the Throne
      3. Common – The Dreamer
      4. Pharaoe Monch – We Are Renegades
      5. Raekwon – Shaolin Vs Wu-Tang
      6. Jay Rock – Follow Me Home
      And then the list goes on with albums like Saigon’s Greatest Story Never Told, Snoop’s Doggumentary, Snowman’s TM103, Outlawz’ Perfect Timing and so on etc. etc.

      Actually now that I think about it, there are more mix tapes than actual albums I’ve enjoyed the past year.

  • jack

    this is the worst best of 2011 list ever

  • jfl11

    Wait are you guys fucking serious? HAHAHA.

    Where is Saigon, The Roots, and Pharoahe? Like this is just pushed me over the edge. Do you guys really feel legitimate about this shit? ROLLING PAPERS? CARTER IV? Disguisting.

  • FlyQ The Anchor

    Cant believe Success Is Certain was soooooo slept on. Watch the throne was pretentious bullshit and Cole World was awful.

    1.Success Is Certain – Royce Da 5’9″
    2.Take Care – Drake
    3.Hell: The Sequel – Bad Meets Evil
    4.Carter IV – Lil Wayne
    5.The R.E.D. Album – Game
    6. The Greatest Story Never Told – Saigon
    7. Section .80 – Kendrick Lamar
    8.All 6′s And 7′s – Tech N9ne
    9.Goblin – Tyler, The Creator
    10.Watch The Throne – Jay-Z & Kanye West

  • Mr.Redz

    The Red Album was the best album by far and you clown don’t have it listed!!!!

    • jfl11

      don’t agree it was the best by far, it definitely wasn’t, but the fact they don’t have it listed is pathetic!

    • Jack

      i didn’t think it was bad but it’s disappointing and game’s weakest one to date

  • http://xxl blany oted

    where is fashawn? Grizzly city boys

  • Ross Wilson

    What about Undun by the Roots? one of the best if not the best of the year.

    • Bricksquad

      December 1, 2010 – December 1, 2011…Undun came out after the cutoff

  • Mike Wood

    Bad Meets Evil Is the best fuck this list ……….SHADY!!!

    • http://xxl thislistsucks

      i agree but you know he dont get no love !!! especially from xxl

  • munyar

    Lupe Fiasco ~ LASERS needs a mention as well!

  • http://MSN.COM JASIYA


  • @linqmrjersey

    are you kidding??? red album is so crazy….and it shows so much versatility of his flows…

  • sad

    you should be used to it right now, and know that all these lists on xxl that say best are really “highest selling” and “most radio play”. and i was about to complain about Undun and The Dreamer, The Believer not being on here but then I noticed it says “December 1, 2010 to December 1, 2011″, excluding undun and the dreamer the believer. I voted for Section.80 just because it’s the best on the list. i am going to count both free albums (slightly different than mixtapes), EP’s and commercial mixtapes on my list.

    1. Immortal Technique – The Martyr
    2. Pharoah Monche – W.A.R.
    3. Phonte – Charity Starts At Home
    4. Bad Meets Evil – Hell: The Sequel
    5. Raekwon – Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang
    6. Kendrick Lamar – Section.80
    7. Childish Gambino – Camp
    8. Tech N9ne Collabos – Welcome To Strangeland
    9. Saigon – Greatest Story Never Told
    10. Talib Kweli – Gutter Rainbows

    • sad

      oh i forgot take out gutter rainbows put in Royce da 5’9″ – Success is Certain

  • djdego

    ok can we stop puting the throne at the top of every list

  • Jessica

    Childish Gambino’s CAMP ftw!

  • Russell

    This was a week ass year for rap Watch The Throne ain’t shit it’s one of the messiest projects i’ve ever heard. Just cause you’re doing a lot on a song doesn’t mean what you’re doing is good. Almost every song on the album is either underwhelming or just doing way too much, they very rarely get it just right. “New Day” is awesome and “Otis” and track 5 are cool too but the rest of dat shit is off and damn near every other album on the list is a joke.

    Drake? that cupcake cry me a river album wasn’t nothing special. Big Sean….lol. Cole World was disappointing too. And Jay and Kanye ain’t fukin pioneers for puttin out a collab album Nas & Damian Marley put out a phenomenol masterpiece last year with that Distant Relatives joint. And Eminem & Royce Da 5’9” put out Hell: The Sequel a few months before Watch The Throne and even that ones better than WTT. I think so anyway.

