Pusha T Plans to “Go Back” on New Mixtape Long Live The Caine [Video]

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  • CaponeMOB

    pusha t is one of the best doin it right now.but pretty typical that niggaz with actual lyrical talent dont get the shine and props.pusha t is one the most underrated rappers EVER. along with AZ. no ONE in the game got the type of metaphors this nigga has,especially his COKE metaphors. rick ross would cut his own dick off just to have HALF the coke metaphores this nigga has.i dont know why niggaz always say,oh he just raps about coke. SO WHAT? he raps about coke in a artistic way and entertaining way,with incredible lyrics.plus he raps about other shit right in the middle of the verses,he just uses cocaine as a vehicle to talk about other shit as well. plus the clipse were so original in their time 10 yrs ago was when they droped their first album,talking about COKE. and look,10yrs later jeezy the correctional officer is all they talk about. i know they werent the first niggaz to rap about coke,im just saying they were the first ONES’ to take the slick cocaine talk to another level. the niggaz even made a HIT single talking about COKE. i cant remember the last time some body did that.and please dont say the correctional officer made hustlin,that was just a fuckin gimmick a song that was built around a beat that already had the chorus hustling in it. the beat made the song. plus that song grindin had metaphores for days. cant wait for long live the caine.

  • GREAT1000

    ^ I completely agree, but cam’ron took coke rap to that level as well, “Oh Boy” is slick as hell and that was def jam’s biggest radio record at that time so dipset can definitely get credit for making coke rap slick

    • CaponeMOB

      @ GREAT1000 yhea,oh boy was released around the same time as grindin in early 2002. but cam’ron is a little more random when it comes to lyrics and subject’s. one minute he’s talkin about “holding the long arm silver” and the other minute he’s talkin about eating in “long john silvers” feel me? he raps for the sake of rappin as long it rhymes. the clipse take there craft more serious. and they got one of the most extensive vocabularies in HIP-HOP. which is one the reasons they are superior to the competition.

      one of the rhymes that come to mind is from a freestyle where pusha t spits

      “Don’t let my cup runneth over, no four leaf clover or lucky charm can save you from the arms of this soldier”

      and malice

      “im way to embarass to tap dance and shuffle at first was the forges to off set the hustle”

      most niggaz dont even know whats “forges”

      most niggaz wont even get what they were speaking about in those rhymes cuz they got limited vocabulary knowledge.

      which is why they label lil wayne the best rapper alive…SMH

  • Fireforreal

    Pusha is a cool dude because he’s always been dope and only gotten better plus he has a good attitude about him that you don’t see alot anymore. He seems pretty humble. Notice how when he mentioned the re-up gang he said between the 3 of us. There was 4. Sandman left so I think they still have some beef.Sandman was weak anyway. I think he’s working at Wendy’s.