The days of simply wearing a t-shirt with your favorite rapper’s face on it are over, folks. These days if you want to show that your so-and-so’s biggest supporter, you have to go hard; permanent-ink-in-your-skin, hard. A few weeks back, XXL compiled a photo gallery of fans with rapper-inspired ink in strange places, but recently a new culprit has come forward that has upped the ante even more. Not only does this woman have a tat of Kanye West’s first name sprawled across the entire span of her behind (and another one on her arm substituting the “A” for a heart), but this aspiring artist from Chicago legally changed her name to Kanye West. Take a minute to process that information.

Now, let’s go back to's original post that was inspired by a young woman who decided it was a good idea to get her MC of choice, Mr. Aubrey “Drake” Graham’s, rap moniker imprinted on her forehead.

Here is the question. Which one of these shameless stans has a chance of returning to society as a normal, functioning member? In other words, whose life isn’t ruined.