  • matt

    1. Cole World: The Sideline Story, greatest album ever constructed, made just like a life story from the view of someone looking at the stars to becoming a star that’s what it’s all about.
    2. Take Care, there was allot of RnB but was a classic album having a 90′s R. Kelly like affect on the game. all of the songs on the album are charted because all of the songs are beautifully constructed.
    3. Section.80, Kendrick Lamar puts his heart and soul into an independent album and makes me believe Pac is really in his dreams.
    4. Watch The Throne, two of the greatest came together and made a great album. when you make a song called niggas in Paris and have white people in Paris listening to the song you know your one of the greatest.
    5. Lasers, a lot of rock and pop but Lupe still gets lyrical, he’s a lyrical genius. this album had a pop effect and catapulted him on a jay and yay level

  • CatfishhBilyy

    FUck yall. Radioactive is the best!!!

  • KC

    No Tech N9ne “All 6′s and 7′s” ???

  • britishman

    who is red? i like 4 out of ten of those people. but i believe childish gambino should of been on here. his album was better than all of the people on this list combine

  • Johnrm

    bad meets evil was the best

    • sad

      not the best, but better than all of this list. however, it can not be on here because it’s an EP, not an album.

  • Jonny


  • Yeller

    Yelawolf #1

  • Joe

    XXL can we have an unbiased top 10 please? We want Top 10 albums not Top 10 in album sales.

    1 – Tech N9ne All 6s and 7s
    - Honestly these isn’t a single song off this album I don’t like an album I can listen to over and over again and still love.

    2 – Hopsin RAW
    -Close second, ever single line or every single song is just filthy, no filler songs or even filler verses just is what the title is…raw.

    3 – Kendrick Lamar Section 80
    - Pretty good album, first I heard of him really but I like the direction he’s heading for, surprised XXL noticed him.

    • Mysta MAC

      Thats what I’m talkin’ bout player. Fuck the bullshit

  • Kee

    Rich.E Rheu yalllll sleeeeeeeepin on him GOOGLE HIM

  • Dan

    Seriously guys it’s a top ten you cant fit in all these different albums you guys are flauntin on comments, pick your favourite off the list and go jerk off.

  • GreenmountAve_Lucky

    Los – The Crown Ain’t Safe
    Best this year. Wasn’t an album, just better then any album released this year.

  • KiNG666

    Ambition, Carter IV, Rolling Papers… WHAT THE FUCK?! All those albums blow!!! How bout Goblin, All 6′s & 7′s, Follow Me Home

  • hector


  • lilweezyy

    ima weezy fan and the carter was a peice of crap… nothin like wayne old sht, i have a feeling that baby bought waynes albums himself so wayne could get the sale numbers! n WTT wasnt a classic, well most of the albums arent classic nowadays, the closest one was probably section80 with the smooth music and lyrics put into it, but WTT is dope cuz you can just nod your head to every single song on the album, you can never get tired hearing it, unlike R.E.D. where everyone stopped talking about it after 2 weeks…

  • kassie

    yelawolf’s radioactive goes hard!! i love it!!

  • Southcidal

    C4 was way better than Throne to me. And the rest of these lil dudes are just hype. New names that yall are trying to push. Maybe I’m holding on to the past, but I wanna hear stuff from Fab, Jada, Ras Kass, DPG, Bun, Scar and Juvey. All these young boys are either totally soft or totally on some fake-coke-king-shiit. And oh, I didn’t cop 10 albums this year. Sad.

  • Guruu

    Top 10 Albums

    1.Drake-Take Care
    2.The Throne-Watch The Throne
    3.J.Cole-Cole World
    5.Young Jeezy-Tm103(I Recently Heard It..Awesome)
    6.Big Sean-Finally Famous
    7.Lil Wayne-The Carter 3
    8.Wiz Khalifa-Rolling Papers
    9.MMG-Self Made Vol.1
    10.Tyler The Creator-Goblin



  • SPUD

    is evertybody honestly forgetting about bad meets evil??…..that was hands down obviously the best album of the year fuck all this other shit.

  • jak d ripr

    How do you make this list a day before the dreamer and the believer drops? And then stick rolling papers on the list and have the nerve to call it legit?

  • canadasmost

    ok im just curious as to why no bad meets evil on this list ? eminem and royce da 59s album is dope as fuck .it was definitely one of the years best xxl recognize . shady records puts food in your mouths .

