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  • mike

    nelly a good rapper…he got that pain in his voice that set off is he get off…

    • CaponeMOB

      typical DR DRE,he should be more concern with producing HIS OWN fuckin album instead of producing for pop rappers like nelly.
      if he tragically dies his head stone is going to read “and im still droping detox niggaz” apperantly to him delaying an album means it never will come out.

  • BeerGangsta

    Its about dam time Dre trying to do new shit!! He got the skills to produce anybody. I need you to produce Andree 3000 new CD. That shit will be Awesome for the streets you got it !!

  • Mashonaland

    With the time Dre has taken to bring out Detox, if he was a god & responsible for our deaths we would all live to be at least 150yrs old!