The Most Incriminating Names in Rap

Cory Gunz feature

Over the weekend, Cory Gunz was arrested in the Bronx for carrying a loaded firearm. The unregistered Taurus .9mm was in the Young Money rapper's knapsack, and, thanks to a mandatory minimum sentence for unregistered guns in the State of New York, the 24-year-old could be facing more than three years behind bars. Though the rhyme slinger has since posted a portion of his bail and been released, the sad irony of it all, of course, is that the MC with "Gunz" as his rap moniker is in trouble with the law for a firearm-related incident. With that being said XXL takes a look at six other rappers with potentially incriminating names, and the illicit activity they should be sure to avoid by any means necessary. Let's not make it to easy for 'em guys. —XXL Staff



Don't get caught: With any firearms, bullets, silencers, bulletproof vests, etc. In fact it would be a pretty good idea to get any and everything that you own registered right now!

Rick Ross


Don't Get Caught: Committing credit card fraud or any other form of identity theft. God forgives, the judge doesn't.



Don't Get Caught: Running an illegal dogfighting ring out of your backyards. You saw what happened to Mike Vick.

dead prez


Don't Get Caught: Conspiring or attempting to assassinate the President of the United States. Or of any other country. Or of any oppressive capitalist corporation. Best believe the government already has a file on y'all.

Uncle Murda

uncle murda feature

Don't Get Caught: Near any murder scene, particularly standing over the dead body of either of your parents' siblings.


pill feature

Don't Get Caught: Carrying a large amount of prescription drugs or you may be asking the prison doc for a prescription of your own, to deal with that depression that you'll most likely be feeling behind bars.