  • george

    all are wack exept section 80 & cole world. my faves would have to be out of the roots-undun, pharoahe monch-W.A.R., Immortal Technique- the martyr & common’s album should be good

  • Desiree McComb

    What kind of review is that for Yelawolf!??!? His album is amazing! Its epic! Obviously! Look at the votes! They speak for themselves! <3 Radioactive. Wolfpacklady for life!

  • sgkgklghs

    1. Section 80 – Kendrick Lamar
    2. Camo – CHildish Gambino

  • rgbdfgbjb

    1. Section 80 – Kendrick Lamar
    2. Camp– Childish Gambino
    3. Cole World
    4. Undun – The roots
    5. Watch the Throne
    6. Ambition – Wale

  • mike

    yelawolf holer acha main

  • Slumerican

    Radioactive could be the Soundtrack for ANYYBODYS Life.
    Shady 2.0!
    Slumerican 4 Life.

  • JetLife_CL6

    hands down Section.80 is the best, Kendrick Lamar delivers quality..

  • shawn


  • shawn


  • rick

    Sec 80. and it’s not even close. And for all you guys mentioning K.R.I.T. I would put that as #2 but that was a mixtape…

  • da shiznit

    Yelawolf ftw! definitely #1 , gonna take over the world<3

  • Shady Records bitch

    Yelawolf Radioactive 4 the win

  • Ira

    okay 1.Bad meets evil 2.WTT 3.Section 80 4.Radioactive 5.RedMic.. google her and 6.Sideline Story all emcees , story tellers and lyricists….fuck wayne! >>Houston in thie bldg

  • ndal

    yelawolf for da win eminem just rules

  • ndal123

    bad meets evil, yelawolf, eminem, 50 cent you cant beat them at all go yela

  • thatssad

    how is radioactive have the most votes it was terrible! i voted for watch the throne because i love kanye and i think all the beats and wordplay was amazing on WTT. The album that should win is section.80 that album has everything and the topics kendrick discusses are topics that no rapper has discussed this year… seriously though radioactive blew yelawollf sold out in my opinion

  • Matt Howard

    Yelawolf is that man.

  • Matt Howard

    Yealwolf has a very unique southern gritty style and has the best producers in the world, he is changing Hip Hop while others are keeping it the same. The world has plenty of people who can rap and sing like drake, but who has Yelawolf’s style? No one.

  • the1987kid

    I think Watch The Throne was the best album hands down of 2011 not because of name power, hype or old stats. Besides the radio hits Otis & Niggas In Paris… No Church In The Wild, New Day, Welcome To The Jungle, Who Goin Stop Me, Murder To Excellence, Made In America, Why I Love You, Illest Muthafucker Alive, Primetime are amazing material. The way the flows are swtiching up, the production was epic to say the least, the lyrics were on point & consistant & the vibe of the album wasnt same was other Jay-Z or Kanye West album it merged both of their styles & made a gumbo of good shit. Most people will disagree & thats fine but to me Watch The Throne is easily the best album of this year!

  • jordan

    CATS AND DOGS by EVidence was by far the best album this year. Every song was FIRE.

  • Titus

    1. Section.80- Kendrick Lamar
    2. Goblin- Tyler, The Creator
    3. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy- Kanye West
    4. Watch the Throne- Jay-Z & Kanye West
    5. Cole World- J. Cole
    6. The R.E.D. Album- The Game
    7. Hell The Sequel- Bad Meets Evil
    8. Take Care- Drake
    9. The Div- Pac Div
    10. Sleeping In Class- Casey Veggies



  • Pacer

    What the hell?

    Now i’m definitely not the biggest Kanye fan, or advocate for him. But My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy was hands down album of the year & its not even on the list…??

    1. Kanye – MBDTF
    2. Kendrick Lamar – Section 80
    3. Mac Miller – Best Day Ever
    4. Apathy – Honkey Kong
    5. Jay-Z & Kanye – WTT
    6. Drake – Take Care
    7. Tech N9ne – 6s & 7s
    8. J Cole – The Sideline Story
    9. The Cool Kids – When Fish Ride Bicycles
    10. Evidence – Cats & Dogs

    • Jakeemthunder

      Your list is all fucked up bro…..

      • Pacer

        Not really.

        Thats my Top 10. Couldnt care less what anyone else thinks.

  • Kenneth L Starling

    This ALABAMA Boy Can RAP.. Yeah.. Buddy..

