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  • cfran33

    Damn thats sick. How thats gotta feel, a LEGEND telling you he feels your shit.

    • CaponeMOB

      @ cfran33 NAS THE LEGEND is just being nice to that nigga meek,its like sportmanship,alotta niggas in the NFL dont like each other but they still shake hands. NAS said it himself he dont listen to new rappers cuz as far as he’s concern they are all wack,and they dont show respect to the veterans in the game.and its actually sickning to see NAS in this video actually showing respect and looking star strucked,cuz IF any body should be star strucked should be meek,cuz NAS is a living legend. and meek looked like he could care less if nas shooked his hand. he should be bowing down to that nigga NAS while kissing his feet and getting his autograph. and i doubt NAS really likes this niggas music,cuz NAS likes lyrical niggas,like RAKIM, big daddy kane,BIGGIE. and meek is the furthest thing away from lyrical. NAS said it himself he dont even listen to rap. meek mill is one of the reasons NAS made the album HIP HOP IS DEAD. meek is garbage. matter of fact NAS said his favorite rapper is lupe fiasco. this new generation of rappers and rap fans are so fucking disrespectful to the legends that i dont even understand who they even listened to when they were growing up,or how they think that music from the 90′s is “old school” and wack.
      when little did they know they favorite rappers were influenced by the 90′s rappers.and got they whole style from them,that mafia talk shit,that selling kilo’s shit,all that comes from the past generation. i guess niggas are goin to appreciate the legends when they actually die…SMH

      • http://yahoo scott

        they don’t show respect no they show respect they just don’t kiss ass

      • http://215 ke

        foh you hatin ass bitch MMG forever nigga. you see it Nas the legend showing respect to the rookie of the year better than every new nigga out … even lil wayne . His lyrics is REAL you just mad cus he getting Paper … MMG RICH FOREVER HATIN ASS PUSSY

      • Token

        Shut the Fuck up you Dumb fuck! Real recognize real and real recognize real up-coming talent. Get the fuck out of that hip-hop pot hole your mind in the 90′s is over, music is progressive u silly fuck….niggas still lyrical, its just a new age and a new content. You are definitely a blogger bcuz you know nothing about music or talent.

        • KE


  • Nnamdi

    Meek’s whole crew looked at nas like ‘who is he?’ I know Nas dont listen to the new dudes at all because they lack talent. Like you were saying its sportsmanship. Meek was feelin himself lol and he has no album to prove himself!

  • muted mullah atari

    You know nas ? What the fuck are you talking about. Politics are politics but to imagine that nas is such a snob that he could not listen to mills or at least keep an ear to the street is stupid. Mills is dope and is the only Philly nigga doing anything of note now a days.

    • CaponeMOB

      listen nigga,dont get yo panties in a bunch cuz i dissed yo wack rapper meek. im a BIG NAS fan so i watch and read countless interviews and video’s. GREAT example here,he said in an interview, that he HAS NOT heard the elzhi mixtape that elzhi dedicated to NAS and his illmatic album. its called elmatic.
      and that shit droped MONTHS AGO.and elzhi personally gave the mixtape to NAS’s manager or assistant, so you are goin to tell me he sits around bumpin wack meek BUT does not listen to elzhi that dedicated A WHOLE mixtape to NAS? its just simple common sense. plus elzhi could actually why listen to wack meek for? im actually dissapointed in your dumb fuckin comment,cuz you do actually leave some good comments on here for a couple of years now. just REMEMBER the same niggas that like nicky minaj,wocka flocka,rick ross, all them throw away rappers are the same niggaz that listen to meek.

      last but NO least. what about you? do YOU know NAS? and if yes, then your a lucky nigga,and if you dont know NAS then how could you say that YOU cant imagine NAS being such a SNOB?,the same way you CANT imagine that shit,its THE same way i CANT imagine NAS liking meek,PERIOD. so your a i base my shit in NAS’s taste of music.what you base your shit on? so next time think before you reply,or next time just KEEP your comment MUTED like your name. plus i think freddie gibbs is way superior to wack meek,cuz he got flow voice and lyrics. meek dont got the voice or lyrics. i just heard 187 proof from freddie and that was enuff for me to like the nigga. he’s like the only new gangsta rapper worth a he throws a little shot at meek in that song.

      all that happened was that his brother jungle which CANT rap for shit,liked a meek mill video and said he was “hot” so NAS seen a rapper that his brother likes plus meek is the “NEW” generation which it aint saying much but he is the NEW he simply greeted him. like yhea nigga im the old your the new but im still here so show respect bitch.
      its just speculation,BUT EDUCATED speculation.

      • DM

        we got a Nas dick rider over here lmao

  • JD

    Mediocre Mill lol. Nas looked twisted, and when you’re high/drunk you can be a little more enthused about meeting someone than you should be. This video is case in point. He called Jungle over because he liked his shit, which is hardly surprising considering how fucking awful The Bravehearts were. Life Is Good better knock, fuck all that other shit

    • CaponeMOB

      @ JD thank you,great observation.

  • YasheemThaShermGawd

    Meek said “You made young niggas like me”. He paid homage, now move on