Rappers’ Goals for 2012

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    Rappers' Goals for 2012
    Happy New Year! Now that everyone has got all their partying out of the way, recovered from their hangovers and made their resolutions, it’s time to set some goals for 2012. With that in mind <i>XXL</i> imagined the type of achievements that the biggest names in rap might want to scratch off their bucket list over the next 12 months. Trumpets please! —<i>XXL Staff</i> (<a href="http://www.twitter.com/xxlstaff" target="_blank">@XXLStaff</a>)
  • jay-z-blue-gallery
    Paint the White House Jay-Z blue for my next birthday
  • kanye-west-skirt-gallery
    Kanye West
    Convince Jay-Z to wear my leather skirt
  • eminem-gallery
    Figure out a way to rhyme supercalifragilisticexpialidocious with Pseudopseudohypoparathyroidism
  • drake-beard-gallery
    Start signature line of lavender showers
  • nicki-minaj-lady-gaga-gallery
    Nicki Minaj
    Record joint album with Lady Gaga
  • gucci-mane-ice-cream-tat-gallery
  • joe-budden-esther-baxter-gallery
    Joe Budden
    Stay away from video vixens
  • money-team-gallery
    Ray J
    Convince 50 Cent to record Money Team album with me
  • rick-ross-gallery
    Rick Ross
    Come up with new, more catchy adlib
  • lil-wayne-jeggings-gallery
    Lil Wayne
    Find tighter jeggings

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  • http://shady.com.br Sergio M.


    • wheel chair jimmy

      i dont get it


    If jay-z can get the white blue he might aswell live there!!

  • number1priority

    lmao @ gucci


      Actually what would be even cooler is if Gucci got that stupid ass tattoo removed.

  • cozzyF

    lol cant wait to some asshole gets on here and is like ” XXL is fucking up, this aint higphop, this is just stupid, stick to music” LIKE XXL CANT HAVE ANY FUN smh at simple minded motherfuckers

  • Dawg X

    Good article, prob’ly best of whole ’11. #Real Talk

  • uzimu

    Hope Weezy stops trying to convince us he’s a blood. Not with them pants and hulk uggs.

  • http://www.livesessionz.com Truth

    I mean on the real I think Rick Ross adlib is off the chain!!! It’s addictive….just try doin’ it & bet u won’t be able to stop……I cant

  • fastflipper

    co sign the budden one