  • Jakeemthunder

    can someone explain to me as why Goblin isn’t on here…NOR Lasers…even though it’s not LUPES best its still better than…8 of these albums…Section 80. and Radioactive r the only ones better..NOR CAMP??…and on that note…HOW is Radioactive at 60% with Section 80. at 8%? Radioactive wasn’t even that good…have you guys heard the middle third of the cd?? not Yelawolfs best shit….

  • Jakeemthunder

    oh another thing…who remembers when EVERYONE was on Wayne’s dick?? I remember when everyone was like “YOOOO SON THA CARTER III, THATS A CLASSIC BRO WAYNE IS THE TRUTH NIGGAHH”…and “YOOOOO SON I CAN’T WAIT FOR THA CARTER IV TO COME OUT IT’S GUNNA B FUCKIN FIRE NIGGAHH”….now look at the votes…Wayne is garbage…was then and will forever b

  • ShaZan1011


  • Paradox

    What about Common’s “The Dreamer/The Believer”? I mean seriously! Watch the Throne was garbage, Drake is nothing but corny, Rick Ross is lame, Big Sean sucks, Yeawoulf was never good, Wiz stopped being good after Kush & OJ, and Lil Wayne… C’mon… Do I have to say anything about The Carter IV? Just, no. What garbage music now-a-days.

  • david

    Haller at G get it yelawolf your music is the shit !

  • jconmoney

    i told all of windsor ontario years ago to watch for this dude!!! NOW HES TAKING OVER THE WORLD!!!couldnt be more proud!! put yo money on the Bama Boy!! holleratcheemayne #shady

  • dalukalis

    1. Yelawolf Radioactive
    2. Young Jeezy TM103
    3. Royce Da 5’9″ Succes is Certain
    4. Tech N9ne All 6′s and 7′s
    5. Bad Meet Evil Hell The Sequel
    6. Wale Ambition
    7. Wiz Khalifa Rolling Papers
    8. Slaughterhouse EP
    9. Ace Hood Blood, Sweat, and Tears
    10. Gucci Mane Waka Flocka Flame Ferrari Boys


    1. Kendrick Lamar, Section 80
    2. Joell Ortiz, Free Agent
    3 Evidence, Cats & Dogs
    4 Reks, R.E.K.S.
    5. Saigon, Greatest Story Never Told
    6. Tech N9ne, Welcome To Stangeland
    7. Reef The Lost Cauze, Your Favorite MC
    8. Action Bronson, Dr. Lector
    9. Ill Bill & Vinnie Paz, Heavy Metal Kings
    10. The Roots, Undun

  • bazz

    no one of these artis or albums are on my list…
    here’s mine..

    Jedi mind tricks – Violence Begets Violence

    Brotha Lynch Hung – Coathanga Strangla

    Immortal Technique – Martyr

    Dayton Family – Charges Of Indictment

    fuuck the rest!! cant name any more good albums from this year..

  • Fred

    Not even a Curren$y mention? Weekend At Burnies should be on this list because it’s lyrical. Smh and Lincoln Way nights deserves a spot on this List by Stalley

  • 2Da9thPowr

    Ev Cats and Dogs was my fav

  • The truth

    you dumb people.. how can you leave RED ALBUM out of this list. you haterz!!!! defo one of the best this year.!! yall should suck dick

  • The truth

    you dumb people.. how can you leave RED ALBUM out of this list. you haterz!!!! defo one of the best this year.!! yall should suck out

  • Officer Ricky

    None of the above. Childish Gambino – CAMP

    i agree

  • SydneyBOIII

    Radioactive is a sick album, haters gonna hate!

  • lukevexx

    yelawolf all day!!!!!

  • Chucky

    Where the hell is Hell: The Sequal

  • MXL

    Saigon’s “Greatest Story Never Told” is shittin’ on most of this list. Possibly the most underrated album of the year.

  • oskamadison

    RANDOM AXE!!!!!

  • Yelawolfpack

    Follow the Yelawolfpack on facebook and twitter

  • theangelbabe422

    There were alot of great albums come out, however pertaining to the list above, the one i anticipated the most was Yelawolfs Radioactive, and i love the go yelawolf!

  • corey

    1. tech n9ne- all 6s and 7s
    2. tech n9ne- welcome to strangeland

    Nothing else has even come close this year. WTT and Drake has been some of the worst music Ive heard in a long time. Section. 80 was tight

    • Mysta MAC

      Hell yeah, noone can touch that shit

  • nossdog

    goblin is one of the worst albums ive ever heard in my entire life

  • Cailon

    All yall need to get RED’s dick. His album was garbage. The whole list on here Minus Radioactive is garbage as fuck. I dont even know why Bad Meets Evil’s album isnt on here, cause that just proves who ever made is list is fucking stupid. And why is Lil Wayne up here? He’s the worst rapper alive & doesnt deserve to be on anyones list. Period.

