Rick Ross: #HashtagRap

rick ross rich forever feature

When Rick Ross dropped his new mixtape Rich Forever on Friday, he had the Internet in a frenzy, particularly the Twittersphere. At the time of release, Rozay and content related to his tape were occupying many of the microblogging site's trending topics. But with 19 songs on the tracklist, there is plenty of material from the tape that could easily be made into hashtags—particularly within the lyrics. Below, XXL lists some of the best hashtag-worthy phrases—funny, absurd, boastful and food-related words—that Ross and his collaborators kick on the tape. #Hunngh! —XXL Staff

Hashtag: #CrackersFollowingMyTimeline

crackers following my timeline

Song: "Holy Ghost"
Example Tweet: Yooo @BobBarker just retweeted me son! #CrackersFollowingMyTimeline

Hashtag: #CrabLegsWithHeavyButter

crab legs with heavy butter

Song: “New Buggati”
Example Tweet: Man, who could dislike seafood? For real though #CrabLegsWithHeavyButter

Hashtag: #AllIWantForChristmasIsMyPyrex


Song: “Yella Diamonds”
Exmaple Tweet: My girl got me a Hublot and was confused when I looked disappointed #AllIWantForChristmasIsMyPyrex

Hashtag: #FuckEm

rick ross fuck it

Song: “Fuck Em”
Example Tweet: I treat my women like my enemies #FuckEm

Hashtag: #MyOnlyTrendingTopicIsTheCash


Song: “Keys To The Crib”
Example Tweet: “Stay Schemin,” “Rich Forever,” “Rozay”…all that’s cool but #MyOnlyTrendingTopicIsTheCash

Hashtag: #NiggaDressingInLinen

rick ross linen

Song: “Last Breath”
Example Tweet: I ain’t gonna lie…Miami nights be getting hot as hell #NiggaDressingInLinen

Hashtag: #IGoShoppingForHoes

hoes shopping

Song: “Last Breath”
Example: Did I mention it’s great to be rich? #IGoShoppingForHoes

Hashtag: #JustFiredMyBanker


Song: “Off The Boat”
Example Tweet: This dude was counting my money too damn slow #JustFiredMyBanker

Hashtag: #ThisDickCouldChangeYourLife

rick ross girl

Song: “I Swear To God”
Example Tweet: She said going back to school would change her life I said bitch #ThisDickCouldChangeYourLife

Hashtag: #MyFatherFigureWasToo$hort

too short father figure

Song: “Fuck Em” (rapped by 2 Chainz)
Example Tweet: I apologize for calling you a biatch but #MyFatherFigureWasToo$hort