  • Clement

    did one of you retards just say the cool kids should be up there ? :S no .. watch the throne, bad meets evil and tha carter 4 are the shit , fuckin talent.

  • Jake

    Return of 4eva was a mixtape you dumb fucks!

    • Ethan Z

      It was an album. KRIT produced the entire thing himself. Free does not mean it’s a mixtape.

  • Josh

    Yelawolf is killin all these same soundin, weak flow havein, bums! The Losers Win Agian!!! If U do not like his music U are not a factor that means U like dumbish and dumbish is for dumbawses! lol Im gona keep listenin to that good ish!

  • Shady Records bitch

    D12- Return Of The Dozen
    Where is the Hell is it?

  • SolachiVoz

    Votes never reflect sales bc people are puppets

  • Kushman

    whoever voted for watch the throne is basically voting for niggas in paris since thats the only song i hear people bumpin off the album oh and occaisonaly otis. If were voting for an overall ALBUM section 80s the hottest shit on here, not alot of ppl can fuck wit kendrick nowadays his shit is on point.

  • ark

    Are you kidding me XXL. There are more disappointing albums on here than great albums. Where the fuck are The Roots at????????????????

    And Yelawolf is winning. Wow.

  • Ethan Z

    No Danny Brown, no good.

  • bugles win

    red album, section .80, i guess watch the throne, purp and patron, 6s and 7s was ok, like wtf…

  • D

    Awful list worst ive seen..I seriously cant come here anymire for true hip hop opinion..XXL has turned into a website and mag completely driven by mainstream rap which is fucking sad..Not only do some of these albums not belong here they were some of the worst ive heard all year..Rolling Papers..Carter 4..Big Sean..TAke Care at number 2??!! are you foreal..list is totally based on SALES..Where is The Roots Undun..Bad Meets Evil..Big Krit..Common..Phonte..Tech Nines 2 albums?? and soooo many more i can go on for days thank god Section 80 is there..OK Im Done Now

  • mmaguru

    section 80 was better than watch the throne in my opinion js

  • jbo

    1. All 6′s And 7′s – Tech N9ne
    2. Section.80 – Kendrick Lamar
    3. Undun – The Roots
    4. Camp – Childish Gambino
    5. Black Up – Shabazz Palaces
    6. Radioactive – Yelawolf
    7. Success Is Certain – Royce Da 5’9″
    8. Watch The Throne – Jay-Z & Kanye West
    9. Oneirology – Cunninlynguists
    10. Goblin – Tyler, The Creator

  • Toine

    1. Jay-Z & Kanye- WTT
    2. Danny Brown- XXX
    3. Elzhi- Elmatic (remake of an album so Ima count it as such)
    4. Kendrick Lamar- Section 80
    5. The Roots- Undun
    6. Childish Gambino- Camp
    7. Drake- Take Care
    8. Tyler The Creator- Goblin
    9. Common- The Dreamer, The Believer
    10. ASAP Rocky- Live,Love, ASAP (mixtape but it was solid enough to be an album to me)

    • dirt


  • Chris

    these fucking guys….. loose credibility when they place carter 4 there…. come on, its not a top 25…. theres like 10 better mixtapes and EPs than that album…..

  • dirt

    i thought radioactive was one of the worst albums this year…

  • Pod

    Fuck outta here w this shitty ass top 10

  • Bird

    I wonder if they even read these comments? If so they will see that everybody is disappointed with this list. Kendrick Lamar should be at #1 spot. I realize Phonte, Pharohe Monch, Evidence and Saigon are not mainstream albums but they are ALL better than Wiz and Wayne’s albums by far. That Evidence album had some of the best production all year. DJ Premier wasn’t in the top DJ’s list smh. “Hiiipower” was #83 on top singles list??? smh..

  • THe GREat YSL

    youre insane if u think Watch the throne WAS NOT the best album.. while everyone else sounds similar , JAy & KAnye sounds new and like no other.. they have the “ART” of music down packed..

  • Bl

    there has to be a mistake if yelawolf has 58% on here and kendrick only has 9….

  • Chris S

    Larers anyone? Not the best, but top ten definitely and top five maybe

  • Max


  • M.W.

    NONE OF THE ABOVE. Maybe a mention for Big Sean… i like his mix-tapes, but haven’t checked out the album. What happened to TheGame’s Red Album? It was way better than all albums listed. And what about Big K.R.I.T.’s ‘Return of 4Eva’. ‘Return’ might be a ‘mix-tape’ instead of official album, but that’s WAY BETTER than any of the albums mentioned on this list.

  • JetsFool

    let’s see albums that need to be on here
    Curren$y-Weekend At Burnies
    Pac Div’s-The Div
    Dom Kennedy’s-From Westside With Love 2

  • YippyYeller4792

    haha haters hatin on Yela. Which is REAL hip hop. which comes from the heart and soul. haha

  • http://1nation sen29

    despite all the hate they show rick ross his music is dope and he has elevated the guys around him wale has blown up and its been ross tha biggest boss u know the last 4yrs he has been running the game its not big teeth 50 he spent his time trying 2 engage anybody into a petty fake beef . all 50 need to do is release buck he was the only one on the team with any talent he trying 2 silence him because he know he going crush him . 50 your successful but not in the rap came its ross who keep them hits comming jay z and kanye ok but something is missing

  • Jerome

    My top ten hip-hop drop list of 2011; (no particular order)

    *Bad Meets Evil’s – Hell: The Sequel
    *Jay Rock – Follow Me Home
    *Tech N9ne – All 6′s and 7′s
    *Kendrick Lamar – Section. 80
    *Yelawolf – Radioactive
    *J. Cole – Cole World: The Sideline Story
    *Slaughterhouse – Slaughterhouse EP
    *Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa – Mac & Devin Go To High School
    *Immortal Technique – The Martyr
    *Reef The Lost Cauze – Your Favorite MC

  • Collizn_22

    And where is the Bad Meets Evil on the list shit I didnt see a slaughter house reference in any of the Top whatevers Lists Yelawolf did have a nice album but XXL is kinda off with there selections to pick from

  • Jab

    LiL B – I’m a Gay

  • josh

    how the FUCK did yelawolf win? that definitively should be kendrick up there at the top.

  • josh

    these are all the people they want us to listen to

  • fredrick

    XXL you messed up on this one. Section 80 is not even a Album!! its a Mixtape!

  • Johny

    Yelawolf?! really? LMAO


    This is my favorite, this site give me help, I love wow gold wanted the same.


    2 words….COLE WORLD

  • WubbyG999

    Tech N9ne – All 6s & 7s
    Bad Meets Evil
    Not even on the list, that’s just ridiculous

  • Biggie’sTitties

    The Roots’ Undun? Undun should be number one on the list

  • voters r dumb

    no way in hell is Yelwolf the best albulm or even a top 10. No classic cuts, voice is all raspy, only good thing coming outta shady records is Slaughterhouse debut..Im not big fan of Kendrick Lamar, but Section 80 shud be in this list but i gotta give #1 to WTT.
    P.S. Commom’s the dreamer, the believer should be mentioned in this list too

  • thinking2much

    Wale Ambition album was the best 2011 in my opinion. His music has a way of making you see things in a different light. The messages he deliver are clear but some people still don’t get it which makes them judge his personality rather than the music. If you actually sit and listen like really listen to what he says it might just change your perception of his music and maybe even him.

    • eli

      spoken like a true scholar aahah

  • nocir

    1. Section. 80: Lyrical, good rap
    2. Take Care: everything fits
    3. Watch the Throne: just set trends, love it or hate it
    4. The Dreamer, The Believer: a little too late for 2011
    5. Cole World: The Sideline Story: Good album, just disappointed after the mixtapes and all the music that leaked before.
    6. CAMP: Childish created his own lane
    7. Finally Famous: Hit singels
    8. Goblin: Good follow-up to radical
    9. The Greatest Story Never Told: true rap
    10. Rolling Papers: just feel-good music

  • Frankie.

    cole world, no doubt.

  • Karan

    Everyone has their own tastes and opinions. so not everyones gonna be happy wid this, n it doesnt even matter

  • Martian

    Wiz – one love!

  • donniefugazy

    Man, RED was better than Carter IV. Carter IV was a disappointing piece of crap. only reason it did so well was because of artist popularity.

  • @DriaDotCom

    WALE WALE WALE ! Who’s Yelawolf ?

  • mizzy

    werz lupe fiasco-lasers?

  • eli

    camp should be in the top 3 its like the only album listened to all the way thru with out skipping since common’s b.e.

  • jetsetter

    AMBITION! . because it has everything you want in a album
    1. shit to bump in yo whip
    2. shit thatll make you think
    3. shit your girl can sing along to
    4. shit you can freak to in the club

    • eli

      exactly!!! you cant hate on that , wale been on his grind

    • qwan

      i can stand half the shit yelawolf be talm bout

  • Kelz

    So fr so gud i fink its a dopey list afterall drake,j.cole,jay z nd kanye,weezy,wale….dey all dope.tank u XXL

  • lolcrazzzzzy


  • Willie Dupree

    OMG y’all really got the yelawolf as the best cd of the year right now LOL who made this shit ???

  • Joe

    1) Goblin
    2) Take Care
    3) Sideline Story
    4) Section 80
    5) Camp

  • YaleAstro

    Roots – undun, Phonte – Charity Starts at Home, 9th Wonder – The Wonder Years, Common – The Dreamer/The Believer, Evidence – Cats & Dogs, Z-Ro – Meth…None of these made your list??? Do you all actually listen to music at XXL? Nah, you probably just look at the charts. Wiz’s and Drake’s albums were ass trash by the way

  • http://@dfrompg Darius

    Wale definitely deserves album of the year i dont know what that yelawolf shit about

  • Tony s

    first of all the comments on here are awesome. I think kendrick lamar definitely deserves the title, CAMP should also be on this list along with the roots and Common. Also RED was a solid album. I however did really like WTT, Ambition, Take Care, and Radioactive. I would place it like this

    1. Section80- Kendrick Lamar
    2. CAMP- Childish Gambino
    3. Ambition- Wale
    4. Take Care- Drake
    5. The Martyr- Immortal Technique
    6. Watch the Throne- Kanye West and Jay-z
    7. Radioactive- Yelawolf
    8.Undun- The Roots
    9. The Dreamer/ Believer- Common
    10. RED- Game

    I’m not sure you can count Immortal Technique since he supports pirating his music, but If I had to replace it I’d go with Relax- Das Racist.

    There was so much good music released this year though. They should make a list of best mixtapes too.

    • tony

      On second thought I think I’d switch Drake and IT’s spots.

  • Eddie


  • http://X MTL

    The R.E.D. Album is the dopest album of the year.
    Ricky/ The Good, The Bad, The Ugly/ The City/ Speakers on Blast/ Martians Vs. Goblins/ All I Know

    This is old timer OG California Chronicles. Like it all supposed to be. Game is the best rapper alive. Cause he clearly still got the holy fire. On his way to become a iconic legend of hip-hop. He represent like he is all the best old time westcoast rappers in one. He’s got the best discography of the moment.

    He is the best even:
    if he’s not the best lyricser or got the #1 top flow of all time.

    But just of what he is, and this is why people are hard with him. He is the best and people asked the best from him more than every artist of the game.

  • http://X MTL

    He is also the last and the best true Westcoast Rapper that Dre past the flambo, and nobody will take it back.

  • http://X MTL

    He is also representing rapper lifestyle at so many levels, Just like the R.E.D. Album was epic Hip-Hop for to show so many levels. He is defenetely THE GAME.

    Sorry for my 3 posts lags problems.

  • Rashaan

    cmon xxl. how can you have not have had saigon the greatest story never told in the top 10. that shit is crazy

  • http://XXL OHIOST4REAL



    Tech N9ne and Kendrick Lamar will be in first place

  • theTRUTH

    Yelawolf, Wiz, Big Sean do not deserve to be on the list at all.

  • No Name

    More like 10 most popular albums. Apparently, no one in XXL’s office was allowed to listen to All 6′s & 7′s, Shoalin vs. Wu Tang, WAR, Goblin, Undun or Coathanga Strangla (amongst others).

  • peterose22

    NO Common + NO Roots = BULLSHIT!!!!!!

  • shootermcgavin

    when will xxl actually listen or consider our opinions and put real MC’s in a top 10 i mean c’mon now Drake is weak af -_- Wiz is whack ever since signing to a major and i have nothing to say about Wayne -.- dude is just garb and who tf is maybach music group? lol i mean i respect jay-z and yeezy but the album was overrated

  • shootermcgavin

    Where’s Blu? no Wu? no Roots? no Common? no A$AP? smh


    Radioactive is really good and startin to grow on me. I dont think it is as good as his underground cd’s but still a very solid album. I just wish he left Gangsta Boo off the song with Eminem. I felt relieved when her verse was over.


    Yeah they definitely left some albums off the list, but as far as the list goes I think Radioactive is the most solid of the albums on the list.

  • canadasmost

    for me its a draw between watch the throne and the carter 4 . i cant believe no bad meets evil on this list .

  • D90

    not only am i surprised they included yelawolf… but im utterly shocked that hes got the most votes… but other than him and Kendrick Lamar this list is all wrong, gotta include Hell: the sequel, Success is Certain and a few others instead of the carter 4 or finally famous

  • Owen

    so i assume hell the sequel isnt here cuz its an EP



  • mr.MaDDGame

    I didn’t see Killer Mike on the list for Pl3dge he has my vote

  • Oli

    This list sucks dick…XXL is going down the toilet.

  • Naivasha

    Damn… can Tech N9ne get some love. All 6′S and 7′s was the shit!!!!

  • Kingsley Dimiri

    What about Common’s “The Dreamer/ The Believer”!!! That album was better than anything on this list!

  • Truth

    How the hell does Yela Wolf have 41% of the votes? I think Sideline story was 2011′s best but Watch The throne was good too. Goblin shoulda been on the list…….it wouldn’t have won but you have to respects Tylers approach to Hip-Hop. Dude is weird but hilarious. Reminds me of slim shady……minus the lyrical dominance

  • Lil Tune

    Watch The Throne was complete garbage.I don’t no why XXL shld even name it as 1 of the Top 10 best album..Fuck WTT

  • Trace

    Common no question

  • b!gGz

    This fuCkin list sucks ass. If you’re gonna throw Jay and Kanye in there then where the hell was Bad Meets Evil? And I don’t care what anyone says, the best overall album of the entire year was Childish Gambino. I can listen to that whole album all the way through everyday and enjoy it each time without skipping any tracks. Jay Rock’s album was a nice surprise also, and Yelawolf was a bigger disappointment than anything else I’ve heard this year.

  • aaas21

    Shabazz palaces – black up
    danny brown – xxx
    asap rocky – livelovea$ap
    kendrick lamar – section .80
    death grips – exmilitary

  • war22

    i donno about u guys but “Succes is Certain” and “All 6′s and 7′s” are my fav followed by Section80

  • war22

    “Succes is Certain” , “All 6′s and 7′s” , “Hell:The Sequel” and “Section. 80″ my fav from this year

  • DubbedDynamicD

    If I were to spend my time puttin a top 10 list together I would probably rip it apart as fast as I put it in place. People forget artist like Yelawolf, Machine gun kelly. A$AP Rocky is the hottest outta NY in a great while. Glad to see wu-tang still hangin.

  • killa kane

    none of the above – Goblin should have been on there

  • http://facebook Trinia Baldree

    catfish. U bring it. U r killing it for best ablum of the year and it just came out!!!!! Thats whats up Southern Boy! BAMA. From one country hick to another. Call it whatever!!!!! Your killin it. Hands down!!!! ;) Trinia

  • Smurfee O. Trigga

    Take Care all day, but if i would’ve had a record deal i would be up there look me up on hotnewhiphop. com as smurfee o. trigga i don’t have a studio but i can rap

  • bob

    Where’s Bad meets Evil? That was the best album. The 1st 7 songs on Radioactive and the last 3 were good, but the 6 or so in between that is ballsacks!

  • caino

    Pac Div – THE DIV
    also enjoyed Kendrick Lamar – Section8.0

  • isaiah

    yelawolf is weak as fuck!

  • WickedWhistler

    Yelawolf? He doesnt even deserve to be on this list.

  • jiovany soltero

    were the fuck is the RED album

  • jiovany soltero

    mostly all these rappers on the list are busters. we WANT Game’s RED album

  • Lil Razee

    Where’s Undun?
    and XXL put Watch the Throne in it,LMFAO

  • SwaggX360

    Who the fuck is childish gambino? noone listens to him haha and YALL BETTA WATCH THE THRONE

  • bones jones

    nobody fucking wit ross right now

  • joeRILLA

    Saigon – The Greatest Story Never Told

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  • NigguhZombie

    Hopsin should’ve been in this

    • Darshan Mand

      Did you not read the dates of these albums? December 1, 2010 and December 1, 2011. Hopsin didn’t even release an album in this time period. Raw was in November of 2010. You obviously don’t know about Hopsin.